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ULTIMATE Disney World Babymoon Guide

ULTIMATE Disney World Babymoon Guide

Are you considering taking a Disney World Babymoon? Now, when you normally think about babymoons your mind usually jumps to some exotic locale full of spas and beaches but is Disney World a good babymoon destination? In this guide we will give you our top tips for a Disney babymoon alongside some ideas of the best places to stay at Disney World for a babymoon and other considerations so you can answer is a Disney World Babymoon a good idea for you! 

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Disney World Babymoon Tips

When is the best time for a Disney World Babymoon?

Best Disney Castle Instagram Captions . Disney World Thanksgiving

When considering the best time for a Disney World Babymoon there are actually two timeframes you need to consider:

  • the trimester you wish to travel and best time in pregnancy to travel for a babymoon
  • the best time to visit Disney World 

So firstly let us consider the best time to travel pregnant to Disney World. 

For me the best time to travel in pregnancy for a babymoon whatever the destination has to be the second trimester. The reasons for this are:

  • during the first trimester you are more prone to morning sickness (unless you are like me and are unlucky enough to suffer throughout your pregnancy). If you are flying with morning sickness be sure to check out this guide. 
  • you tend to, though not guaranteed, have more energy during your second trimester
  • you aren’t as big as you will be in your third trimester when you might be more uncomfortable traveling. 

Note: Obviously you should always check with your doctor before travel wherever you are going, and follow all their advice about pregnancy travel.

Now as I said above you will need to consider both the trimester of travel for a babymoon and the time of year. Now, I think the trimester is more important as your body is going through such big changes that you will need to pick the best time for you. 

However in such a hot destination as Florida you also need to consider the time of year you travel. I am normally a person who is constantly cold but in pregnancy I felt the heat much worse. 

Florida in summer in particularly can be a hot and sweaty experience so if your second trimester falls over the summer months think about whether you want to travel and do such an intensive babymoon in the heat. 

Personally I would only choose to do a Winter babymoon in Florida Babymoon or a Disney World or some of the shoulder season. 

Also if you are traveling to Disney World pregnant I would try and avoid some of the busier days such as Christmas and Thanksgiving at Disney World

Looking for other Zika free Babymoon ideas check out this post.

Where to Stay for a Disney World Babymoon

Dolphin Hotel Disney World Babymoon

Disney World Babymoon

One of the things that I love about a Disney World Babymoon is the range of accommodation options for any budget both on and off property. 

Personally I would advise picking a Disney World resort for a babymoon as it can be good to get into the park for Extended Magic hours. Although it is unlikely you will be able to go on lots of rides, it is a great time to get some lovely pregnancy pictures at Disney World. And don’t forget to check out our post on the best babymoon instagram captions and quotes. 

Also as an on-site guest you get the benefits of booking dining 60 days out from the first day of your stay. I personally think you are more likely to want to book lots of dining when pregnant as it is a great way to escape the Florida sunshine so this is a useful perk. 

If you can splurge on a Disney World Babymoon then a great choice would be to stay at one of the on-property deluxe resorts. As not only will you get Early Magic Hours you may get Late Magic Hours (these are not offered every day so you will need to check with the resort before booking if this is something that is very important to you). 

Also many of these resorts (though not to all) have more pleasant Disney World transportation including the ability to walk to a park.

Also all of the hotels listed below have a spa in them and Disney World offers some great pregnancy massages and treatments which are a great additional to any baby moon. 

If you re interested in the best Deluxe Disney World Deluxe resorts I would personally choose:

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the best resorts on Disney World property and it is one that really transports you to another world. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge is made up of two areas: Jambo House and Kidani Village which both offer a multitude of accommodation options. 

But the reason to stay at this lodge for me is the wildlife encounters. You can be sat in your room watching a giraffe grazing right outside. What could beat that!

On top fo that Animal Kingdom Lodge has some of the best dining options of any of the resorts with Boma, the African style Buffet, and Sanaa which has unrivalled views of the animals. 

However for me the one con of this resort if you are doing a Disney World baby moon is that transportation options are limited to only buses. On top of that this resort is one of the furthest from the parks.

And while all buses are meant to be air-conditioned I did experience some that were not. It can also be a challenge to get a seat on the bus, and you may have to ask people to give up a space for you. 

Swan or Dolphin

People often talk about the Swan and Dolphin as two separate resorts however they are conjoined and share some facilities. For more information on the pros and cons of the Swan vs the Dolphin check out this post. However I don’t think you can go wrong with either. 

