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How to do Disneyland Paris with fussy eaters

How to do Disneyland Paris with fussy eaters

Are you travelling to Disneyland Paris with fussy eaters? Maybe you have picky adults in your group or you are travelling to DLP with a toddler who is a member of the beige brigade – well no matter who your fussy eater is we will round up the best restaurants to go to and places to avoid. 

Disneyland Paris with Fussy Eaters – what to know before you go 

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So before we get into what restaurants are good and bad at Disneyland Paris we thought it would be a good idea to:

  • tell you the types of restaurants that are available,
  • whether a meal plan is a good idea and
  • other top tips for travelling with your fussy eater. 

What type of restaurants are there at Disneyland Paris?

View of women in front of Restaurant Chez REmy in the walt disney studios park at disneyland paris

Is the Disneyland Paris meal plan worth it?

At Disneyland Paris there are typically 4 types of restaurants in the park themselves. They are:

  • Quick Service restaurants, 
  • Table Service Restaurants, 
  • Buffets and 
  • Character Dining. 

Now we have our favorites in each of these categories, but some of these types of restaurants are better than other for fussy eaters. 

Before we get into our specific favorites in each category, we will outline what you can expect to find food-wise at each of them. 

Firstly, quick service restaurants are basically the Disneyland Paris equivalent of fast food restaurants. You can expect to find things like chicken nuggets / chicken tenders,  burgers, pizza, hot dogs and fries at these restaurants. In my opinion, these are the types of restaurants that are best with fussy eaters. 

Menu outside Bella Notte restaurant at Disneyland Paris

fussy eaters at Disneyland Paris guide

Top Tip: if you are using a quick service restaurant be sure to use the Disneyland Paris app to do mobile ordering as this will save you queuing for food!

Table service restaurants, by comparison, are some of the worst for fussy eaters in my opinion. The food is often fancier and usually lacks things like burgers, nuggets and fries on the menu. Instead you get things like  Coconut crusted chicken at Captain Jack’s.

Having said that there are things like chicken and sauteed potatoes at Bistro Chez Remy and chicken and mash at Walts. So really it depends on how fussy your fussy eater is to whether or not they will enjoy table service meals. 

Top Tip: be sure to check the menus on the Disneyland paris website for the table service restaurant to plan whether they are good for your group. 

Buffet restaurants are another good pick for fussy eaters as there is usually a lot of options from more exotic to more bland choices. Buffets like Downtown and Plaza Gardens usually have chips, burgers, pasta and nuggets so very easy to even feed the fussiest eater here. 

Note: Agrabah is the exception to this rule as it has more Middle Eastern and North African influences. It does usually have pasta options but if you have an exceptionally fussy eater this may not be the best restaurant for you. 

Character Dining is as the name suggests where you get to eat and meet characters at the same time. There are currently 4 character dining experiences available at Disneyland Paris:

  • Plaza Gardens – buffet restaurants with classic characters and older characters such as Hook, Pinocchio, and Winnie the Pooh,
  • Auberge de Cendrillon – Princess table dining restaurant, 
  • Royal Banquet – a buffet in the Disneyland Paris hotel where you get to meet some of the famous six in their royal attire, (please note: only lunch is available to non-Disneyland hotel guests), 
  • Table de Lumiere – a sit down meal with princesses and their princes only available to those staying on-site at the Disneyland hotel. 

Of these restaurants Plaza Gardens probably has the most on offer for the fussy eater followed by the other buffet restaurant Royal Banquet. Auberge and Lumiere by comparison have much fancier sit-down menus which may not suit fussy eaters. 

My daughter ate toast and cream cheese for starter, chicken and mash and a chocolate pudding at auberge so we managed to find something for her but fussier eaters may not enjoy. 

However, you also need to factor in the experience at these restaurants as to whether it is worth it for your group. We met 3 princesses and 2 mice at Auberge in two hours over a lovely meal rather than spending the same time queuing to see 1 princess in the princess pavilion so for us, even with a fussy eater it was a worthwhile experience we were glad we did. 

Is a meal plan worth it with a fussy eater? 

Meal plans can be a great way to save money at Disneyland Paris if you plan on eating big meals for every meal. However for fussy eaters this may not be worthwhile as to make full board meal plans worthwhile you will need to add several table service and buffet restaurants with you. 

If you are considering a meal plan, I would advise not going more than half board with fussy eaters and check out places you know they will enjoy first by looking at menus online and making reservations well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Where can I check menus before travel? 

The Disneyland Paris website has menus for all table service restaurants online. Be sure to check them out and make reservations for table service restaurants as soon as your booking window opens to ensure you can eat where you want. 

