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Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris Review

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris Review

Are you looking for an honest Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris review? Well look no further. In this guide we will not only give you our honest opinion of our experience at Disneyland Paris’ Auberge de Cendrillon Princess dining as well as giving you some top tips for booking and getting the most out of the experience. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you! 

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris Information

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris

What is Auberge de Cendrillon at Disneyland Paris?

For those of you who don’t know Auberge de Cendrillon is one of two character dining experiences currently available at Disneyland Paris, along with Plaza Gardens. 

Auberge de Cendrillon is the only Disney Princess Dining Experience at Disneyland Paris. Auberge de Cendrillon effectively translates to Cinderella’s Restaurant in English and serves some exquisite French food. It is located just through the castle in the Fantasyland area of Disneyland Paris. 

How Much Does Auberge de Cendrillon Cost?

Menu at Auberge De Cendrillon

Menu at Auberge De Cendrillon

Unfortunately the experience of dining with princesses at Disneyland Paris does come with a cost as it is one of the most expensive places to eat at Disneyland Paris so not great if you are visiting Disneyland Paris on a budget. If you are looking for cheap places to eat at Disneyland Paris check out this post. 

It costs adults 95 Euros to eat at Auberge de Cendrillon currently and 50 Euros for children aged between 3 and 11. Children under 3 are free but must eat off the adults plates. 

What Princesses do you see at Disneyland Paris?

Cinderella and girl - meeting Princesses at Disneyland Paris

Cinderella and girl – meeting Princesses at Disneyland Paris

Auberge de Cendrillon is one of the best places to meet Disney Princesses in Disneyland Paris. However you are not guaranteed to meet specific princesses and you won’t know who you are meeting until you are seated at your table. 

Normally when you visit Auberge de Cendrillon you will see between 3-4 princesses plus Cinderella’s two mice friends Perla and Suzy. 

Meeting Characters at Disneyland Paris

Meeting Characters at Disneyland Paris

When we there we unfortunately only met 3 princess: Snow White, Merida and Cinderella. However most people I know who have been there have seen 4 princesses during their dining experience. 

We have done lots of research online on what princesses people have seen and think is roughly how common each princess is at the character dining:

  • Cinderella – if any princess is almost guaranteed it is Cinderella as it is her restaurant. I would say 8-9/10 people I have seen go to this restaurant usually meet Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty – quite common. She is very popular in Disneyland Paris as it has the Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Snow White – quite common. 
  • Ariel – relatively common
  • Belle – relatively common
  • Rapunzel – relatively common
  • Jasmine – rare
  • Tiana – rare
  • Merida – Rare
  • Mulan –  VERY RARE – most people I know who have seen Mulan have visited around Chinese New Year but it is never guaranteed. 
  • Minnie Mouse in her Princess Costume – VERY RARE. 

If you see Mulan or Minnie Mouse in her Princess costume then you are very lucky indeed as these are not common meet and greets at all.

Also it is worth noting that Princess Anna and Elsa from Frozen are never a meet and greet at Disneyland Paris princess dining however we are keen to find out if we will be able to meet them in the new Frozen land opening in 2024. 

What is the food like at Auberge de Cendrillon?

Children's Vegan Meals at Disneyland PAris

The food at Auberge de Cendrillon can be categorised as high end French cuisine. I know a lot of people when they are traveling to Disneyland Paris with toddlers and are planning to do the princess dining experience worry about the food, especially if you have a fussy eater but I was pleasantly surprised.

And with its high price tag I was worried that we would find it expensive for what it was however I was astounded with the quality and cooking of the menu. It was absolutely exquisite and much better than I had ever imagined it would be. When I compare it to out experience at Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios and Tuskers House at Animal Kingdom at Disney World, it was in a completely different league.  

When we visited Auberge de Cendrillon the menu for lunch and dinner was as follows:

For adults

We started with a sweet berry cocktail and an amuse bouche of a cheese Madeline. You then had a choice of:


Food at Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland PAris

Food at Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland PAris

  • Pumpkin Soup and Pumpkin puree flavoured with ceps and squash seeds
  • warm scallops and cauliflower in a creamy lemon and thyme sauce 
  • duck, pear and chestnut pate en croute with fig and mustard chutney


Food at Auberge de Cendrillon

Food at Auberge de Cendrillon

  • Beef Casserole in a red wine sauce, glazed carrots and truffle cream sauce
  • pan fried turbot fillet in a champagne sauce, braised leeks and asparagus
  • roasted supreme of chicken, morel sauce and glazed carrots
  • pear and herb finer, piquillo pepper coulis and vegetable crisps. 


Food at Auberge de Cendrillon

Food at Auberge de Cendrillon

  • Cinderella’s Dessert
  • Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with morello cherry and soya and morello cherry emulsion
  • celebration cake with white chocolate mousse and strawberry and almost shortbread. 

When we were there we sampled the scallops, pate and soup as well as the beef casserole and all the desserts. 

All of them were fantastically cooked and exquisitely seasoned. 

