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Do they speak English in Disneyland Paris?

Do they speak English in Disneyland Paris?

One of the questions we are frequently asked by people intending to visit EuroDisney is “Do they speak English in Disneyland Paris?”. In this guide we will tell you what the main language is at Disneyland Paris, whether characters speak English at Disneyland Paris and what is the language used on shows and rides at Disneyland Paris. 

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Do they speak English in Disneyland Paris?

Do they speak English at Disneyland Paris

Do they speak English at Disneyland Paris

If you are heading to Disneyland Paris from the UK or even from USA then you will probably be wondering whether they speak English in Disneyland Paris or asking yourself do they only speak French at Disneyland Paris. In this guide will first look at what are the main languages at the park before examining rides, characters and show languages at Disneyland Paris. 

What is the main language at Disneyland Paris?

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It should come as no surprise that at Euro Disney or Disneyland Paris as it is now called, that the main language is French. 

As Disneyland Paris is in France on the outskirts of Paris, French is definitely the main language and the language you will find all cast members can speaks. However what other languages are spoken at Disneyland Paris?

What languages are spoken at Disneyland Paris?

Although French is the main language spoken you will find many of the cast members at Disneyland Paris are in fact multilingual. 

I have found over many trips to Disneyland Paris that most cast members such as characters such as princesses and ride operators will usually be able to speak English alongside French. 

We have also found that some cast members will also speak other European languages such as German and Dutch. However I would definitely say English is the second language of the park. 

One thing that has always surprised me at the parks is that the cast members name badges don’t have flags to show what languages the cast member speaks. As Disneyland Paris is very popular with Europeans I think this would be really helpful to a lot of people but is something that isn’t currently available in the park. 

However having said this, you may find that once you are outside of the parks in the village for instance, or when speaking to some of the security staff or waiting staff that they may only have French. However there is usually someone nearby who can speak English to help you. 

Do characters at Disneyland Paris speak English?

Snow White signing an autograph - do they only speak French at Disneyland Paris

Snow White signing an autograph – do they only speak French at Disneyland Paris

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of English speaking people traveling to Disneyland Paris is “Do characters at Disneyland Paris speak English?”.

The good news is that yes the characters at character meet and greets in Disneyland Paris speak English. 

We have met lots of characters at Disneyland Paris such as Princesses in the Princess Pavilion, princesses at the Auberge de Cendrillon character dining at Disneyland Paris and characters in the parade. 

All of these characters have always been bilingual in both English and French and have always all spoken fluent and excellent English. 

It is worth remembering however that classic characters such as Mickey, Goofy, Minnie and Donald for instance never talk at any meet and greet around the world. 

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Do the characters speak French at Disneyland Paris?

Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland Paris / Disneyland Paris instagram Captions and Quotes

Disneyland Paris instagram Captions and Quotes

Any characters that talk at meet and greets i.e. the princesses at Disneyland Paris will speak French as well as English to cater to main languages of the guests at the park. 

What language are Disneyland Paris shows in?

In my opinion some of the best things to do at Disneyland Paris are the shows. Our personal favorite is the Mickey and the Magician Show in the Walt Disney Studios and the Lion King show in the Disneyland Park. But what language are Disneyland Paris shows in?

Well the language provision at Disneyland Paris shows really depends on the show you are watching. 

For instance, Mickey and the Magician is conducted in French and English simultaneously. In this show Mickey always only speaks French. However, other characters in the show such as the magician, Fairy Godmother and the Genie to name but a few will speak in English. 

By splitting the languages this way you will understand what is going on in the show while providing provision for both English and French speaking gusts. 

However, the Stitch Live show on the other hand is conducted in both French and English so you will need to check the show times and the flag next to it to find out which show you need to go to to get the language of your choice. 

Are the rides in Disneyland Paris in French only?


So now you know about the languages in the shows and characters at Disneyland Paris we will turn our attention to the rides. 

Most of the rides at Disneyland Paris actually don’t have spoken language in them. 

For instance you can go on some of the scariest Disneyland Paris rides, such as the Disneyland Paris rollercoasters without a worry as there are no spoken words. 

The same can be said of most of the toddler friendly rides at Disneyland Paris as these too have no soundtrack. But what rides do have spoken audio? What languages are they done in?

Well similarly to the shows at Disneyland Paris it will depend on the ride. Therefore we will run through all the rides with spoken audio ti let you know the language spoken. 

Star Tours

I have been on Star Tours several times at Disneyland Paris and have always only ever experienced the audio in French. If there is an English version it must be very limited availability as this has never been offered or provided. 

While you can watch the 3d video without the audio soundtrack I do think it adds something. For this reason I think Star Tours is better at Disneyland or in the Magic Kingdom compared to Disneyland Paris. 

If this ride has a really long queue we usually skip this ride, as we don’t find it as enjoyable without English being spoken. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 

Pirates of the Caribbean by comparison is a duel language ride. All of the characters, including the Jack Sparrow you meet at the end of this dark water ride speak in English and then French so all guests understand what is being said. 

Phantom Manor 

Similarly to Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor offers dual English and French audio alternatively, one after the other so it can be understood by all guests. 

Mickey’s Philharmagic

This also provides dual audio like the show Mickey and the Magician with different characters speaking different languages.

Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblast

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Although there is no audio in the ride itself, you may be interested to know that the large Buzz figure in the queue (near to a Disneyland Paris hidden Mickey) speaks alternatively between English and French. 

Are the songs at Disneyland Paris in French?

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And finally what about the Disneyland Paris parade? Are the songs at Disneyland Paris in French? 

In the parade you will find that the songs are played alternatively between English and French. Therefore wherever you are standing along the Disneyland Paris parade route you will hear the songs in both French and English as the parade float passes. 

Can you go to Disneyland Paris if you don’t speak French?

So finally should you and can you go to Disneyland Paris if you don’t speak French. In my opinion you absolutely can. 

I am not a French speaker, only having some rudimentary French from GCSE and I have never found the fact I don’t speak French to be a hinderance at Disneyland Paris. 

For me the alternating English and French language provision on everything (except Star Tours in my experience) means that English is well catered for in the parks. 

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? Do you speak French? We would love to hear your experience of languages at Disneyland Paris in the comments below.