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Mini Chef Review

Mini Chef Review

Are you looking for a Mini Chef Review? We have just back from Billund and enjoyed a day at the Lego House including lunch at the famous Mini Chef lego restaurant. In this guide we share our honest opinion of the restaurant as well as tips and tricks for your time there to help you decide whether a meal at Mini Chef is worth it for you. 

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Where is the Mini Chef Lego Restaurant?

The Mini Chef Restaurant is located in the Lego House in the centre of Billund. Although Lego House is a ticketed attraction, you can actually visit Mini Chef without a ticket though a reservation is required. 

Mini Chef sign

Mini Chef Review at Lego House Billund

We decided to visit Mini Chef on the same day as our visit to the Lego House however you could also add this to a day when you plan to visit Legoland or other local attractions. 

How doe Mini Work?

The Mini Chef Restaurant is unique because of the way you order your food and the way the food is delivered to you.

Bricks used to order food at Mini Chef at Lego House

Mini Chef Review at Lego House Billund

Each member of your party is given a set of lego building blocks (which incidentally you can take home with you). Each of the building blocks are unique and correspond to a menu item. 

  • Red bricks – are the Wild items i.e. meat, fish or vegetarian main
  • Blue Bricks – the cozy aka the carbs 
  • Green Bricks – the Crispy aka the vegetables  and
  • Black Bricks – the Serious Stuff aka for adults only. 
  • Yellow Bricks – for children only and corresponds to a special surprise (Spoiler alert – it’s a mini chef mini figure)

You then place on of each colour onto a special lego base plate which you insert into the computer screen on your table.

There is a cute little video which shows little mini chefs making your food and an alarm goes off on your screen when your food is ready. 

You then go and watch your lego brick bento box come out from the kitchens down a conveyor belt which is then served to you by the two Lego Robots – Robert and Roberta. 

Our Opinion

The concept of the Mini Chef is really fun and my kids were really excited to eat here. 

Salmon on a lunch box

Mini Chef Food at Lego House

However if you are traveling with a fussy eater then the menu might not be to appealing as the menu is very much a Scandivanian experience and not like a UK children’s menu., 

My eldest is not a fussy eater so loved her salmon meal. However my toddler definitely was not a big fan of the choices available. However they both LOVED the method of ordering, videos of the mini chef and of course being served by the amazing Lego robots. 

There are also lots of lego books and lego bricks next to every table that will help keep your children entertained while waiting for your food.

Two robots made of Lego

Lego House Review

My one criticism of the restaurant though was that we were sat out of the main restaurant area so couldn’t actually see the robots or conveyor belt from our table. I think my kids would have enjoyed sitting in the main area more so would suggest that you request a table in the main area. 

Is Mini Chef Worth it? 

My kids really enjoyed the experience of the Mini Chef restaurant however the food was a bit more hit and miss with our group. 

Also it is quite a pricey experience at 219DKK and 130DKK for kids. 

Personally I am glad that we did the Mini Chef Restaurant as it was a fun experience. However I felt that is was a costly experience with so-so food so when we return to Billund next year we will probably be giving this a miss. 

Have you got any other questions about the Mini Chef restaurant? Drop it below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.