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ULTIMATE San Diego Babymoon Guide

ULTIMATE San Diego Babymoon Guide

Are you thinking about doing a San Diego babymoon? San Diego is one of my favorite cities in the world and it is a perfect place for a babymoon. If you want to know the best things to do in San Diego when pregnant and the best babymoon packages on offer keep reading!  

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!
It is a city that has some amazing city beaches, great restaurants, places to hike, places to shop and much much more. 
And perhaps most importantly when traveling pregnant is that San Diego is as of time of writing is a guaranteed zika-free babymoon destination. Zika is a disease carried in Mosquitos that has been known to cause north defects and is found in many traditional babymoon beach destinations. Therefore San Diego is a great safe alternative. 
Note: Please always check the latest NHS and CDC advice before booking to ensure that information is up to date.
So now you know we think that San Diego is a good babymoon destination we will turn our attention to our favorite places to stay for a babymoon in San Diego and what to do in San Diego when pregnant. 
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When is the best time for a San Diego Babymoon?

When considering the best time to do a San Diego Babymoon there are actually two timeframes you need to consider:

  • the trimester you wish to travel and best time in pregnancy to travel for a babymoon
  • the best time to visit San Diego in terms of crowds and weather. 

So firstly let us consider the best time to travel to San Diego.

One thing we love about San Diego is that it is a year round destination. It doesn’t get too hot in summer and it also is a great winter babymoon destination due to its mild climate. 

But what is the best time to travel when pregnant?For me the best time to travel in pregnancy for a babymoon whatever the destination is the second trimester. The reasons for this are:

  • during the first trimester you are more prone to morning sickness (unless you are like me and are unlucky enough to suffer throughout your pregnancy). If you are flying with morning sickness be sure to check out this guide. 
  • you tend to, though not guaranteed, have more energy during your second trimester
  • you aren’t as big as you will be in your third trimester when you might be more uncomfortable traveling. 

Note: Obviously you should always check with your doctor before travel wherever you are going, and follow all their advice about pregnancy travel.

Therefore as San Diego is a year round destination we recommend choosing the best time in your pregnancy rather than San Diego weather to choose when to do your babymoon. 

What to Pack for a San Diego Babymoon

Ultimate Babymoon Packing list - what to wear on a babymoon

Ultimate Babymoon Packing list – what to wear on a babymoon

Firstly the most important things to take on a Vegas Babymoon are medication and ointments that you require such as:

  • Medicines, Folic Acid and PreNatal Vitamins that you take – no one wants to have to dash to a pharmacy to stock up on essentials 
  • Medical Notes and Documents – no one wants to need these when traveling but it is always worth carrying them with you. 
  • bio oil / Coconut Butter – or any ointments or lotions you use on your tummy to try and prevent stretch marks 
  • sunscreen – you skin is more sensitive when pregnant so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF factor.
  • reusable water bottle 

On top of this remember to pack appropriate clothings such as:

Be sure to check out our Babymoon packing list for a more detailed breakdown of things to take on a Babymoon whatever the destination. 

Best Babymoon Packages – where to stay in San Diego for a babymoon

view of Hotel Del Coronado - Where to stay on a San Diego babymoon

Where to stay on a San Diego babymoon

There are two locations I would consider when picking a hotel for a San Diego babymoon. They are:

  • Beachfront
  • Hotel Circle

Now if your budget allows I would personally select a Beachfront hotel as these usually are more luxurious and more likely to have babymoon packages. 

Some hotels that you should consider for a San Diego babymoon are:

  • Hotel del Coronado
  • The US Grant
  • Fairmont Grand Del Mar
  • The Lodge at Torrey pines 

Also if you are wanting a luxury resort and aren’t bothered by being in central San Diego you could also consider staying in the beautiful beach town of Carlsbad a short 25 minute drive from San Diego. The Park Hyatt Aviara Resort and Spa here offers great babymoon packages. 

How to get around San Diego when pregnant

San Diego is really a city that you need a car to get around with especially where traveling to San Diego pregnant and heading to some of the out of town attractions such as Torrey Pines and La Jolla. 

Best things to do on a San Diego babymoon

City Cruise

San Diego City Cruise Terminal

San Diego City Cruise Terminal

A city cruise around San Diego is a fabulous way to see both the city and some of the city’s famous wildlife.On the harbour cruise you pass the amazing USS Midway and could also see seals and sea lions if you are lucky. For a more romantic edge when not do an evening dinner cruise. 


San Diego Beach - Best Things to do on a San Diego Babymoon

San Diego Beach – Best Things to do on a San Diego Babymoon

San Diego has amazing beaches including some in city beaches. 

Some of our favorite beaches in San Diego are:

  • Mission Beach
  • Pacific Beach
  • La Jolla Beach
  • La Coronado Beach

What we love about beaches in San Diego is that they are close to boardwalks, shops and restaurants making them really easy to visit when pregnant. 

USS Midway

USS Midway - Best San Diego Museums

USS Midway – Best San Diego Museums

The USS Midway is a must see San Diego museum and tells the history of the midway as well as being able to see some historic planes. 

This is a perfect thing to combine with a city cruise on your San Diego babymoon itinerary. 

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is not just for toddlers and kids, it is a world class zoo and is great even for adults in San Diego. It is so large I think that even with a whole day in your San Diego itinerary you won’t see everything that the zoo has on offer. 

Note: the San Diego Zoo is on a hilly site so be sure to wear comfy shoes. Also there is the skyfari and kangaroo hopper bus are great ways to see the zoo if you are struggling with walking. 

Please note: the queue can get quite large if you wait to buy your tickets to the Zoo on arrival. We advise buying them in advacne to save on time. Click here to buy your tickets online in advance.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a one stop San Diego attraction as there is so much to do there. There are museums for every interest from transport to natural history and it is a great place to go for a stroll with great views. 

The park is free to enter however the museums require ticketed admission at an additional cost. 

Children’s pool, Sealions and seals

Best things to do in San Diego with Preschoolers - Children's Pool

La Jolla is home to the children’s pool and the La Jolla Cove Sea Lions. This is one of my favorite places to go for a walk and see wildlife in San Diego. 

The beach of the children’s pool is closed usually between December and May for the seal breeding season but you can still come and watch the them from the boardwalk. But I never recommend this as the best beach to go swimming in especially when pregnant. 

Old Town San Diego 

old town san diego

old town san diego

Old Town San Diego is known as the birthplace of California and is a must see on  any trip to San Diego. There are museums here dedicated to local history but it is also one of the best places to buy souvenirs in San Diego.

We also love the food there because you can sit outside and listen to the Mariachi bands. 

Top Tip: The parking at Old San Diego is notoriously difficult. We recommend getting there first thing and spending the morning and lunch there so you don’t struggle for parking. Otherwise we recommend getting there on public transport. 

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve 

How many in the cities in the world offer a great place to go hiking? Not many? Well San Diego does in the form of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. 

The Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve gets its name from the Torrey Pine trees the Reserve is home too. We love the fact that you can feel like you are deep in the forest while in the city but also love the unparalleled ocean views you get from the park. As an added bonus there are plenty of easy hikes if you are up to it.

Have you been on a San Diego babymoon? What did you do and where did you stay – let us know in the comments