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ULTIMATE Las Vegas Babymoon Guide

ULTIMATE Las Vegas Babymoon Guide

Are you thinking about doing a Las Vegas babymoon? Vegas may be more associated with drinking and casinos but actually the City of Sin makes a fantastic babymoon destination. If you want to know the best things to do in Las Vegas when pregnant and the best babymoon packages on offer keep reading!  

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Is Vegas a good babymoon destination?

Aerial View of the strip - Las Vegas babymoon / Las Vegas while pregnant

Aerial View of the strip – Las Vegas babymoon / Las Vegas while pregnant


Although many people go to Las Vegas to party, drink and head to the casino, Vegas does in fact make a great babymoon destination. 
The reason for this is because of the sheer volume of things to do in Vegas for adults. And despite it’s reputation as the City of Sin, there are actually many things to do in the city that don’t require drinking or gambling. 
On top of that Vegas is full of amazing hotels, many of which offer great babymoon packages, pregnancy massages and spa treatments and have something whatever budget you are traveling to Vegas with. 
And perhaps most importantly ups can visit Vegas and as of time of writing is a guaranteed zika-free babymoon destination. Zika is a disease carried in Mosquitos that has been known to cause north defects and is found in many traditional babymoon beach destinations. Therefore Vegas is a great safe alternative. 
Note: Please always check the latest NHS and CDC advice before booking to ensure that information is up to date.
So now you know we think that Vegas is a good babymoon destination we will turn our attention to our favorite places to stay for a babymoon in Vegas and what to do in Vegas when pregnant. 
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When is the best time for a Las Vegas Babymoon?

Best places to stay in Las Vegas with toddlers and Young Kids

When considering the best time to do a Las Vegas Babymoon there are actually two timeframes you need to consider:

  • the trimester you wish to travel and best time in pregnancy to travel for a babymoon
  • the best time to visit Las Vegas in terms of crowds and weather. 

So firstly let us consider the best time to travel to Las Vegas while pregnant.

For me the best time to travel in pregnancy for a babymoon whatever the destination is Vegas or somewhere else has to be the second trimester. The reasons for this are:

  • during the first trimester you are more prone to morning sickness (unless you are like me and are unlucky enough to suffer throughout your pregnancy). If you are flying with morning sickness be sure to check out this guide. 
  • you tend to, though not guaranteed, have more energy during your second trimester
  • you aren’t as big as you will be in your third trimester when you might be more uncomfortable traveling. 

Note: Obviously you should always check with your doctor before travel wherever you are going, and follow all their advice about pregnancy travel.

Now as I said above you will need to consider both the trimester of travel for a babymoon and the time of year. Now, I think the trimester is more important as your body is going through such big changes that you will need to pick the best time for you. 

However as Las Vegas is in the desert and therefore can be a very hot destination for a baby moon you also need to consider the time of year you travel. I am normally a person who is constantly cold but in pregnancy I felt the heat much worse so is worth bearing in mind when visiting Las Vegas when pregnant. 

What to Pack for a Vegas Babymoon

Firstly the most important things to take on a Vegas Babymoon are medication and ointments that you require such as:

  • Medicines, Folic Acid and PreNatal Vitamins that you take – no one wants to have to dash to a pharmacy to stock up on essentials 
  • Medical Notes and Documents – no one wants to need these when traveling but it is always worth carrying them with you. 
  • bio oil / Coconut Butter – or any ointments or lotions you use on your tummy to try and prevent stretch marks 
  • sunscreen – you skin is more sensitive when pregnant so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF factor.
  • Anti-Chafe Balm – for your thighs in the heat
  • Panty Liners for sweat

ou are also going to need to consider things that will help you cope with the heat especially if you are traveling in a shoulder season or summer. Things we would consider include:

On top of this remember to pack appropriate clothings such as:

  • Comfy shoes – for walking
  • Maternity Swimwear – we love to relax and escape the Vegas crowds by having a pool day.
  • Maternity dress – for cute pictures and also if you plan to eat in some of the higher end establishments or for going to shows. 
  • compression socks – if you are flying into Vegas.

Be sure to check out our Babymoon packing list for a more detailed breakdown of things to take on a Babymoon whatever the destination. 

Best Babymoon Packages – where to stay in Vegas for a babymoon

Things to do in Las Vegas at Night with kids

One of the things that I love about a Las Vegas Babymoon is the range of accommodation options for any budget both on and off  The Strip.

Personally, when I am booking a babymoon I try to book as a luxurious a property as I can. The reason for this is I like to slow down the pace of travel when pregnant so having somewhere nice to stay with a spa with pregnancy packages is really important to me.

Also when I travel pregnant it is very important to me not to be in smoky places. One of the downsides to a Vegas babymoon is that many of the hotels can be very smoky on the casino floor. 

For that reason I always look for either a non smoking hotel or a hotel that does not have a casino in Vegas as I personally think that these hotel are a much healthier choice especially when pregnant. 

For this reason the hotels I would choose for a babymoon in Vegas are:

Four Seasons Vegas

The Four Seasons is a non-gaming hotel on the Strip with a luxurious spa offering babymoon packages. I personally think this is an amazing and luxurious choice for a babymoon that offers both the convenience of a strip location without having to have gaming in your face. 

Waldorf Astoria

Opening in 2022 – 2023 the Waldorf Astoria is will be a non casino strip hotel.

Tahiti Village Hotel

For those who are don’t mind staying off the Strip

How to get around Vegas when pregnant

t surprised me with how easy it was to get around Las Vegas and just how many options there are for getting around Sin City and the ones we found best are; 

Hotel Shuttles

As many of the strip and just off strip hotels are owned by the same company, these hotels will often offer a shuttle service between their sites.

