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Scariest rides at Disneyland Paris

Scariest rides at Disneyland Paris

Are you looking for scariest rides at Disneyland Paris? Well, look no further! In this guide rewind up all the thrill rides at Disneyland, Paris and round them up by scare factor so you can decide if you want to get an adrenaline rush or if they are too scary for you to ride!

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you

But before we get onto the scariest rides at Disneyland Paris remember

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Scariest rides at Disneyland Paris

Here we will round up the top 10 scariest rides at Disneyland Paris and tell you what exactly happens on them so you know where and what the scare factors are! 

1. Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris

Scariest rides at Disneyland Paris

No matter whether you’re going to California Adventure, Hollywood studios in Florida or Disneyland, Paris tower of Tower is always going to feature in the scariest rides at any of these parks. I mean Terror is in the name after all. 

However, in my opinion, the Disneyland Paris version is the scariest version of any tower of terror around the world.

Tower of Terror in Paris hasn’t been rebranded to the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout theme, like the one in Disneyland Anaheim.Instead tower of terror in Paris, takes on the original character theme, but takes it to another level.

In Paris it is actually called Twilight Zone Tower of Terror which should give you some hints about what to expect from this ride. 

In this version of the ride you will be taken on a scary journey into the fifth dimension as you travel through the haunted hotel setting. 

The lift, being possessed will then take you on a 13 story drop, and you will hear the screams of riders all around the park. 

Riders will be taken on a journey to the fifth dimension as they traverse through a haunted hotel and face their fears during a 13-story drop.

This is definitely the scariest ride at the park both in terms of the drop but also in terms of the theming. 

The height restriction for this ride is surprisingly low at 1.02 m. 

My daughter met this height restriction and has been on the California Guardians of the Galaxy and loved it however I would not let her go on this as I know she would be petrified by the theming. 

What makes Tower of Terror scary: drop, theme

2. Hyperspace Mountain

Hyperspace Mountain exterior - is Hyperspace mountain scary

is Hyperspace mountain scary

As with the Tower of Terror, Hyperspace Mountain is a version of a traditional Disney ride that is found in California, Florida, Japan and Hong Kong. However, Disneyland Paris also takes this ride to another level.

The original Space Mountain is located in the Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World and was originally conceived to be a similar ride to Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds which Disney felt wouldn’t work in the Florida park. However, there are no loops or corkscrews on those rides to amp up the scare factor.

However, Disneyland Paris really felt it needed a true thrill ride. After opening Disneyland Paris in 1992 the parks management felt it missed a large thrill ride which is why they opened Space Mountain.

Space Mountain originally opened as a Jules Verne themed ride based on the novella From the Earth to the Moon: A Direct Route in 97 hours, 20 minutes. 

However it has since been refurbished to be a Star Wars themed ride. 

Space Mountain, at all Disney sites around the world, is always a dark ride. And by dark I mean very dark. You will not be able to see at all on any of the Disney rides.

However the difference with Hyperspace Mountain is that there is a short section as you are launched and before you go into the dome of Space Mountain you will briefly have a section where the tunnel is not enclosed and if you look left you can see out towards Fantasyland and Adventureland. And it reaches a top speed of 44 mph (71 km/h) per hour making it one of the feastest ride in the park. 

However what makes Hyper Space mountain scary is the fact that there are in fact 3 inversions on Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. 

It is also worth noting that Star Wars Hyper Space Mountain really doesn’t have many big drops in it however because of the dark there is definitely an illusion which makes you feel like the drops and the speed are greater than they are. 

What makes this Hyper Space Mountain scary: speed, upside down turns, darkness

3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Indiana Jones Ride Thrill ride at Disneyland Paris

Indiana Jones Ride Thrill ride at Disneyland Paris

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is a ride with the highest height restriction at Disneyland Paris. The ride doesn’t have a scary theming but it does have one large loop the loop in the middle of this steel tracked rollercoaster which can be scary to some

What makes Indiana Jones and the temple of peril scary: upside down

4.Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Avengers Assemble Flight Ride at Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

Avengers Assemble Flight Ride at Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

In this ride you team up with h Iron Man and Captain Marvel to help them save the world from an intergalactic threat.

