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Winter Babymoon Ideas: Best Winter Babymoon Destinations

Winter Babymoon Ideas:  Best Winter Babymoon Destinations

In recent years the babymoon seems to have become a right of passage for pregnant couples and there is definitely a sweet spot in terms of the perfect time to take a babymoon in your pregnancy but what do you do if this means taking your babymoon in Winter? In this guide choc full of Winter babymoon ideas we round up the best babymoon destinations including the best zika free winter sun destinations whether you want to take a babymoon in November, December January or February.

Best Winter Babymoon Ideas in the USA  

Hawaii Babymoon Ideas 

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Winter Babymoon Ideas - Hawaii Babymoon -

If you want a tropical paradise babymoon that is even perfect in the Winter then look no further than the beautiful islands of Hawaii! And you don’t need to worry about Zika here as this is one of the best zika free beach destinations in the world and certainly my favourite USA babymoon destination

Hawaii is made up of 100s of islands but there are eight main ones but the four main islands that babymooners tend to consider are: 

  • Hawaii aka The Big Island 
  • Maui
  • Oahu
  • Kauai

And the truth is you can’t go wrong with any of them! We completely fell I love with Oahu when we visited and would definitely recommend it as one of the winter babymoon destinations in the USA. We stayed on the North Shore of Hawaii at the Turtle Bay Resort (of Forgetting Sarah Marshall fame) and think this is a perfect place to visit for taking a babymoon in Hawaii. The hotel has a great spa, a lovely pool and beautiful beach and coastline. I also loved that it was away from the crowds near Wakiki and Honolulu. 

For the more adventurous or should I say energetic pregnant lady (I don’t think I ever hit energetic but I certainly still loved a hike) there are plenty of parks and hikes that you can take nearby. One of our favourite places was Waimea Valley where we went swimming in a waterfall. 

Oahu is perfect for those that want easy travel as Oahu has the most international and domestic US flights out of all the islands, and blends the perfect mix of beaches, relaxation, great food and hiking. 

Hawaii Babymoon -Best Winter Babymoon Destinations

Next on my Hawaii list is to visit the Big Island to tick off some more items from my National Park bucket list by visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or even to go to Kauai as the is one of the best places int he world to see waterfalls. 

If you decide on a Winter Hawaii Babymoon you can expect temperatures on average of 78°  aka 25.6° C. It is a perfect babymoon to take between October – December 

Hotel Recommendation: Turtle Bay Resort

Florida Babymoon (Florida Keys Babymoon)

Pelican at Florida Babymoon -Florida Keys BAbymoon - Best Winter Babymoon Destinations

If you want guaranteed sunshine then one of the best Winter babymoon destinations for you has to be Florida. Florida’s coastline is full of great beaches and some of the best for babymoons such as  Amelia Island, Santa Rosa Beach to name a few but my absolute favourite place for a Florida Babymoon is the Florida Keys which although not the best beach destination in the world has a lot on offer. 

There are so may places to have a great Florida Keys babymoon and I would say it really depends on what type of babymoon you want to take depends on where in the Florida keys you should head. 

Key West is the furtherest Key away from Miami (the closest international airport to the Keys) and this is very happening place with a vibrant food and drink scene, great views and a lovely setting. However my favourite place in the Keys is the Key Largo or Islamorado. There are lots of lovely resorts in the Keys such as Amara Cay Resort  where you can lay round by the pool and just relax all day. However my favourite place in the keys is the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Here you can see absolutely spectacular reefs either by snorkelling or via glass bottom boat depending on how energetic you feel. When I went snorkelling there and swam with a turtle which was a true bucket list opportunity. 

Weather on Your Florida Keys Winter Babymoon: 75-80 degree

Sedona Babymoon 

If you aren’t looking for a warm beach vacation and want something more active then Sedona might be the answer to your babymoon dilemma. Sedona is a hikers paradise and with plenty of options for tours of the amazing canyons and surrounding areas there is plenty to see for those that want to get out during their babymoon. 

