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ULTIMATE Hidden Mickeys Disneyland Paris Guide

ULTIMATE Hidden Mickeys Disneyland Paris Guide

In our ULTIMATE Hidden Mickeys Disneyland Paris guide we will tell you where to find hidden mickeys at Disneyland Park in Paris and at Walt Disney Studios alongside out other top tips for finding hidden Mickeys that we may not have yet discovered. 

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But before we can get into where to find Hidden Mickeys, first we need to talk about what are hidden Mickeys for those who may be unfamiliar.

What are hidden Mickeys?

Hidden Mickeys are exactly what they say on the tin, they are symbols of a Mickey Mouse head hidden throughout the park. 

Usually the hidden Mickeys come in the form of three connected circles that make up the classic Mickey Mouse shape. However this is not always the case. In fact perhaps the most famous hidden Mickey at Disneyland Paris (more on this late) is not in the traditional three circles shape but is Mickey’s head in profile.

Legend has it that hidden Mickeys became part of park architecture at the conception of Epcot. Alcohol was originally not allowed at Magic Kingdom however when Epcot was created it was decided that alcohol would be allowed in the parks.

It was originally thought (though obviously not anymore) that Mickey Mouse and alcohol should not be in the same park so to get Mickey’s presence at Epcot Imagineers started to put little Mickey heads in buildings, queues and other infrastructure in the park. 

And thus hidden Mickeys were born. 

We think they are a great way to amuse toddlers at Disneyland Paris especially in long queues but they are also fun for adults. 

Are there Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland Paris?

After Epcot, hidden Mickeys became a well loved Disney park Easter egg.

And when Disneyland Paris was opened in 1992 it should come as no surprise that the Imagineers had hidden hidden Mickeys here too. In fact they are one of the most loved Disneyland Paris secrets.  

However what is surprising is that there is not a definitive list of hidden Mickeys at Disneyland Paris like there is for Disneyland, California Adventure and Disney World parks. This is where we come in. 

We have found many hidden Mickeys through numerous visits to Disneyland Parks. Now I don’t claim that this list is complete as we always find new hidden Mickeys on every visit. Therefore this list will become a living document where we continue to add more hidden Mickeys as we find them. 

And if you find a hidden Mickey that isn’t on this list we would love you to leave us a comment below so we can add it in to help other people find them. 

How Many Hidden Mickeys are at Disneyland Paris?

The truth is no one knows exactly how many hidden mickeys there are at Disneyland Paris as Disney has never revealed this information. 

We will keep a running tally of how many we have found to give you an idea of how many there could be. 

Currently on this list we have found X hidden Mickeys at Disneyland Paris. 

Where to Find Hidden Mickeys Disneyland Paris

So now you know what hidden Mickeys are and that there are some at Disneyland Paris, where can you find them? Below we have separated out the Hidden Mickeys we have found in both Parks (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios).

In some cases we have added photos of the more difficult ones to find, but in other cases we have described roughly where they are so you can still have the enjoyment of searching for them.

There are three shapes to look for when searching for hidden Mickeys in Disneyland Paris which are:

  • traditional three circle Mickey head
  • Mickey head in profile
  • upside down traditional Mickey head. 

We will do our best to list what type of Mickey head you are searching for in each instance. 

Disneyland Park Hidden Mickeys 

Buzz Lightyears Astroblast 

This is perhaps the most well known of all of the Hidden Mickeys in the Disneyland Park in Paris. For this reason we will give you a rough location rather than a photo as this is one of the easier and more fun hidden Mickeys to spot.

As you walk into the indoor section of the Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblast queue you will see a talking Buzz Figure. Before you get here you will find the map of the galaxy including planets. One of the planets is a disguised Mickey head in profit. 


Autopia Disneyland Paris

Autopia Disneyland Paris

Outside of the Autopia ride in Tomorrowland is a vehicle used for creating photo opps. Behind the vehicle is a backdrop, and if you look very closely at the trees you will find at least two trees with Mickey heads. 

HyperSpace Mountain

Hyperspace Mountain always surprises me that there aren’t more hidden mickeys in the queue line. So far we have only found one hidden Mickey in the whole of this ride. 

To find this one you need to check out the vehicle couplings as you board the ride. 

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion has loads of Hidden Mickeys throughout the queue and exit. Ones we have found include:

  • Hidden Mickeys in the cobwebs 
  • In the path

Molly Brown Thunder Mesa River Boat

As you travel on Molly Brown Thunder Mesa River Boat it is worth looking at all of the rocks as there are lots of hidden Mickeys in rocks. 