Best Disneyland Paris Restaurants for Fussy Eaters

So now you know the types of restaurants available we will tell you our favorite places in the parks that cater well for fussy eaters. 

Best Quick Service Restaurants

View of Bella Notte restaurant at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris with fussy eaters

  • Au Chalet de la Marionnette – chicken, chicken burgers and hot dogs
  • Cafe Hyperion – Burgers and Fries
  • Casey’s Corner – hot dogs
  • Colonel Hathi’s Outpost – Pasta and Mickey Pizza
  • Cowboy Cookout BBQ – burgers and sausages
  • Market House Deli – ham and cheese sandwiches in the shape of Mickey,
  • Pizzeria Bella Notte – Mickey Pizza and Pasta, 
  • Stark Factory (Studios) –  Pizza and Pasta. Please note there is no Mickey-shaped pizza here and no plan cheese and tomator pizza. 
  • Restaurant en Coulisse (studios) – burgers.
  • Toad Hall – Fish and Chips and Vegan Fish and Chips. 

Best Table Service 

The menu outside the lucky nugget restaurant at Disneyland paris

Disneyland Paris with fussy eaters

  • Lucky Nugget Saloon – burgers and fish and chips in a sit down environment. 
  • Silver Spur Steakhouse – chicken and steak with roast potatoes
  • Walt’s – classic comfort food like mac and cheese and chicken pot pie.

Best Buffets

  • Chuck Wagon 
  • Pyms (Studios Park) – this is classic food in unusual sizes i.e. small burgers. 

Best Character Dining 

  • Plaza Gardens – Buffet for breakfast and dinner with classic characters.
  • Royal Banquet 

Worst Disneyland Paris restaurants for fussy eaters

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris

So now you know the restaurants we recommend, we will list the ones that we would avoid along with our reasons why as they might be suitable for you. 

Casa De Coco – I love Casa de Coco as Mexican is one of my favourite food types. However, if you have an adult who is not a burrito fan this one is best avoided. 

Super Diner – this is a shawarma restaurant. I love Sharwma however if you aren’t a fan this quick service is best avoided. 

Agrabah Buffet – while most buffets are great for fussy eaters, this buffet doesn’t tend to do burgers, hot dogs, chips and chicken nuggets. The plainest food here is the pasta. If your fussy eater doesn’t enjoy pasta and sauce this is best left out of your itinerary

Auberge – the plainest food here is pasta with sauce on the side and the chicken. However it can be worth going here with fussy eaters just for the expereince and meet and greets. 

Bistro Chez Remy – again the plan food is pasta and sauce on the side. The restaurant style wise is fantastic but may not be best for fussy people. 

Captain Jack’s – a restaurant with a great vibe and big Caribbean flavours. If you are fussy this one may not be for you. 

Hakuna Matata – this quick service restaurant does have fries but many of the mains have some seasoning and spice. 

Disney Village with picky eaters 

Sign of McDonalds at Disneyland Paris village

How to do Disneyland paris on a budget

Outside of the parks you could also eat in Disney Village or in your hotel. Personally I find the Village a great place to eat if you are on a budget at DLP and also great for fussy eaters. Also as an added bonus the restaurants in the village also don’t require a reservation. 

The ones we recommend are:

  • Annette’s – burgers 
  • Earl of Sandwich – great sandwiches and meal deals 
  • Five Guys – another burger chain. 
  • McDonald’s – a classic fast food for even ths fussiest visitors. 
  • New York Sandwich – Mickey pizzas, pasta and sandwiches.
  • Rainforest cafe – burgers, hot dogs and pasta in an immersive environment.
  • Vapiano’s – a good value pizza chain. 

There are also some great buffet restaurants in the village 

Are Disney hotel restaurants good for fussy eaters? 

Iron Man Statue - On-SIte Vs Off Site Hotels at Disneyland Paris

On-SIte Vs Off Site Hotels at Disneyland Paris

Many of the Disney hotel restaurants are buffet restaurants. All of the hotel buffet restaurants tend to be good for fussy eaters. Downtown tends to be the most popular of the hotel buffets and it is worth booking this well in advance if you want to eat here.

However, you will find the Newport Bay restaurants tend to be heavier on the fish options so it is worth considering when booking. 

The hotel table service restaurants are:

  • Manhattan – this is an Italian restaurant with lots of pasta and risotto options. 
  • Yacht Club – there is a lot of fish on this menu so this might not be good for you if you aren’t fish eaters.. 

So there you have it, our ultimate Disneyland Paris guide for fussy eaters. Let us know your favorite place to eat in Disneyland Paris with fussy eaters in the comments below.