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Babymoon tips and ideas for planning your perfect trip

Babymoon tips and ideas for planning your perfect trip

Are you looking for babymoon tips and ideas to plan your perfect trip before your new baby arrives? In this guide we will give you our best tips for planning a babymoon as well as rounding up some of our favourite babymoon destinations in the US and internationally. 

But first, what actually is a babymoon? 

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is the term given to a vacation taken by couples who want to spend some quality time together just before they are due to have a baby. The term, which blends the words baby and honeymoon was first used in the early 1990s but has in recent yeas become a more popular thing to do for expecting couples. 

So now you know what a babymoon we will round up all our best babymoon tips for planning your trip.

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Best Babymoon Tips

Best Babymoon Tips and Babymoon Ideas

I am a mom of two children, and took babymoons when I was pregnant with both of them. We used all of the below tips when we planned our babymoon and definitely helped make it a more stress-free trip. 

So if you are looking to plan a babymoon then you should:

Know the best Trimester to take you babymoon

Pregnant woman by pool


The most important thing when you are planning your babymoon is to pick the right time for it. Normally when you travel you will pick based on high and low season, weather  and peak tourist times however this is not the best way to plan a babymoon. You need to plan your babymoon about the best time during your pregnancy to travel. 

With this in mind we think the ideal time for a babymoon is in the second trimester. That is because in the first trimester you may be tired and also suffering from morning sickness.

I suffered terribly with morning sickness throughout my pregnancy but for most people morning sickness subsides around the 12 week mark, at the start of the second trimester. 

Whereas during the third trimester your can feel too bloated and uncomfortable to travel, and some airlines and travel operators will not allow you to travel past a certain point. 

Therefore the general consensus is that the sweet spot for travelling while pregnant and the best trimester to take a babymoon is the second trimester. 

Decide if you want to travel internationally

Pregnant Woman in Venice - Traveling Italy Pregnant / Italian babymoon

Pregnant Woman in Venice – Traveling Italy Pregnant / Italian babymoon

The next big decision you have to make when looking at planning a babymoon is to decide whether or not you want to travel internationally. 

Taking a babymoon internationally is a great way to see a new part of the world and also can give you more options in terms of weather, climate and resorts. 

However, the downside to traveling internationally is that you have to work out when you are allowed to travel, as some airlines have restrictions on when pregnant women can travel. Also if you are traveling internationally you will also need to make sure that you have looked into the safety of a destination for pregnancy.

For instance, some tropical countries have Zika virus present. Zika virus can be harmful to pregnant ladies and foetuses so you will want to make sure you plan a zika-free babymoon and check the CDC website for the most up-to-date zika information before booking. 

Also if you decide to do something like a babymoon cruise or are carrying multiples then check when the cut of dates are for cruising or flying while pregnant will be different so be sure to check your airline or cruise lines policy before you book. 

Set a Budget for your Babymoon

One of the areas that is often overlooked when people are planning their babymoon is their budget. Babies are expensive, so it is important to set yourself a realistic babymoon budget and stick to it. 

There are plenty of ways that you can do a babymoon on a budget including staying local, using a babymoon package, staying at an all inclusive resort and picking some off the beaten path destinations for your babymoon trip. 

How far do you want to travel while pregnant

View of Positano - A Italy Babymoon is an Amalfi Coast babymoon

A Italy Babymoon is an Amalfi Coast babymoon

The question of how far you want to travel while pregnant is a hard one to answer and it will really depend on how you are feeling and your healthcare provider advice as to how far and by what method you should travel. 

The main travel choices for a babymoon are flying and road trips. No matter which you decide you have to decide how long you feel comfortable sat down. 

The longest flight I did was seven hours and this was doable but consider the flight length, seat size and the intended length of your babymoon vacation. And if you decide to fly you will want to make sure you stay hydrated and try to get an aisle seat to 

Pick the right type of Babymoon for you 

Dolphin Hotel Disney World Babymoon

Disney World Babymoon

For many couples the main aim of a babymoon is relaxation before their little bundle of joy arrives. I personally loved indulging in a prenatal massage on my babymoons and just spending some special time together. 

However not everybody wants this type of babymoon vacation.  Some people enjoy hiking and visiting national parks on their vacation.

And although traditionally babymoons are just for the expecting couple, some people have to take their babymoon with children in tow. If so maybe a Disney World Babymoon is for you. 

So what I am trying to say is take the babymoon you want, not the babymoon you think you should be having.

Check with your Doctor

And of course you should always check with your doctor or medical practitioner before you travel to ensure that it is safe to do so. 