The main benefits of staying at the swan and dolphin are that they have extremely easy access to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. 

However having said that the transportation to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom is not great as they don’t go to the same stops as the other Disney resort buses. 

And finally, some may consider this a pro or a con depending on their outlook, but to me the Swan and Dolphin resorts at Disney World do not feel like “Disney hotels”. They aren’t highly themed and feel more like a city luxury resort.

So depending on whether you want to be immersed in Disney or would like an escape will shape whether this resort is right for you. 

Grand Floridian 

The Grand Floridian is one of the most sort after resorts. Some of the benefits staying here are that you have a view of the Seven Seas Lagoon AND the Magic Kingdom fireworks. 

It is also probably the Disney World Resort that does Christmas the best. 

Pros of this resort for a baby moon include the ability to walk to Magic Kingdom and having some of the best restaurants including character dining on site. 

However having said that this resort can get very busy with guests looking around and it has to share buses to other parks with other resorts which can make them exceptionally busy and a challenge for those needing a seat. 

However if don’t have a budget for the Deluxe Resorts some of the others I would recommend include:

Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter

Disney World Port Orleans French Quarter

Disney World Port Orleans French Quarter

These two resorts are adjacent and are very similar but do have different feels to them. I personally find French Quarter slightly more grown up and being smaller than Port Orleans Riverside I think this one is probably better suited to a baby moon. 

Also both of these resorts are a boat ride away to Disney Springs which has some amazing dining experiences on offer. 

For a full comparison of Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside vs French Quarter check out this post

Off Site

However if you are trying to do Disney World Babymoon on a budget then do consider staying off site. As you won’t be able to ride as many rides it is less important to have early magic hours for this reason. 

Staying off site will certainly cost you less so long as you remember to factor in things such as parks like Magic Kingdom parking and have calculated whether you need to take a car to Disney World

What to pack for a Disney World Babymoon

Ultimate Babymoon Packing list - what to wear on a babymoon

Ultimate Babymoon Packing list – what to wear on a babymoon

So now you know when to take a Disney World Babymoon and where to stay we will now look at what to pack for a Disney World Babymoon. 

Firstly the most important things to take on a Disney World Babymoon are medication and ointments that you require such as:

  • Medicines, Folic Acid and PreNatal Vitamins that you take – no one wants to have to dash to a pharmacy to stock up on essentials 
  • Medical Notes and Documents – no one wants to need these when traveling but it is always worth carrying them with you. 
  • bio oil / Coconut Butter – or any ointments or lotions you use on your tummy to try and prevent stretch marks 
  • sunscreen – you skin is more sensitive when pregnant so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF factor.
  • Anti-Chafe Balm – for your thighs in the heat
  • Panty Liners for sweat

You are also going to need to consider things that will help you cope with the heat especially if you are traveling in a shoulder season or summer. Things we would consider include:

  • hand held fan and also a water mist spray which is great for an immediate cooling sensation.
  • reusable water bottle – Disney World is an expensive place and water will set you back the best part of 5USD in the parks. To save money and to ensure you stay hydrated which is very important when pregnant take a reusable water bottle with you and know where you can refill your water at Disney World. 

Be sure to check out our Babymoon packing list for a more detailed breakdown of things to take on a Babymoon whatever the destination. 

But now we have discussed what to pack for Disney World pregnant, we will look at what to wear at Disney World pregnant. 

It is worth noting this guide will give an overview of what to wear to Disney World with pregnancy in mind however be sure to check out our guides on what to wear in each park and at Disney World for every month for more detailed information on weather and theming. 

The biggest concerns however should be staying comfy and staying cool in everything that you pack. Some things you may want to consider packing are:

  • Themed Disney T Shirts – We always have Disney vacation t shirts with us but there are some amazing pregnancy Disney t shirts on the market too for those wanting to do pregnancy announcement photos at Disney World
  • Comfy shoes – above all the most important thing for your Disney World Babymoon packing list is comfy shoes. I personally always wear sneakers to Disney World but if you are traveling in summer you may want to consider good arch support sandals or Crocs for Disney World. 
  • Maternity Swimwear – if you are staying at an on-property resort your resort will have a pool. This is a great way to relax and escape the crowds of the parks and can also be sure in the spa. 
  • Maternity dress – for cute pictures in the park and also if you plan to eat in some of the higher end establishments. 
  • compression socks – if you are flying into Disney World. (If you are flying to Disney World check our our guides on how to get to Disney World from MCO and Sanford Airport). 

