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ULTIMATE Marvel Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris Guide

ULTIMATE Marvel Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris Guide

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE Marvel Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris Guide? Then you have come to the right place. In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about visiting this Disneyland Paris attraction such as where to eat, characters to meet and things to do at the Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus such as rides. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

What is the Marvel Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris?

The Marvel Avengers Campus is one of the newest attractions at Disneyland Paris.  Avengers Campus only opened in July 2022 and is only one of currently two, soon to be three Marvel Avengers Campuses around the World. 

The First Marvel Avengers Campus opened at California Adventure park at the original Disneyland, Paris has the second, and a third will soon open at Hong Kong Disneyland

How to Visit Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

Sign at Marvel Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris

Sign at Marvel Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris


If you want to visit Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris then you will need to head to the Walt Disney Studios Park. There are two parks at Disneyland Paris the traditional Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park. 

If you only have one day at Disneyland Paris and you want to visit both the Disneyland Park and the Marvel Campus in the Walt Disney Studios then you will need to get the 2 days one park ticket. Click here for park ticket prices. 

However when we are asked how many days you need at Disneyland Paris we also recommend having multiple days to achieve everything. 

If Marvel Campus is your priority, no matter how many days you have at Disneyland Paris we recommend heading straight to the Avengers Campus. The reason for this is as one of the newer attractions it is hugely popular and has a limited number of rides so the queue times swell quickly. 

Therefore if you are staying on site and have access to Early Magic Hours we recommend you heading straight to the Marvel area and to W.E.B Slingers which tends to get big quickly.  

Disneyland Paris Marvel Avengers Campus Rides and Attractions 

There are only two rides currently at the Disneyland Paris Marvel Avengers Campus. These are:

  • W.E.B Slingers and 
  • Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. 

W.E.B Slingers

W.E.B Slingers ride at Marvel Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris

W.E.B Slingers ride at Marvel Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris

Out of the two rides at the Marvel Campus at Disneyland Paris, W.E.B Slingers  is the ride that gets the longest queue. 

This ride is an interactive 3d ride that has no height limit which means you can go on it even if you are visiting Disneyland Paris with babies or toddlers however it is not recommended for those who are traveling to Disneyland Paris pregnant.  

If you do decide to ride this when traveling with babies and toddlers to Disneyland Paris it is worth pointing out that you are required to wear 3d glasses on this ride which may affect little ones enjoyment on this ride. 

The queue is quite an interactive queue (fun fact there is a hidden Mickey in the brick work of this queue see if you can find this) and before you board the ride you will be led into a room where Peter Parker will explain how his spider bots have escaped and are causing havoc throughout the campus. 

It is worth noting however that this initial interactive with Peter Parker is conducted in French with an Iron Man invented translation device. This is great for adults visiting Disneyland Paris however my 6 year old who can read well struggled with the speed so you may need to read this to your younger children so they understand the concept. 

Your job is to board the ride car and use your new found web slinging abilities to defeat the Spider Bots. Keep reading for more information on how to ride this without the queue and how to score high points. 

How to Ride W.E.B Slingers without the queue

W.E.B Slingers is one of the two most popular rides at Walt Disney Studios along with Crush’s Coaster. These often have queues that exceed an hour so you need a strategy for how to ride this without a queue. 

The first way to ride this without a queue is to head there first thing during Early Magic Hours. Early Magic Hours for those that don’t know are a perk of stay at a Disneyland Paris on-site hotel. It gives you access tot he park an hour earlier than for off-site guests and is the perfect way to get on W.E.B Slingers without a queue. 

For more information on the best Walt Disney Studio itinerary check out this post.

The other way to ride this without a queue is to purchase a Premier Access to this ride. Premier Access is similar to the old Fast Past system or Genie+ but it is paid for on an individual ride basis. Therefore it can get very expensive very quickly if you use this on several rides. 

When we were at Disneyland Paris in December, a premier access cost 16 Euros so for a family of four would add 56 Euros to your Disneyland Paris budget. Therefore out of the two options we would advise going there during Early Access if you want to ride. 

How to get a High Score on W.E.B Slingers at Disneyland Paris 

High Score on W.E.B Slingers at Disneyland Paris Marvel Avengers Campus

High Score on W.E.B Slingers at Disneyland Paris Marvel Avengers Campus

The reason you may want to get high scores on W.E.B Slingers is two fold – you can

  • there is a high score board as you leave the ride
  • you are playing against the rest of the people in your car

I am from a very competitive family so this last one was important to us and everyone wanted to be the winner. 