Also remember to always keep a copy of your medical records with you at all times when traveling when pregnant. And speaking of packing …

Remember to Pack Your Medical Notes & Other Important Documents

This is something that you hope you will never need but it is really important to pack your medical notes with when pregnant. Also if you are flying and are showing it is advisable to have a letter from your doctor that says you are fit to fly alongside your due date. 

Pack Correctly

Ultimate Babymoon Packing list - what to wear on a babymoon

Ultimate Babymoon Packing list – what to wear on a babymoon

Packing correctly is important for every vacation you take but especially so for babymoons. Obviously it is important to pack for the weather and activities you are doing but you will also want some pregnancy specific travel essentials such as: 

  • compression socks – If you decide on travelling long haul or if you are flying while pregnant to take your babymoon be sure to have compression socks with you to aid circulation. 
  • medication – including any vitamins you are taking during pregnancy.
  • Maternity outfit and swimwear – important if you are planning to use a pool or beach on your vacation. 
  • Comfortable shoes – important if you are planning on doing lots of walking on your babymoon. Also remember if you are going on a hot weather babymoon that your feet have the potential to swell. 
  • Toiletries – remember to pack things like sunscreen, as you burn more easily when pregnant and any creams you are using to help prevent stretch marks such as shea butter and bi-oil for instance. 

For a full babymoon packing list check out this post.

Babymoon Photoshoot

When we did our babymoon we wanted to capture some pictures of us as a couple and of my baby bump. We booked a babymoon photoshoot in advance of our travels. 

Next read: if you decide to do a babymoon photoshoot and want to post on Instagram be sure to check out our favorite babymoon instagram captions.

Get the Right Travel Insurance

Getting the right travel insurance is important for every trip you go on whether or not you are travelling while pregnant. Be sure to check that your travel health insurance covers you for pregnancy and check any exclusions or time limits the policy has. 

Make sure it’s legal

When I was pregnant we decided to do a Winter babymoon in the Middle East. If you decide on doing a babymoon in the Middle East then you need to check that your babymoon is legal. In some parts of the Middle East it is effectively illegal to have a baby out of wedlock. So be sure to check the legal requirements if you are planning to do a babymoon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman or Qatar.

Also if you are taking a babymoon in these locations and are married we recommend also having a copy of your marriage certificate with you. 

Be realistic in what you can do

I am all for keeping active while pregnant but I definitely didn’t want to do as much while travelling pregnant. Be realistic in how many and the type of activities that you plan for during your babymoon. 

Some of the things we like doing when our babymoons included couples massages, romantic dinners and walks on the beach. But be sure to plan your babymoon itinerary for what you feel capable doing and what you enjoy!

Plan what you are going to eat on your babymoon

I am all for eating what you want on your babymoon, however there are certain food that are a big no no during pregnancy.

On my Italian babymoon I found there were a lot of things that I couldn’t eat such as unpasteurised cheeses and cured meats. Therefore it is wise to think about food safety and food availability when you are traveling pregnant.

Babymoon Ideas  

So know you have our best tips for planning a babymoon we will turn our attention to helping you find the ideal babymoon destination. 

When I took my babymoons I went to :

But what is the best babymoon idea for you? The main thing to consider when planning a babymoon is whether you want to travel domestically in the US or whether you want to travel internationally. 

Best Babymoons in the USA 

Santa Barbara landscape - Best Babymoon Destinations California has on offer!

Best Babymoon Destinations California has on offer!

If you decide to do a staycation babymoon, then will be spoilt for choice when looking at the best place to take a babymoon. 

The biggest decision when narrowing down your US babymoon is whether you want to do a beach babymoon or a city babymoon. 

For beaches, Florida, Hawaii, the East Coast and California babymoons have to be top choices. We particularly think San Diego is a great babymoon as it offers a mix of city, beaches and culture. 

However if beaches aren’t important to you then there are lots of places that offer a lot for babymooning couples. Some of our other favorite places in the US that would be great for babymooners are:  

  • Palm Springs – another California babymoon that has a mix of national parks, desert climate and babymoon packages. 
  • Las VegasLas Vegas is a great babymoon destination as it has a wide variety of hotel and entertainment options even for pregnant travelers. 

International Babymoons 

If you feel comfortable traveling further and if your doctor is ok with your traveling internationally then there is literally a whole world of babymoons on offer to you. 

As we said above, the most important thing to look for when traveling internationally is finding a zika free babymoon destination. As of time of writing the below destinations are all zika-free but it is always worth checking before you book. 

Did you do a babymoon? What are your top babymoon tips? But if you have a question about planning a babymoon that we haven’t answered then drop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer.  

Babymoon Tips and Babymoon Ideas

Babymoon Tips and Babymoon Ideas