Auberge de Cendrillon Children’s menu

And the Children’s menu looks as follows:

Fruit Cocktail and cheese Madeline followed by


Children's Food at Disneyland PAris' Auberge de CEndrillon

Children’s Food at Disneyland PAris’ Auberge de CEndrillon

  • Smoked Salmon and cream cheese with toast
  • Pumpkin Soup and open sandwich


  • Roast Chicken, Crushed violet potatoes, vegetables
  • cod, crushed violet potatoes, vegetables and lemon said
  • Auberge pasta and tomato sauce 


  • Cinderella’s surprise 
  • fruit salad with mint
  • Mickey Mouse mini dome 

and a drink. 

My child did find the starters a little fancy however was very happy with her roast chicken and pudding, those we did swap her potatoes for mine as the purple colouring was a little off-putting for her. 

Is Auberge De Cendrillon Vegan Friendly

We get a lot of questions about being vegan at Disneyland Paris and I am happy to report that Auberge de Cendrillon offers one vegan option per course, which is the same as most other Disneyland Paris restaurants. However if you have a vegan child options are a lot more limited all over the park. 

Auberge de Cendrillon Review

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris Review

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris Review

So what was out overall opinion of Auberge de Cendrillon? Well I must admit that I went in skeptical that we would find the experience good value for money given its high price tag. However we were completely won over by our experience at Auberge. 

The princesses were fantastic with our daughter and spent a lot of time talking to her and posing for photographs and us adults, including some fussy foodies, were bowled over with the quality of the food at this Disneyland Paris restaurant

Auberge de Cendrillon or ADC as some refer to it, is very expensive at just under 100 Euros a head for adults but for us we found it a great experience. 

Also if you have a princess mad little one like I have then it is a much nicer way of spending a couple of hours than queuing for the princess Pavillon where the queues regularly exceed 2 hours and where you only meet one princess. 

We would do this experience again in a heartbeat.

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris Tips

So now you know how much we loved Auberge de Cendrillon at Disneyland Paris here are our tips to help you enjoy it. 

Book Early

Auberge de Cendrillon is one of the most popular experiences at Disneyland Paris and books up early. Therefore early bookings are absolutely essential. 

If you are staying at an on site hotel at Disneyland Paris (which we recommend) the bookings open early. If you stay on site you can book a table one year in advance. However if you are staying off site you can only book 60 days in advance. Be sure you check and book your date early to avoid disappointment.

Check on the day

However if you don’t get a reservation early don’t be disheartened. Try and check on the day. If there is a last minute cancellation you will be able to book on the day so it is worth asking your hotel concierge or swinging by the restaurant in the morning. 

First Impression 

I will say I was a bit underwhelmed and disappointed by ADC when we first arrived. There is a small waiting before you enter with limited seating and it can get very busy. 

IT was chaotic when we were there and we started to think the whole experience would be like this. However we were pleasantly surprised by the relaxed atmosphere when we got inside. 

Wear Costumes 

If you have a little one who loves princesses I would encourage you to let them wear a princess dress. I find that children get better interactions when wearing costumes.

Also the photos look beautiful when you have little ones in costume. 

Ask Questions 

To make the most out of your princess time we recommend thinking of things to talk to the princesses about. My little girl loves archery so she always has stuff to say to Merida but I know others struggle with what to ask or say to characters at Disneyland. 

For this reason we have put together the best questions to ask Disney princesses to help you make the most out of your interaction. 

Do fun Poses 

Merida and a girl - Meeting Princesses at Disneyland Paris Auberge De Cendrillon

Meeting Princesses at Disneyland Paris Auberge De Cendrillon

And as well as questions think of ways to pose with the characters i.e. shooting arrows with Merida or holding up dresses with Snow White. 

Photo with the carriage

Carriage at Auberge de Cendrillon

Carriage at Auberge de Cendrillon

And speaking of photos don’t forget to take a photo with Cinderella’s glass carriage outside the restaurant. 

Take your autograph book

Snow White signing an autograph - do they only speak French at Disneyland Paris

Snow White signing an autograph – do they only speak French at Disneyland Paris

My little one collects character autographs so be sure to take your autograph book with. However if you want something a bit different check out our guide on best alternatives to Autograph books for Disney. 

Take it Leisurely 

One of the things we loved about the character dining was that it was really leisurely experience eating three courses. We recommend using this time to relax and take it easy rather than rushing through the meal and characters. It is more fun when it goes slower. 

FAQs about Disneyland Paris Character Dining 

What other Character Dining is there are Disneyland Paris?

Using a stroller at Disneyland Paris with a baby

Using a stroller at Disneyland Paris with a baby

Currently there is only one other character dining experience at Disneyland Paris which is Plaza Gardens. This is a buffet restaurant where you meet classic characters like Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Captain Hook and Winnie the Pooh characters. For more info check out this post. 

How else can you meet princesses at Disneyland Paris?

There are lots of ways to meet and see princesses at Disneyland PAris but this is our favorite. Other ways include the princess Pavillon, shows and parades but for more information on how to meet Disney Princesses at Disneyland PAris check out this guide.

Have you done Auberge De Cendrillon at Disneyland PAris? What did you think- we would love to hear your experiences below!