In order to get a high score on W.E.B Slingers at Disneyland Paris you need to target the right spiders. There are four colour spider bots for you to take aim at. They are: 

How to get the High Score on W.E.B Slingers at Disneyland Paris Marvel Avengers Campus

How to get the High Score on W.E.B Slingers at Disneyland Paris Marvel Avengers Campus

  • Spiderman Spiderbots
  • Red Spider Bots
  • Blue spider Bots
  • Green Spiderbots and 
  • Gold Spider Bots

The score value is based on this order with red being the lowest value and gold being the highest. As such green and gold are much much rarer. Keep your eyes peeled for these and go for them as soon as you see them as this will earn you high points. 

Also you want to pay attention to things you can pull open i.e. doors. If you pull these you may trigger a special effect which can lead to more points. However this is not guaranteed. It is worth trying but not at the expense of hitting a gold spider which is a surefire high point. 

There is also a controversial way to add extra points to your score and that is through the purchase of a power band in the Marvel Shop at Disneyland Paris. 

These power bands get you extra power when slinging in the game and help you achieve higher points. The base unit costs €40 and is sold in the Mission Equipment shop in the Marvel Avengers Campus. However there are also add ons that cost 30 Euros extra. 

In my opinion this is a very expensive way to score high points on the game so isn’t something we purchased as we just didn’t feel that the W.E.B Slingers Power Bands were worth it or good value for money. 

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Avengers Assemble Flight Ride at Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

Avengers Assemble Flight Ride at Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

The other ride at Avengers Campus is the Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. To those who have visited Disneyland Paris before it opened in July 2022 will recognise this ride as it is a repurposed and re-themed ride rather than being a new ride completely. 

Previously this ride was the Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and it has maintained the ride structure and height limit. 

The height limit for this ride is 1.2meters and sends riders upside down. On top of this the ride propels you from zero to 60mph in 3 seconds making it one of the scariest rollercoasters at Disneyland Paris

It is also a dark ride so this can make it scary for younger guests who reach the height limit. 

How to Meet Marvel Characters at Avengers Campus

Groot - How to Meet Marvel Characters at Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris

Groot – How to Meet Marvel Characters at Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris

If you have a Superhero fan in your group then you will definitely be wanting to meet marvel characters at the Avengers Campus and there are a couple of ways to do this. 

Note: Remember to take your autograph book or your autograph book alternative to capture your memories. 

Hero Training Center

The Hero Training Center is similar to where you meet princesses at Disneyland Paris, a dedicated centre where you meet marvel characters. However the main difference is that the hero training center requires a virtual queue. 

To join the virtual queue at Avengers Campus you use the Disneyland Paris app. The booking system is opened up in the morning and afternoon (currently at 10 and 1:30 but check on the app for your day as the time is liable to change and you don’t want to be disappointed and miss your chance). They will also sometimes open an additional slot in the afternoon so do check. 

The booking can only be done when you are in the park for the MARVEL Super Hero Heroic Encounter so be sure to get to the park in good time. 

Usually the three people who are available to meet at the Heroic Encounter in the Training Center are: 

  • Spider-Man
  • Iron Man and 
  • Captain Marvel 

There is usually an option for another character too but the identity isn’t revealed so you can take a chance and get a surprise. 

Currently you can only book one character a day as this is very popular and to be sure that everyone has an opportunity. 

Avengers Campus Shows

One of the things we love about the Marvel Avengers Campus shows. These are unscheduled, I suspect to prevent overcrowding in the area. 

We caught Spider Man doing some amazing stunts on our visit and it was just brilliant. He did his stunts on the top of W.E.B Slingers ride building.

Keep your eyes peeled for crowds and always remember to look up to make sure you aren’t missing anything. 

Other shows that happen at the Avengers Campus include:

  • Thor and Loki
  • Warriors of Wakanda and 
  • Black Widow doing aerial stunts. 


You will also see many characters walking around the avengers campus. For instance while we were there we saw:

  • Groot
  • Warriors of Wakanda
  • Thor and Loki

Meeting Spot

On top of the Heroes Center there is a meeting spot just near to the entrance of the Avengers Campus. This is to allow guests who haven’t been able to join the virtual queue to meet a character.

You don’t know who the character will be and this spot gets absolutely packed.