If you are looking for where to stay during a Sedona Babymoon then L’Auberge de Sedona gets great reviews. To check reviews and availability online CLICK HERE!

Winter Temperature: Late 50s – early 60s 

Best Winter Babymoon Destinations in the Caribbean 

When the Zika Virus was discovered the Caribbean was hit hard as it was the traditional babymoon destination. Below we list the best winter babymoon destinations in the Caribbean WITHOUT Zika so you can still have your idyllic Caribbean babymoon. 

Bahamas Babymoon

If you want warm, relaxing and perfect sandy beaches then the Bahamas is the place perfect place for your babymoon. If you are worried does the Bahamas have Zika then fear not as the CDC cleared the Bahamas of Zika back in 2018

Perhaps the most famous place to stay in the Bahamas is the iconic Atlantis Resort.

The beautiful coloured buildings of the Bahamas also make the perfect location for a pregnancy photoshoot if you are planning on doing one. 

It really is the perfect babymoon for those travelling from the USA as it is only 3 hours from the North East Coast of the US meaning any mums still suffering from morning sickness need not worry too much about having to do a long flight while suffering with morning sickness

Recommended hotel: The Atlantis

Antigua Babymoon

Antigua _ Great Bird Island - Best Winter Babymoon Destinations in the Caribbean

Antigua is one of my favourite islands in the Caribbean and the good news is that in late 2018 Antigua was cleared from the Zika Virus by the CDC! There are lots of options for luxury resorts in Antigua that are perfect from  relaxing babymoon such as the Sandals Grand Antigua which is located on the Dickenson Bay Beach which happens to be the longest white sand beach in Antigua.

The optimum time to visit Antigua is December – April but you could visit earlier but there is a chance of rain. 

For current rates and availability at Sandals Grand Antigua CLICK HERE 

Best European Babymoon Destinations for Winter Sun 

If you are looking for the best European baby destinations for winter sun then I think one of the best places you can go is to Spain especially one of the beautiful Spanish Islands 

Babymoon in Spain

Best European Babymoon Destinations for Winter Babymoons - view of Palma

Spain is a great place to take a babymoon as it has a mild medetterrean climate. One of my favourite places in Spain is the city of Palma on the Island of Majorca. Palma will be warm in early october and late March but will cool rapidly to mid teens by November. However it is still lovely to visit even in Winter as the island is full of history and great food. 

If you want a slightly warmer Spanish babymoon then you could head to the always sunny Tenerife. December – March is peak season on the south of the island. 

Other Great European Winter Babymoon Ideas 

  • Cyprus
  • Malta 

Best Europe Winter Babymoon Destinations for those not looking for sun! 

If Sun is not an important factor for your babymoon then there are some great wintery babymoons that you can take in Europe that don’t involve skiing and winter sports. Some of my favourites are: 

Iceland Babymoon

Iceland is one of my favourite places to travel in Europe. It has the most stunning landscapes, easily accessible natural tourist attractions, dazzling waterfalls and during the Winters there is a chance that you can see the Northern Lights. And don’t let the rumours of Iceland being expensive put you off taking your babymoon in Iceland as there are plenty of ways to save money. 

So if you want active days and evenings snuggled round a roaring fireplace potentially watching one of the greatest shows on Earth then Iceland is the place for you! 

Hotel Recommendation: Hotel Ranga 

Christmas Markets 

If you are looking to take a babymoon in December then why not consider giving your babymoon a festive slant by doing a tour of some of Europe’s best Christmas Markets. Germany is obviously the most famous for its Christmas Markets but France has some great ones too in particular Strasbourg, which is frequently cited in the top Christmas Markets yearly lists. 

Other Best Zika Free Winter sun Babymoon Destinations 

The Middle East is a great place for Winter Babymoons in my opinion especially if you are looking fr a zika free winter sun destination. The Middle East has pretty perfect Winter Weather. In the summer the middle east can be unbearably hot but Winter is the best time to visit.

