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Visiting Disneyland Paris in June Tips

Visiting Disneyland Paris in June Tips

Looking for the best visiting Disneyland Paris in June tips? In this guide we will tell you everything that you need to know for from what it is like at Disneyland Paris in June, how crowded you can expect the parks to be, what to expect from the weather and what to pack for Disneyland Paris in June to where to stay at Disneyland Paris in June, what to do and of course what special events are on at Disneyland Paris in June.

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Is Disneyland Paris open in June?

So first things first – is Disneyland Paris open in June? The good new is that it is absolutely open. In fact Disneyland Paris is open every day of the year so even if you are visiting on Christmas Day, Halloween or Easter you will be able to enter and enjoy the parks.
So the next thing we need to ask is …

Are Disneyland Paris rides open in June?

June isn’t a month when there are typically lots of ride closures. Disneyland likes to complete park maintenance outside of the peak seasons so usually undertakes large parts of its maintenance in January or February
If rides are closed in June it is likely because they have had a rider error which usually resolves itself relatively quickly. Other closures are more long time but will be well advertised before you travel so it is worth checking the maintenance and refurbishment schedule before booking if there is a particular ride you are hoping to ride. 
Another reason for ride closures can be heavy rain and storms. Fortunately in June these are relatively few and rain is unlikely to affect your Disneyland Paris Itinerary. 
Note: If you are due to get very heavy rain or storms during your trip you may want to check out our dedicated visiting Disneyland Paris in the rain tips post.

Is Disneyland Paris crowded in June?

The truth is that as the weather in Paris heads towards summer, you will find that the crowds start to swell. I would say that June  is the start of the peak summer season but the crowds are definitely not at their highest in June. 

Depending on the year of travel it is worth mentioning that the start of June may be crowded if the Whitsun holidays in the UK run into June which they sometimes do. 

Note: it may come as no surprise that it is almost always quieter at Disneyland Paris on a weekday as opposed to the weekend (outside of holidays when all bets are off). Be sure to check out this guide of best day to visit Disneyland Paris for more comprehensive information. 

If you are traveling to Disneyland Paris with toddlers or are doing an adults only trip to Disneyland Paris and want to travel when the weather is good it may be worth considering early June once the schools have gone back from the Whitsun vacation as a good time to travel. 

Are there any special events at Disneyland Paris in June 

Special events are another thing that can have a huge impact on the park crowds. In previous Junes there has been a special ticketed event for Disneyland Paris Pride.  However in 2024 this ticketed evening event is not happening. 

The only special event this year is Donald Duck’s birthday on 9th June! As this is a special birthday, Donald is fact turning 90, there are some special events in the park including:

  • Donald’s Disco
  • Donald Duck treats including a special Duckday ice cream 
  • Donald Duck Magic shot in front of the Disneyland Paris castle,
  • special Donald souvenirs available from 5th June. 

Disneyland Paris Crowd Calendar June 2024

In France in June 2024 there are no public holidays. Therefore there is no public holidays in France to avoid in June 2024 for booking your trip to Disneyland Paris. However in some years Whit Monday may fall in June which will cause the crowds to swell. 

Note: The next year Whit Monday falls in June is actually 2025 so this shouldn’t be a problem for a couple of years. 

We will update this information with the 2025 Whitsun Holiday dates once these have been formally announced. For more information on the best time to visit Disneyland Paris check out this post. 

NEXT READ: if are traveling on these or any other date in June and looking for information on how to get to Disneyland Paris – check our our guides to help guests find their way to the park from the airport and Eurostar terminal below:

Usually if you are visiting Disneyland Paris in June you can expect the parks to be open 9:30 AM to 23:00PM in the main park and 9:30 AM to 9 PM in the Walt Disney Studios Park with 1 hour early access for the Disneyland park for on-site guests. 
Please note: these hours are only guidelines and park hours are released closer to the time of travel. 

Visiting Disneyland Paris in June Tips

Best places to stay at Disneyland Paris in June?

If your Disneyland Paris budget will stretch to it then we recommend staying on site while at Disneyland Paris. The reasons for this are because of the extra perks being an on-site guest gets you. 

These can be summarised as

  • easiest accessibility to the parks – either waking distance or shuttle bus is provided to onsite guests. 
  • Amenities – some of the on site hotels have swimming pools (the more high end ones) – which are great to relax in after long days in the park especially in the summer when the parks get v hot. 
  • Meet and Greets – usually in the morning and evening. It will be one character – you won’t be told who though usually it is one of the fab six, and they will be available to meet in the foyer. The queues here are much less than in the park so a great way to adding some autographs to your Disney autograph book
  • Early Magic Hours – you get in the parks earlier than general public which optimises your time in the park and has shorter queue times. 

For more information on the best Disneyland Paris Hotel with toddlers click here. 

Best things to do at Disneyland Paris in June

The Parades

Is Disneyland Paris crowded in April


This is another must whatever time of year you visit. I find June is one of the best times to watch the parades as you are unlikely to get wet while waiting but the sun is not at its strongest – let me tell you waiting for the afternoon parade in August can be a hot and sticky situation.  

Please note: the parade times have changed for June 2024. The parade times are now: 

  • Disney Stars on Parade moves to 11:30am
  • “A Million Splashes of Colour” moves to the afternoon and evening: 2pm / 3:25pm / 5:50pm / 7:05 pm. 

Watch Mickey and the magician 

Mickey and the Magician is my favorite show in the park and is top of my Disneyland Paris Bucket list. The show is on at the Walt Disney Studios and usually runs FebruarySeptember.  If this is on during your visit in June be sure to add this to your itinerary. 

Explore the Castle

Unique things to do at Disneyland PAris when pregnant - see the dragon

Unique things to do at Disneyland PAris when pregnant – see the dragon

Disneyland Paris has the most beautiful castle of any castle around the world in my humble opinion. Take some time to explore the castle and see the beautiful stained glass and tapestries as well as facing the dragon in the dungeon.

Do character meet and greets

Ultimate Disneyland Paris Tips and Tricks for a PERFECT trip - character meetings and photo passes

Ultimate Disneyland Paris Tips and Tricks for a PERFECT trip – character meetings and photo passes

Character meet and greets are a must on any Disneyland Paris Itinerary. If you are traveling outside of public holidays or UK school holidays the lines for these should be less than if you were traveling in the peak peak season. 
We recommend picking your must meet characters and prioritising these in case the lines are long. 
To get a great character interaction do check out our best questions to ask Disney princesses or our best questions to ask Disney Characters. 

Character Dining

If budget and finding cheap eats at Disneyland Paris is not a priority and you can afford to splurge on a meal you should consider doing a character dining experience. You can read more about character dining at Disneyland Paris here. 

And if you are vegan at Disneyland Paris then check out this guide which includes seasonal offerings. 

Have you been to Disneyland Paris in June? What are your top tips?