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Best Babymoon tips & Ideas to help you plan a stress-free trip

Best Babymoon tips & Ideas to help you plan a stress-free trip

When I was pregnant I loved a babymoon! In this guide we round up the best babymoon tips to help you plan a stree-free babymoon trip including lots of babymoon ideas from the best zika-free babymoon destinations to what to pack for a babymoon and more! 

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Best Babymoon Tips

Best Babymoon Tips and Babymoon Ideas

Set a Budget for your Babymoon

The first thing I would say when considering where to go a babymoon is make sure you set yourself a realistic budget. Now we all know that babies are an expensive especially if it is your first and you are having to buy all the baby gear so set yourself a realistic budget. You can do a babymoon on a budget or you can a last luxury holiday as a couple – whatever you decide I am sure you will have an amazing babymoon! 

What is the Best Trimester to Take a Babymoon 

Picking the right time is key for having a stress free babymoon. I suffered with horrendous morning sickness for the majority of my pregnancy and let me tell you that flying with morning sickness is not fun. 

For most people morning sickness subsides at around 12 weeks while the third trimester is usually marked with extreme tiredness. Therefore there is a general consensus that the sweet spot for travelling while pregnant and the best trimester to take a babymoon is the second trimester. 

With this in mind many people will chose to take their babymoon in their second trimester – we did when we travelled to Oman. 

Note: If you decide to do something like a babymoon cruise or are carrying multiples then check when the cut of dates are for cruising or flying while pregnant. 

If however you want to do a staycation babymoon then you have more options of going later in your pregnancy but be sure you will be comfortable on the amount of travel time. 

How far do you want to travel while pregnant

The question of how far you want to travel while pregnant is a hard one to answer. The longest flight I did was seven hours and this was doable but consider the flight length, seat size and length of holiday when traveling while pregnant. 

Also be sure to check you are ok to travel with your doctor and if they have any restrictions on travel times for you. 

How to Pick the right Type of Babymoon for You 

Another top babymoon tip is make sure you pick the right type of babymoon for you. I must admit that I am not usually a lie on the beach type person. I love hiking and visiting national parks and would consider a Disney World Babymoon but having been so sick for my pregnancy all I wanted to do on our babymoon was relax and really not do anything. I would say don’t rule out beach holidays or all inclusive just because they aren’t the types of holidays that you usually do.  

Check that it is Safe to Travel – Planning a Zika-free babymoon 

Best Babymoon Tips and Babymoon Ideas

If you do decide to do a beach holiday then make sure you find a great zika-free beach location. Both the CDC and NHS advise pregnant women not to travel to countries with zika before or during pregnancy. 

To find a complete guide to finding a great zika-free beach babymoon click here! 

It is also recommended not to travel to places that have diseases such as Malaria while pregnant. If you are concerned about travelling to a place while pregnant be sure to talk over your options with your doctor prior to booking 

Get the Right Travel Insurance

Getting the right travel insurance is important for every trip you go on whether or not you are travelling while pregnant. Be sure to check that your travel insurance covers you for pregnancy and check any exclusions or time limits the policy has. 

Make sure it’s legal

We went to Oman on our babymoon and another great Middle East babymoon is a Dubai babymoon. However if you are travelling to the Middle East while pregnant be sure to remember it is illegal to be unmarried and pregnant. If you should need any medical attention while traveling you will be asked to present a marriage certificate so be sure it is legal for you to travel there and carry documentation with you. 

Think about the heat

I lived in the Middle East while pregnant. I am normally a person who is constantly cold but in pregnancy I felt the heat much worse. Be sure to consider how well you will be able to cope with the heat while pregnant. 

Also don’t worry if the ideal time for you to take a babymoon is in the Winter. We have loads of Winter babymoon inspiration here! 

Be realistic in what you can do

I am all for keeping active while pregnant but I definitely didn’t want to do as much while travelling pregnant. Be realistic in how many and the type of activities that you plan for during your babymoon. 

Plan plenty of down time

Having travelled with a baby and done lots of travelling with a toddler I can safely say the days of me lying on a beach or reading a book are definitely behind me. Be sure to plan some downtime when you and your partner can just relax. 

Best Accommodation for a Babymoon 

I would say there isn’t one best accommodation for a babymoon. A lot of this will depend on how you like to travel usually. You can definitely do anything from a glamping babymoon to a luxury resort for a babymoon where you can find lots of babymoon packages. The number one thing I would say however about booking accommodation for a babymoon is make sure you have easy access to a bathroom because you will be using it a lot more while pregnant – isn’t pregnancy glamourous! 

What to eat on a babymoon 

The other thing about travelling while pregnant is that you will not be able to drink or eat the same things as usual. We travelled to Italy while I was pregnant (it wasn’t really an Italy babymoon as we booked this before I was pregnant) and there were lots of things I did miss out on. For instance the Tuscan wine tasting tour we had booked had to be cancelled and I couldn’t eat the lovely soft cheeses and cured meats that I had initially planned to gorge myself on. So if food and drink are a big part of what you enjoy on vacation be sure to pick a babymoon where you can do this happily. 

What to Pack for a babymoon tips 

Best Babymoon Tips and Babymoon Ideas

Pack Comfy Shoes

As much as pre-pregnant you might have liked scrappy sandals and stilettos pregnant you is likely to favour comfy shoes especially if you are planning on doing lots of walking or sightseeing. 


My preference for babymoon shoes were Sketchers Go Walks

Compression Socks


If you decide on travelling long haul or if you are flying while pregnant to take your babymoon be sure to have compression socks with you to aid circulation. 

Pack Plenty of Sunscreen

One of the other fun things you don’t realise until you are pregnant is that pregnant women can get sunburnt more so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen

Pack the BioOil / Coconut Oil


When I was pregnant I was using bio oil like it was going out o fashion to try and prevent pregnancy strethmarks. If you have a routine for your pregnancy belly skincare be sure to pack these. 

Remember to Pack Your Medical Notes & Other Important Documents

This is something that you hope you will never need but it is really important to pack your medical notes with when pregnant. Also if you are flying while pregnant your airline may require a letter with your Estimated Due Date and fitness to fly. Be sure to have one that covers you for the flight there AND back if you are going to need one. 

If you are travelling somewhere in the Middle East also remember to pack your marriage certificate too

For a full babymoon packing list click here! 

Babymoon Ideas  – Where I travelled while pregnant

If you are looking for some Babymoon ideas here is where I travelled while pregnant 

And below are some more babymoon guides I have put together with the help of other moms:

Did you do a babymoon – what are you top babymoon tips and what are your best babymoon Ideas 

Babymoon Tips and Babymoon Ideas