Note: I would only recommend travelling to the Middle East while pregnant if you are married and advise taking your marriage certificate with you when you travel. 

Our top three places for a Middle East babymoon are: 

Abu Dhabi Babymoon

Ultimate Abu Dhabi Itineary - Visiting Zaya Nurai Private Island perfect for an Abu Dhabi Babymoon

Ultimate Abu Dhabi Itineary – Visiting Zaya Nurai Private Island perfect for an Abu Dhabi Babymoon

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE but is often overlooked in favour of the larger than life Dubai but Abu Dhabi has lots on offer. If you want a mix of cultural travel i.e. visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and time relaxing on the beach then Abu Dhabi would be perfect for you. 

The Middle East is also the king of luxury travel and with options such as the Emirates Palace Hotel, Rixoos All Inclusive Hotel and the Maldivean Paradise Island of Zaya Nurai means that you are sure to be pampered on your babymoon. 

Dubai Babymoon

Again, you won’t be short on luxury on a Dubai Babymoon. Dubai is home to the Burj Al Arab – a five star hotel that is commonly referred to as a seven starred hotel. But if this all suite hotel is out of your budget then there are plenty of other more affordable luxury places to stay. 

Dubai offers people seeking a winter sun babymoon the chance to have both a city and a beach babymoon. If you have a week I would consider splitting time between a more central city hotel such as the Conrad – one of my fave places in downtown Dubai to stay coupled with a stay on the Palm for a pure beach stay. On the Palm there is another branch of the Atlantis Resorts or alternatively we enjoy staying at the Fairmont The Palm 

Hotel Recommendation: Conrad or Fairmont The Palm . 

Note: I only recommend Middle East baby moons for married couples. For a complete guide on travelling to Dubai while pregnant check out this post. 

Oman Babymoon 

The place we had our babymoon! We travelled to Muscat the Capital of Oman in late October and had a long weekend of pure relaxation and bliss. We stayed at The Chedi an amazing five star hotel. There is an amazing spa, a beach waterfront seafood restaurant and the Middle East’s longest pool. And for those wanting a child free break there is an adults only pool! 

Hotel Recommendation: The Chedi

Alternative Winter Babymoon Ideas

Cruise Babymoon

Can’t decide on one location for your winter babymoon destination? Then why not consider taking a babymoon cruise. Cruises are easy for babymoons as you know where you are going to be eating and some of the stress of itinerary is taken away from you. If you decide on a Caribbean cruise though be sure to make sure to find a zika free cruise! Also be sure to check before booking the last dates of travel that cruise line will accept pregnant women. For more tips on cruising while pregnant check out this post. 

Best Winter Babymoon Destinations by Month 

Best Babymoon Destinations in October 

  • Hawaii Babymoon
  • Florida Keys Babymoon 
  • Majorca Babymoon
  • Iceland Babymoon

Best Babymoon Destinations in November 

  • Hawaii Babymoon
  • Florida Keys Babymoon 
  • Iceland Babymoon

Best Babymoon Destinations in December  

  • Hawaii Babymoon
  • Antigua Babymoon 
  • Florida Keys Babymoon 
  • Bahamas Babymoon
  • Tenerife Babymoon
  • Christmas Market Babymoon

Best Babymoon Destinations in January 

  • Antigua Babymoon 
  • Florida Keys Babymoon 
  • Bahamas Babymoon
  • Tenerife Babymoon

Best Babymoon Destinations in February  

  • Antigua Babymoon 
  • Florida Keys Babymoon 
  • Bahamas Babymoon
  • Tenerife Babymoon
  • Iceland Babymoon 

Best Winter Babymoon Destinations - Winter Babymoon Ideas including ideas for Zika Free Babymoons like Hawaii babymoon, Florida Babymoon, Best European Winter Babymoon Destinations and more