This ride is actually an old ride at Disneyland Paris. It was originally called Aerosmith’s Rock N Rollercoaster but has been rethemed as part of the Marvel Avengers Campus

This ride is in the dark which some people may find scary and on top of that there are twists, turns and loops and inversions which add to the adrenaline factor of this ride. 

It is pretty quick too, as the launch is -57mph in just 2.8 seconds.

There are three inversions on this ride including a sea serpent roll and a corkscrew which in my opinion makes it one of the best thrill rides at Disneyland Paris. 

What makes Avengers flight force scary: speed, darkness, upside down

5. RC Racer

RC Racer at Disneyland Paris

Rollercoasters at Disneyland Paris

For me RC Racer is actually one of the scarier rides in the Walt Disney Studios park despite having its toy story theme. 

RC racer in the toy story land area of the Walt Disney Studios Park. It is themed on the toy story car as features in the origunal toy story films.

It is a 25-metre high half-pipe coaster that has a pendulum motion but the scary thing about this ride is it tips past the vertical axis point.

It is one of the rides that really turns your stomach at Disneyland Paris. 

What makes RC Racer scary: stomach turning 

6. Crush’s Coaster 

Disneyland Paris Crush's Coaster

Disneyland Paris Rollercoasters

Crush’s Coaster is the ride that gets the largest queue out of any ride in both the Disneyland and Walt Studios Park, often reaching 90 minutes before Extra Magic Hours have even finished. 

Many people rush to this ride for opening. We did this and still had to wait 30 minutes to board this attraction so you have been warned. 

It also has premier access which may be a worthwhile spend to cut out significant time in your Disneyland Paris itinerary

This is another dark ride at Disneyland Paris where 4 people will board a turtle shell and be taken on a dark and twisty underwater journey. 

As with hyperspace mountain, the speed and drops feel bigger due to the darkness you ride in. However this ride also twists so is one of the rides at Disneyland Paris that many people complain about motion sickness on. 

Also please note: if you are traveling to Disneyland Paris plus size, this ride is the one that gets most complaints about size of seats and restraints. 

What makes Crush’s Coaster scary: speed, darkness

7. Big Thunder Mountain

Do they speak English at Disneyland Paris

Do they speak English at Disneyland Paris

Big Thunder Mountain is another iconic ride found in many Disney parks. But again I think Paris has the best version because it is scarier in my opinion that other versions. 

On this ride you board the train but have to travel through a pitch black tunnel at the start and end of the ride to get to the mountain which adds to the scare factor. 

Its twisty and turny but is family friendly in my opinion. However if you have a little one of a nervous disposition then the noise of the explosion in one of the tunnels may be scary for them. 

What makes Big Thunder Mountain scary: speed, noise, darkness

8. Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris

Scary rides at Disneyland Paris

Phantom Manor is the haunted house at Disneyland Paris that is similar to the Haunted Mansion in other locations. The ride is largely dark, but is a track ride that takes you through a story narrative. The ride itself is actually very tame and not scary at all. 

However if you have small children then they may be scared by the theming of this ride, especially when towards the end of the ride a ghost appears behind you as you are looking in the mirror. 

What makes Phantom Manor scary: theme

9. Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop

Toy Story Parachute Drop

Toy Story Parachute Drop

Toy Story Parachute Drop is scary because of the drops involved. It is a much tamer version of the Tower of Terror in some ways as you go up and are dropped in a much less intense way with a cuter theming connected to the Toy Story Soldiers. 

What makes Toy Story Soldiers Parachute Drop Scary : Drop

10. Pirates of the Caribbean 

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the few water rides at Disneyland Paris. There are a couple of drops on this log flume ride however they aren’t particularly big so shouldn’t be too scary. 

The thing that might scare if you are traveling to Disneyland Paris with toddlers is the theme with the pirates and the battle.

What makes pirates of the Caribbean scary: theme

FAQs about scariest Disneyland Paris Rides

What’s the scariest ride at Disney Paris?

Obviously what is the scariest ride at Disneyland Paris is a very subjective thing. However everyone in the WAndermust household agrees the title should go to Tower of Terror.

What are the least scary rides in Disneyland Paris?

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What do you think is the scariest ride at Disneyland Paris? Let us know in the comments.