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Best Disneyland Paris Hotels for Toddlers and Families

Best Disneyland Paris Hotels for Toddlers and Families

Are you wondering what the best Disneyland Paris Hotels for Toddlers and Families are? With 6 onsite resort hotels at Disneyland Paris (plus 2 off-site) it can be difficult to know where to start but in this guide we will guide you through them all. We will considering everything from Disneyland Paris Hotels with pools and other amazing amenities to which Disneyland Paris Hotel has the best theming to help you choose the right hotel for your toddler and rest of your family. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

But before we we proceed to our Disneyland Paris Hotel ranking for toddlers we need to first consider why you should stay on site at Disneyland Paris with toddlers

Why Stay on-site at Disneyland Paris with Toddlers 

In my opinion toddlers are one of the best ages to go to Disneyland Paris with but do require a little more planning and accommodations. By staying on-site at Disneyland Paris with toddlers you get several added benefits which we will now explain 

Early Magic Hours / Extra Magic Hours at Disneyland Paris

Firstly by staying on site you get access to the Early Magic Hours or Extra Magic hours as some other people call them at Disneyland Paris 

This basically gives you access to the parks an hour before guests who are staying off site. In reality this means you can tick off several of your top priority rides before most people have even been let inside the gates. This can actually reduce the number of days you need in the parks

Now there are several strategies for how to use Extra magic hours – you can read about them in our Disneyland Paris rope drop strategies post but if you are traveling with toddlers your approach may be slightly different. 

When traveling to Disneyland Paris with toddlers, you will notice that the best Disneyland Paris rides for toddlers aren’t included on the fast pass system and several will have very long queues throughout the day (I am Looking at you Peter Pan’s Flight). 

Therefore the best way to maximise how many rides your toddler gets on while only queuing for the minimal time possible is by using Extra Magic Hours. 

You are Walking Distance to the Parks 

When traveling with toddlers, especially to Disney, you need to schedule more breaks for napping, food and to try and make it to the fireworks. 

If you are traveling to Disneyland Paris in August say, the extended opening hours at the park, coupled with the heat means that your toddler will tire quickly. Therefore you might decide that the best way to get to the illuminations and fireworks with your toddler is to head back to the hotel and have a quick nap (we will discuss the hotels that are walking distance below). 

Your toddler can Meet Characters without the Queues

Both of my toddlers’ favourite things to do Disneyland Paris was to meet characters especially the Classic ones. However the queues in the park for these meets and greets can be over an hour long.

Last time we were there the Mickey Meet and Greet was almost two hours long which my toddler definitely couldn’t wait around for. 

But if you are at a Disneyland resort hotel there is one meet and greet a night. It is usually one of the classic characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto) but you won’t know until you turn up who it will be. 

Despite the not knowing it is one of the best ways for toddlers to meet the classic characters.

Want to know how to have an amazing interaction? Check out our questions to ask Disney Characters for the best interaction post. 

Some Disneyland Paris hotels have pools

If you are visiting Disneyland Paris in summer the heat for toddlers can at times feel a little unbearable. A great way to cool down is to stay at a resort hotel with a pool. 

So know you know why you should stay at an on-site hotel let’s look at which Disneyland Paris Hotel is best for families and toddlers

For information on how to travel to the park from different termini check out the below posts

Best Disneyland Paris Hotels for Toddlers and Families

Santa Fe Hotel with Toddlers

The Hotel Santa Fe with toddlers is great because of the theming in my opinion. My little boy is Cars and Lightening McQueen mad and this hotel has a cars theme that he loves. 

Being one of the more budget Disneyland Paris hotels it is however one of the furthest away from the park. It is about 20 minutes to walk to both the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park or a 5 minute drive to the Disney Village. 

There is also a shuttle bus available if you have little legs and no stroller to think about, or if you are traveling to Disneyland Paris in November or even if you are traveling to Disneyland Paris in December and are contending with bad weather and dark nights. 

As this is the cheapest on the on-site resort hotels this is the perfect pick for families traveling to Disneyland Paris on a budget. And while the room may be more budget and therefore more practical than luxury the rooms are clean, a good size for families and have a nice theme. 

Pros of Santa Fe

  • Great Theming 
  • Walkable and Shuttle Bus Available
  • Budget Disneyland Paris Hotel 

Cons of Santa Fe

  • Furthest of the on-site resorts to walk to the parks
  • No Pool
  • Not a luxury hotel

Click here to book Hotel Santa Fe with toddlers

Hotel Cheyenne with toddlers

Best Disneyland Paris Hotels for Toddlers / Best Disneyland Paris Hotels for Families

Best Disneyland Paris Hotels for Toddlers / Best Disneyland Paris Hotels for Families

Where my son loves Cars, my daughters favourite Disney film (for a time at least) was Toy Story and therefore when we were traveling with her as a toddler we decided to stay at Cheyenne. 

Why you ask? Because this has a Toy Story, more specifically a Woody’s round up theming. 