But for a fully Babymoon packing list check out this post.

What to do at Disney World when pregnant

So now we have looked at where you should stay, when you should go and what you should pack we will turn our attention to how you should tour the parks when pregnant and what you can do at Disney World pregnant. 


Teacup Ride

toddlers at Magic Kingdom

It may come as a surprise to many but you can actually go on some of the rides while pregnant. These are clearly delineated on signs and cast members are very happy to answer your questions if you are concerned. 

Generally speaking however you are quite limited to the rides you can go on, similar to if you are traveling to Disney World with a baby, and can only go on things with a lap bar that have no sudden jerks or stops. 

Please do not be tempted to ride anything that Disney says isn’t pregnancy friendly. Firstly there is a safety reason they say this and secondly it can invalidate travel insurance. 

For more information on traveling to Disney World pregnant and rides at Disney World when pregnant check out these posts. 

Character Meet and Greets

While you can’t do all the rides at Disney World pregnant you can do all of the meet and greets. We recommend doing as many of these as you can. 

Also if you want some cute photos of your babymoon why don’t you take a sonogram picture with you as the characters will love to pose with these. Also if you are looking for the best alternatives to Disney autograph books you could consider getting a photo frame signed and framing your sonogram photo in this after your trip. 

For more information on best questions to ask Disney characters or Disney princesses check out these post. 

Do a tour

One of the things that people are surprised to know is that tours are offered in the Magic Kingdom. Cast Members will walk you down Main Street and other lands and tell you things you never knew about the parks.

This can be something that is nice to do when pregnant and certainly not something that would be easy to do with a baby at Disney World or at the Magic Kingdom with a toddler even. 

Character Dining

Tusker's House - Animal Kingdom Character dining

Tusker’s House – Animal Kingdom Character dining

If you want to meet characters without the queues, the best way to do this is in character dining. Depending on what characters you want to meet will depend on which is best for you.

Just remember to book this 60 days out for your best chance of a reservation. 

Fine Dining

When we travel to Disney World with toddlers we don’t do the fine dining restaurants. So if you do do a Disney World babymoon this is a great chance to do a fine dining experience that maybe you would put off if traveling to Disney World with kids. 

Visit Disney Springs

Although most people visit Disney World for the parks, you shouldn’t leave a visit to Disney Springs off your Disney World itinerary. 

Disney Springs is full of great shopping and dining options. 


Best Age for Epcot, drink around the world cost - Epcot for adults


Epcot in particular has a roster of great festivals such as the food and wine festival. This is a great thing to do when pregnant as there are lots of non-alcoholic drink options and great snacks to eat all over the park and adds things to do at Epcot other than rides. 


Many of the deluxe hotels have spas that have some great pregnancy spa treatments such as pregnancy massage. This is a great addition to your itinerary when traveling to Disney World pregnant. 

Miscellaneous Babymoon at Disney World Tips 

Book months in advance

Things at Disney World that require bookings usually open 60 days before. If you want to book dining reservations or other experiences be sure to know when you first open booking dates is (60 days before arrival).

Be realistic in what you can do

I am all for keeping active while pregnant but I definitely didn’t want to do as much while travelling pregnant. Be realistic in how many and the type of activities that you plan for during your babymoon. 

Plan plenty of down time

Disney World can be a pretty full on vacation whether you are pregnant or not. Be sure you plan plenty of downtime and rest stops to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Prepare for the heat

Be prepared for the heat if you are doing a Florida babymoon. This means packing sunscreen, fans and misters as well as light weight clothes and being sure to stay hydrated. 

Leave room in your suitcase 

And be sure to have space in your case for all the cute baby grow shopping you can do at Disney World. 

Disney Babymoon FAQs

Is Disney a good babymoon?

Overall I would say if you are a fan of the parks and love Disney that Disney can be an amazing babymoon. However if this is likely a once in a lifetime trip it is worth pointing out that you can’t do all of the rides (more information here). 

If you do decide to do a Disney babymoon then our above tips will help you have the best time. 

What about a Disneyland Babymoon?

While this guide gives you an overview of a Disney World babymoon what about a Disneyland Babymoon? Well it is equally as good in my opinion and in some ways easier because there are only two parks that are easy to park hop and walk to from many of the hotels (both on-property and off site). 

Also the weather in California can be less humid and may be more comfortable for those traveling to Disney pregnant. 

So have you done a Disney World babymoon? Let us know below about what you did and how you found it.