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Visiting Disneyland Paris in July Tips

Visiting Disneyland Paris in July Tips

Looking for the best visiting Disneyland Paris in July tips? In this guide we cover everything from what it is like at Disneyland Paris in July, how busy it is, what to expect from the weather and what to pack for Disneyland Paris in July to where to stay at Disneyland Paris in Summer, what to do and of course what special events are on at Disneyland Paris in July. 

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Is Disneyland Paris open in July?

Visiting Disneyland Paris in July Tips

Visiting Disneyland Paris in July Tips

The great news is that Disneyland Paris operates 365 days a year. Therefore even if you are visiting on a public holidays or Christmas Day you will still be able to get into the parks. 

Are Disneyland Paris rides open in July?

One of the great things about visiting Disneyland Paris in July is that most rides will be open during your visit. If there are any ride closure it will either be:

  • a temporary closure due to a ride error that is likely to be quickly resolved
  • a long term refurbishment that may take months or over a year

Other than that everything else should be open but always check on the app. 

Another reason for ride closures can be heavy rain and storms. Fortunately in July these are relatively few and rain is unlikely to affect your Disneyland Paris Itinerary. If you are unfortunate and get some rain in July doc heck out our Disneyland Paris in the rain post. 

Is Disneyland Paris crowded in July?

There is not way to sugar coat it, July is one of the busiest months at Disneyland Paris so you can expect the parks to be crowded. If you want to travel to Disneyland Paris in the summer but don’t want the crowds then you should look at visiting in June or September as July and August are the busiest summer months. 

The reason for the parks being busy in July are down to the French school holidays usually starting around the second week of July. The rest of Europe also starts at a similar time which is much earlier than English school holidays. 

Also there are some public holidays in France such as Bastille Day on 14th July which is one of the busiest holidays in France. 

Note: it may come as no surprise that it is almost always quieter at Disneyland Paris on a weekday as opposed to the weekend (outside of holidays when all bets are off). Be sure to check out this guide of best day to visit Disneyland Paris for more comprehensive information. 

Disneyland Paris Crowd Calendar June 2023 / 2024

There is one public holiday in France but it is a big one. 

  • 14th July – Bastille Day. Crowds are usually very high on Bastille Day at Disneyland Paris. 

On top of this the school holidays begin which is will inevitable cause the crowds in the park to swell. The dates that you are looking at are: 

  • 2nd Week of July onwards – French and European School holidays begin which cause the crowds to start
  • 3rd Week of July onwards – British school holidays begin. 

If you are looking to visit Disneyland Paris without the crowds then you really need to avoid these dates.  For more information on the best time to visit Disneyland Paris check out this post. 

NEXT READ: if are traveling on these or any other date in June and looking for information on how to get to Disneyland Paris – check our our guides to help guests find their way to the park from the airport and Eurostar terminal below:

Character Dining

If budget and finding cheap eats at Disneyland Paris is not a priority and you can afford to splurge on a meal you should consider doing a character dining experience. You can read more about character dining at Disneyland Paris here.

And if you are vegan at Disneyland Paris then check out this guide which includes seasonal offerings. 

Watch Mickey and the magician 

Mickey and the Magician is top of my Disneyland Paris Bucket list and should be at the top of yours too as it is one of the unique things to do at Disneyland Paris.

 The show is on at the Walt Disney Studios and usually runs FebruarySeptember.  If this is on during your visit in June be sure to add this to your itinerary. 

As an added bonus the theatre is air conditioned. 

Explore the Castle

Unique things to do at Disneyland PAris when pregnant - see the dragon

Unique things to do at Disneyland PAris when pregnant – see the dragon

Disneyland Paris has the most beautiful castle of any Disney castle around the world. Make sure you explore the castle during the hottest part of the day to escape the sun and don’t miss the dragon down in the dungeon. 

Watch the illuminations 

The Disneyland Paris illuminations are an absolute must for your Disney bucket list. And if you don’t like the heat this is one of the nighttime things you can do as usually during summer the illuminations and fireworks are on very late in the evening c.11pm. 

Have you been to Disneyland Paris in July? What are your biggest tips for a trip in July?