We loved the hotel as there was a real commitment to the theming from the lodging being in boarding houses and being able to walk through the streets to the interiors which had Toy Story toiletries, wall dressings and even Toy sTory lamps. 

Again this hotel is great for those looking to Disneyland Paris on the cheap but still staying on site as it is one of the more budget hotels.

Pros of Cheyenne

  • Great Theming 
  • Walkable and Shuttle Bus Available
  • Budget Disneyland Paris Hotel 

Cons of Cheyenne

  • One of the furthest of the on-site resorts to walk to the parks
  • No Pool
  • Not a luxury hotel

to book Hotel Cheyenne with toddlers click here

For a full comparison of Hotel Cheyenne vs Sequoia Lodge check out this post. 

Disney’s Newport Bay Club with toddlers 

Newport Bay Club is one of the more premium hotels at Disneyland Paris. The great thing about this hotel when visiting with toddlers is that it really is within easy walking distance to the parks. Even in bad weather it is easier to walk than get a shuttle to this hotel. 

On top of that one of my favorite things about this hotel is that it has a pool – both an indoor and outdoor heated pool which is perfect for those traveling with toddlers over the summer months, say visiting Disneyland Paris in July and are looking for a way to cool off.

However one of the downsides of the Newport Bay is that they don’t have an overtly Disney theme. The theming is based on New England waterfront mansions which although beautiful isn’t out and out Disney. 

Pros of Newport Bay Club

  • Walkable 
  • A More Luxury Experience 
  • Pool

Cons of Newport Bay Club

  • Not Overtly Disney themed
  • More expensive 


Disney Hotel New York – Art of Marvel with toddlers

Iron Man Statue - On-SIte Vs Off Site Hotels at Disneyland Paris

On-SIte Vs Off Site Hotels at Disneyland Paris

The Hotel New York – Art of Marvel is the most recently renovated of the onsite Disneyland hotels. It has great theming being based on all of the Marvel characters that Disney now owns and coincides with the opening with the opening of the Avengers Campus

While the theming is amazing it isn’t necessarily a theme that many toddlers will be familiar with so you could be paying a premium for a theme that your toddler is not bothered by. However it might the best Disneyland Paris Hotel for families with older kids and toddlers. 

Pros of Hotel New York – Art of Marvel

  • Walkable 
  • A More Luxury Experience 
  • Pool
  • Great theming

Cons of Hotel New York – Art of Marvel

  • Theming may not be toddler friendly 
  • More expensive 

to book New York New York click here

Sequoia Lodge with toddlers

Donald Duck and Girl - Disneyland Paris Sequoia Lodge Review

Disneyland Paris Sequoia Lodge Review

Sequoia Lodge is perhaps the most midrange of all of the hotels on site. Again the issue with Sequoia Lodge for those visiting with toddlers. The theming of Sequoia Lodge is based on forest lodges and some rooms have a Bambi theming. 

Pros of Sequoia Lodge

  • Walkable 
  • Midrange
  • Pool

Cons of Sequoia Lodge

  • Not the most toddler friendly theming. 

to book Sequoia Lodge click here

Disneyland Hotel  with toddlers

Where to Stay in Disneyland Paris - the Disneyland Paris hotel

Where to Stay in Disneyland Paris with toddlers – the Disneyland Paris hotel

Of all the Disneyland Paris hotels in walking distance this is the most luxurious and closest to the parks. This park is ideal for those that plan to nip back to the room more frequently and want to be close by to their room to return for nap times. 

The theming of this hotel isn’t out and out Disney, however toddlers will love the proximity to the park and even from some rooms having a castle view.

Please note: this hotel is currently closed for refurbishment. 

Pros of Disneyland Hotel

  • Walkable 
  • Closest Hotel to the Parks
  • A More Luxury Experience 
  • Pool
  • Views of the parks (some roomS)

Cons of Disneyland Hotel

  • Not an overtly Disney theme
  • Most expensive expensive 

Click here for prices of Disneyland Resort 

Best Off Site Disneyland Paris Hotels for Families

Disneyland Paris also operates two off site hotels however neither of these hotels are within walking distance to the parks. 

  • Davy Crockett Ranch
  • Les Villages Nature Paris 

Davy Crockett Ranch

The Davy Crockett Ranch is located a short 15 minute drive away from the parks however a car is needed as there is no shuttle from here. There is a pool and other great amenities and works for those that want to break up Disney days with days off. 

The other bonus is that this works for larger families with toddlers

Pros of Davy Crockett Ranch

  • Own lodge
  • Kitchen 
  • Pool
  • Accommodates larger families

Cons of Davy Crockett Ranch

  • Need your own car to get there – there is no shuttle
  • 15 minute drive

Les Villages Nature Paris with toddlers 

For British readers Les Villages Nature Paris is more akin to staying at a centre parks more than a hotel. And is great for those with larger families and who are looking for a day off in between their visits to Disney

Have you been to Disneyland Paris with toddlers? Where did you stay and what would you recommend as the best Disneyland Paris Hotel for families