One of the more difficult ones to spot is on the arch rock as you go round. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as it is one of the hardest ones to find in the park. 

Big Thunder Mountain

I think Big Thunder Mountain is one of the best places to find hidden Mickeys in the Disneyland Park. One of the reasons for this is because of all the ironwork and equipment in the queue and on the ride itself that are great for disguising Mickeys. 

We have found hidden Mickeys in the below places:

Train at the Beginning of the queue

Hidden Mickey Disneyland Paris made of cogs

There are several wheels and levers that when looked at face on make a really clear and distinct Mickey head in its traditional format. 

Red Locomotive on the ride

About halfway through the ride itself you will see a red locomotive on your left hand side as you are ascending up the mountain. There is a really clear Mickey Mouse on the centre of the locomotive.


The Cactuses on the descent of this hill in one instance make up the classic Mickey head shape.

Barrels as you head back to the ride entrance/exit.

Hidden Mickey Disneyland Paris made of barrels

The barrels make up an upside Mickey. 

Alice In Wonderland Maze 

In the centre of the maze you will find the Queen of Hearts Castle. At the top in different color bricks you will find an upside down Mickey Head.

It’s a Small World

Some of the cogs on the front of the It’s a Small World ride make up a Mickey head. 


Vehicle at Disneyland Paris

Vehicle at Disneyland Paris

Many of the concession vehicles in the park have hidden Mickeys as part of their decorations. For instance on the vehicle in this photo you can see a hidden Mickey in the silver work at the top front.

Ironwork at entrance

Much of the ironwork at the front of the park has hidden Mickeys in it. We noticed lots of upside down Mickeys in this section of the park.


Topiary at Disneyland Paris

Topiary at Disneyland Paris

You will find lots of topiary around the park and much of the topiary will have hidden Mickeys within it. 

Walt Disney Studios Hidden Mickeys

Cars Quatre Roues Rallye, or Cars Race Rally

Hidden Mickey Disneyland Paris made of wheels on roof

Hidden Mickey Disneyland Paris made of wheels on roof

This ride is one of my little boys favourites at Disneyland Paris and is another great place to spot hidden Mickeys. This hidden Mickey, in the classic shape can be seen from the queue, from the ride itself or from the viewing area. 

You just need to find the operators hut and look on the roof to see this one. 

Ratatouille ride

When you board your rat on the Ratatouille ride, look up. There are lots of stars above you in the boarding area and you may find some in the shape of the classic Mickey head. 

Webslingers ride

As you are in the Webslingers ride near the end of the queue you will find a Mickey head in the class shape burnt into the brickwork. 

Toy Story Parachute Drop

Be sure to look down in this ride queue. The raised sections next to the path have several hidden Mickey in the green painted rocks. 

Mickey and the Magician Show Queue

The ironwork railings in the queue to this show has classic hidden Mickeys. 

Stitch Show Queue

The Stitch Show queue has a blue hidden Mickey in the brickwork in the classic shape. 

Crushes Coaster ride

Once you have boarded the Crush Coaster, you will find that your car quickly goes into an outside portion. OWhen you r car goes back inside you will start an ascent. Look at the coral and you will see a Mickey hidden there. 


As you enter the Walt Disney Studios Park you will find several hidden Mickeys. To find them look:

  • at the stained glass on the entrance
  • the railings on the entrance

The Mickeys here are in the classic Mickey shape. 

Tips for finding hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickey at Disneyland Paris

So these are all the hidden Mickeys we have found in Disneyland Paris however we are certain there are many more to be found. Some tips for finding hidden Mickeys that may help you on your next visit are:

  • always look up – imagineers love hiding hidden mickeys high up on railings and light fixtures
  • look down – as much as they like high hidden mickeys , they also like hiding them on the floor. You will often find hidden Mickeys in rocks and paths and even in carpets
  • topiary – many of the sculptured plants such as topiary or cactuses have been planted and maintained to have the classic Mickey head shape hidden in them. 

I also suspect that you will find some at Disneyland Paris hotels but as of yet we haven’t discovered any. 

Do you have any other tips for finding hidden Mickeys? We would love to hear them and if you find other hidden Mickeys we would love you to let us know where you have found them so we can update this list and make this the most definitive Disneyland Paris hidden Mickey list available free online. 


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Hello, in the crush coaster after the outside part there is a part with seamines, behind and in front of you, are several mines. There are multiple mines with small mines as ears, attached to the big one. They are 2-3 meteres above eye height. Just look to above when you are in the floating minefield.