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Ultimate Babymoon Packing List

Ultimate Babymoon Packing List

So you have decided to take a babymoon?! Now that you have picked the best babymoon destination for you you might be turning your attention into what to wear and what to pack for your babymoon. To help you take the stress out of planning your babymoon we have created the ultimate babymoon packing list so all you need to do is think about relaxing before your little ones arrival.

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ULTIMATE Babymoon Packing List

This babymoon packing list tells you the things that you should pack for a babymoon no matter the destination. However if you want some of the specific location packing lists check out the below guides:

Ultimate Babymoon Packing list - what to wear on a babymoon

What to Wear on a Babymoon 

For me the key to what to wear on a babymoon was packing for comfort. Traveling while pregnant differs depending on where you are traveling and at what stage in your pregnancy but all the way through pregnancy I would advise packing for comfort. But that doesn’t mean that style has to go our of the window. So here is our babymoon packing list for best maternity clothes.

Pack Comfy Shoes

As much as pre-pregnant you might have liked scrappy sandals and stilettos pregnant you is likely to favour comfy shoes especially if you are planning on doing lots of walking or sightseeing. 

Babymoon packing List 

My preference for babymoon shoes were Sketchers Go Walks

If you are going somewhere warm or to a beach destination then you may need to also pack sandals. My preference for sandals during pregnancy were these yoga mat bottom sandals. They had a good sole but the yoga mat bottom moulded to your foot and were comfortable even if your feet got larger during pregnancy. 

What to Wear on a babymoon 

Compression Socks


If you decide on travelling long haul or if you are flying while pregnant to take your babymoon be sure to have compression socks with you to aid circulation. 

Maternity Swimwear

If relaxing on the beach or by a pool is going to be part of your babymoon then you will definitely want to take a nice maternity swim outfit with you. I personally preferred wearing a Maternity Takini when I was pregnant as I found it easier on those frequent toilet breaks. 

However there are also lots of bikinis and one-piece Maternity Swimwear out there. Just pick whatever type you feel most comfortable in. 


Maternity Formal Dress

Wherever you are going on your babymoon I would advise packing at least one formal Maternity dress. Whether this is for a lovely date night dinner or to use during a maternity photoshoot – I love the idea of doing your maternity photoshoot in an exotic locale or on your babymoon so pick a dress that you feel comfortable in and complements your bump. 


What to Pack for a Babymoon 

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What to Pack for a Babymoon (non-clothing)

Now you know some of the essential clothes you need to take on a babymoon we will know to our attention to the non-clothing essentials. 


One of the other fun things you don’t realise until you are pregnant is that pregnant women can get sunburnt more so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen

If you are going somewhere sunny I would also recommend adding a floppy sun hat to your clothing packing list. 

Pack the BioOil / Coconut Oil


When I was pregnant I was using bio oil like it was going out of fashion to try and prevent pregnancy strethmarks. If you have a routine for your pregnancy belly skincare be sure to pack these. 

Remember to Pack Your Medical Notes & Other Important Documents

This is something that you hope you will never need but it is really important to pack your medical notes with when pregnant. Also if you are flying while pregnant your airline may require a letter with your Estimated Due Date and fitness to fly. Be sure to have one that covers you for the flight there AND back if you are going to need one. 

If you are travelling somewhere in the Middle East also remember to pack your marriage certificate too

Medicines and PreNatal Vitamins 

Be sure to pack any of your medicines (check you are allowed to travel with them) and your prenatal vitamins with you so you can keep to your schedule while you travel. You don’t want to have to rush out and find a doctor or a pharmacy to stock up while you travel. 

Note: I always travel with important things like medicines and vitamins in my hand luggage in case of lost luggage. 

Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is really important when you are pregnant especially if you are travelling to an exotic beach location for your babymoon. Having a reusable water bottle with you is good for you and the environment. 

Fan or Water Mist 


When I was pregnant I definitely found that the heat got to me much quicker than before I was pregnant. Two things that I found really useful when travelling to the beach or  a warm weather destination while pregnant was a little hand held fan and also a water mist spray which was great for an immediate cooling sensation. 

Bug Spray

Whenever I head anywhere tropical I always carry this with me. 

Anything you are craving 

If you are craving something while you are pregnant – for me it was salt and vinegar crisps – make sure you pack plenty to take with you just in case your destination doesn’t have an adequate supply. 

What did you find useful on your babymoon packing list? 

Ultimate Babymoon Packing List