When we were there the highly popular Groot was at this meeting spot, and given we were at Disneyland Paris at Christmas, renowned for being one of the worst times to visit Disneyland Paris for crowds, it should come as no surprise when I said this area was absolutely rammed and not very comfortable for littles. 

Where to Eat at Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

Where to Eat at Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

Where to Eat at Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

There are loads of really great places to eat at Disneyland Paris and the Avengers Campus has some of the best Disneyland Paris restaurants. 

The restaurants at the Avengers Campus are:

  • PYM kitchen 
  • Stark Factory 
  • Super Diner
  • FAN-tastic food trucks. 

PYM Kitchen 

PYM Kitchen is the restaurant at Disneyland Paris that requires pre booking. Reservations can be made 12 months in advance if you are staying on-site otherwise it is 60 days in advance for off-site guests. 

The theming at this restaurant is off the charts and is based off the technology that Ant-man and the WASP use for shrinking. It is a buffet restaurant with lots of amazing themed food, and even has some of the best Disneyland Paris vegan options.

Stark Factory

Stark Factory is one of the quick service restaurants at Disneyland Paris. It is based as the name suggests off Tony Stark and iron man and you can even see his suit inside. 

The main food at this outlet is pizza, pasta and salads and is a great place to eat at Disneyland Paris with kids. 

Super Diner

This 1950s diner is based off Peggy Carter’s friend Angie and basically serves 1950s sandwiches (i.e. Reuben, vegan Reuben, kids sandwich and an ice cream sandwich). This is great for those short on time. 

Food Trucks

I love a food truck whenever we travel and the Avengers Campus has some great options. There is the FAN Tastic Food Truck serving hot dogs and the Asian WEB Food Truck which serves noodles. 

Where to Stay for Marvel Avengers Campus

Iron Man Statue - On-SIte Vs Off Site Hotels at Disneyland Paris

On-SIte Vs Off Site Hotels at Disneyland Paris

While there is no hotel in the Marvel Avengers Campus itself there is a Marvel Themed hotel on site. 

Recently refurbished The New York Hotel Art of Marvel is the perfect place to stay for marvel superfans. 

Where budgets allow we always recommend staying on-site. The reasons for this is because:

  • you are walking distance the park
  • some hotels have pools 
  • there are character meet and greets daily in the hotel lobby and 
  • you get Early Magic Hours which we mentioned is great for riding WEB Slingers without a queue. 

The meet and greets at this hotel are also Marvel themed whereas in the other hotels they are classic Disney characters. You can prebook your time slot 7 days before your arrival to meet a marvel character in your hotel. 

You can also do drawings of comic Marvel characters in the Marvel Design studio in this hotel.

New York is the only hotel with a marvel theming however even if you don’t stay there we recommend visiting the amazing bar – Skyline Bar which has Marvel themed cocktails and a screen instead of a window where you can see superheroes flying by. 

For more information on what to wear to Disneyland Paris and what to pack for Disneyland Paris check out these posts. 

What to do in the Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus at Night

One of the things that makes the Disneyland Park better than the Walt Disney Studio park in my opinion is the fact it has parades and the fireworks and illuminations whereas there is nothing special at the Walt Disney Studio Park at night. 

Disneyland Paris is getting the World Premier of a new night-time spectacular called Avengers: Power of the Night. 

As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations at Disneyland Paris they have had an amazing drone show and they are now doing an avengers drone show which is sure to be spectacular. 

It will run nightly from. January 28th 2023 to May 8th 2023 however please note that drones need good weather to work in these shows so if you visit Disneyland Paris on a rainy day or on a day with strong winds the show is unlikely to happen. If you want to see this show on your visit be sure Ito pick the first good weather night as otherwise you run the risk of missing it due to inclement weather. 

FAQS at Avengers CAmpus Disneyland Paris 

Is there a Marvel area in Disneyland Paris?

Yes there is actually a Marvel area in Disneyland Paris. It is called the Marvel Avengers Campus and opened at Disneyland Paris in July 2022. 

Which park is Avengers Campus in Paris?

The Avengers Campus in Paris is in the Walt Disney Studios Park rather than the original Disneyland Park. 

Can you just walk into Avengers Campus?

When the Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris first opened in July 2022 there was limited access to prevent the area being overwhelmed through popularity. 

However now you can just walk into Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris. 

Is Avengers Campus worth it?

Overall I would say the Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris is definitely worth visiting. There are some amazing meet and greets as well as two great attractions (one completely new and one repurposed) that we just loved. On top of that there are some shows, shopping and dining that make the Avengers Campus worthwhile.