Last time we were in Vegas we stayed at the Tahiti Village and they offered a free shuttle bus between it the Mirage and the Tropicana – conveniently at opposite ends of the strip.

We used this free service to go in and out of the city but walked between the two so we could fully explore the strip.

Uber / Lyfts

Las Vegas is a really easy place to find cars on ride sharing apps such as Uber and Lyfts. However this comes with a caveat. 

On the strip there are limited places where Ubers and Lyfts can pick up from hotels. If you are not at the designated spot then the car will be unable to stop so be sure to check with the hotel concierge where you designated area is before hailing your ride. 


Perhaps by favourite way of getting around Las Vegas when pregnant was via the Monorail.

The Monorail track is almost 4 miles long and runs the length of the strip and it conveniently has seven stops at

  • MGM Grand
  • Bally / Paris 
  • Flamingo and Caesar’s Palace
  • Harrah’s and the Linq
  • Convention CEnter
  • Westgate
  • Sahara

with more stations planned in the future. The monorail is a great way to get up and down the strip when it is hot and you don’t want to be walking. 


If you are ok to do so, exploring by foot is a great option if you can handle the heat. 

Best things to do on a Las Vegas babymoon

Visiting Las Vegas with toddlers and Young Kids


If you want to know what to do in Vegas when pregnant, we will tell you what we thin are the best things to do on a Las Vegas babymoon. 

See a Show

Ir you decide to revisit Las Vegas with a toddler or a baby you will struggle to add shows onto your Vegas family itinerary until they got older. Therefore I recommend adding as many shows to your Vegas babymoon itinerary as you possibly can. 

There are so many shows on and off the Vegas strip from magic shows, to Cirque du Soliel to big name musical acts, there is definitely something for every taste. 

Hit the Spa

One thing that I love in Vegas is the quantity of amazing spas. And the great news for those traveling to Las Vegas when pregnant is that almost all of them offer pregnancy massages and pregnancy friendly spa treatments. 

We recommend taking some time to relax before your little one arrives and get a babymoon spa treatment.

Laze by the pool

Best places to stay in Las Vegas with toddlers and Young Kids

Best places to stay in Las Vegas with toddlers and Young Kids

Whenever I went on a babymoon relaxing was always near the top of my things to do on a babymoon list. Alongside the spa we recommend picking a hotel with a beautiful but not rowdy pool. 

When looking for a good Vegas pool we recommend finding one that is heated if you are traveling in the shoulder months in Vegas (I.e April, May, October etc) as it can get chilly even in Vegas.

Also you won’t want to be using wave machines or lazy rivers when pregnant so be sure your hotel has a calmer pool atmosphere to protect your bump from bumps. 

And if you can afford it why not hire a cabana at the pool. Yes this can be an expensive but it can keep you in the shade and keep you cooler while traveling pregnant and also protect your skin which is more sensitive to sun during pregnancy. 

Please note: if you decide to do a winter babymoon in Vegas it may be too cold to use the pool or the pool at your hotel may be closed. 

Get a good view of the city

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most iconic views in the world. A great thing to do while on a babymoon is to get a great view of the city. 

While there are lots of rooftop bars in Vegas and lots of great Vegas viewing platforms we recommend jumping on the Linq Highroller. The Linq high roller is the world’s second highest Ferris Wheel after Ain Dubai. It stands at 550ft tall.

One revolution of the wheel takes around 30 minutes and offers stunning views of the Strip. 

One of the other things I love about the Linq Highroller is that it is completely air conditioned which makes it perfect for a hot Vegas day or for those feeling the heat while traveling pregnant.

Prices start at $25

You can book tickets for the Highroller here.

Enjoy a romantic gondola tide

Best things to do in Las Vegas with toddlers and Young Kids

The Venetian is one of the most spectacular hotels on the strip. The only reason we don’t recommend staying here for your babymoon is because of the smoke on the casino floor. 

However if you aren’t staying there you can still enjoy the hotel by going on a romantic gondola ride. 

The gondolas hold 4 people and offer great views of the hotels and go under replica Venetian bridges. What surprised me most about the Gondola ride is that you can chose either indoor or outdoor. 

If you are worried about the smoke instead then you can easily opt for the outdoor option. 

We recommend going early in the day when the smoke isn’t as bad and so you don’t have to wait in a long queue to board. 

Do a bus tour

Whenever we visit a city we love to do a bus tour. And it is even better when pregnant. 

Walking long distances in the heat can be hard when pregnant but a bus tour means you can see all of the Vegas attractions without having to do the long Strip walk. 

Visit a Museum

Neon Boneyard - best things to do in Las Vegas with teenagers

Neon Boneyard – best things to do in Las Vegas with teenagers

Although you may not think of Vegas as a cultural destination, it has in fact got a great array or museums. Some of our favourites ar the Mob Museum and the Neon Boneyard museum where you can see retired Vegas neon signs. 


Vegas has some great shopping, be sure to check it out. 

Get outdoors 

REd Rock Canyon

When I was pregnant I still loved getting outside and going on hikes. If you enjoy this also then we recommend heading to Red Rock Canyon. 

This is a short drive outside of Vegas and has lots of easy hikes. It is also such a beautiful landscape that you almost can’t believe that you are next to the city ion Vegas. 

There are other National Parks nearby such as Death Valley but personally I would prioritise Red Rock over this as it is much closer. 

Please note: if you want to visit Red Rock Canyon between October and May you will need a timed reservation. You can book your timed slot here;  

The Seven Magic Mountains

If you are driving to Vegas from LA then be sure to stop at the Seven Magic Mountains exhibit which is just off the highway. This colour rock sculpture is sure to enthralled toddlers with its beautiful colours and is a great place to pose for some bump photos. 

Have you done a Las Vegas babymoon? We would love to hear where you stayed and what you did?