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Is a babymoon in Dubai a good idea?

Is a babymoon in Dubai a good idea?

When I was pregnant with my daughter we were based in the Middle East and an obvious choice for a babymoon was Dubai. But is a babymoon in Dubai a good idea? And if so what are the best things to do on a Dubai Babymoon and what should you know before travelling to Dubai while pregnant? 

Why a Babymoon in Dubai is a good idea? 

Why do a Dubai Babymoon - great hotels
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Why do a Dubai Babymoon – great hotels

In many ways a babymoon in Dubai is a perfect babymoon destination because:

  •  It is a great Winter Babymoon destination – the weather is perfect for a babymoon in Winter if you want to get some winter sun
  • It has some of the world’s best luxury hotels
  • a wealth of spas most of which offer great prenatal massages and pregnancy pampering sessions. 
  • you can get some amazing cocktails 

all of which for me are the ingredients for a perfect stress-free babymoon. However I don’t recommend this babymoon for everyone 

When you shouldn’t have a Dubai Babymoon

If you are considering a Dubai Babymoon I would advise you to reconsider if you are:

  • travelling during the Northern Hemisphere Summer Months 
  • Are travelling as unmarried pregnant tourist in Dubai

If you are looking for a summer babymoon (in the Northern Hemisphere) the Middle East general is not a good choice. The weather gets unbearably hot in the summer and if you are pregnant you will feel it even more. Although there are lots of great indoor things to do in Dubai you really don’t get the full choice of activities if travelling in Summer. Having been pregnant in the Middle East take it from me this is not something you want to do. 

Now for the bigger concern and the main reasons not to do a Dubai babymoon. It is illegal to have a baby and be unmarried in Dubai and although no one on a babymoon thinks they will go into labour I personally do not think this is worth the risk. Also if you require any medical care while in country you will be required to provide documentary evidence of your marriage. Having given birth in the Middle East I can tell you that at every appointment I went to I had to provide this evidence on arrival.  If you have more questions about travelling to Dubai unmarried I would recommend looking at the UK Foreign Office for guidance and information

Best Things to do on a Dubai Babymoon 

Burj Khalifa 

 See the Burj Khalifa on your Babymoon in Dubai  

The Burj Khalifa is usually the top thing on many people’s Dubai bucket list. Head to the top and take in the view from the observation deck and get some cute pregnancy photos when you feel like you are on top of the world! 

If you do get some cute pics be sure to check out our best babymoon captions for instagram and our best Dubai Instagram captions. 

Top Babymoon in Dubai tip: The queues for going up the Burj Khalifa can get crazy and there is nothing worse than standing in along line while pregnant. Be sure to book your Burj Khalifa tickets online in advance first! 

Alternative: Dubai frame 

If you want a great view of Dubai but don’t want to pay the prices of Burj khalifa admission you may want to head to Dubai’s newest high attraction. Dubai Frame offers spectacular views of the city. 

To buy your tickets online click here 

Hit the Malls 

Dubai has some of the best malls and shopping on earth. Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world and is a great place to pick up any extra shopping bits for you or your baby. The mall is a great place just to wonder and visit either the aquarium or see the amazing Antony Gormley Statues in the interior of the mall. 

While there be sure to head outside for lunch or dinner to watch the amazing Dubai Mall fountains. 

Dubai Fountains - what to see on a babymoon dubai and tips for travelling to Dubai while pregnant

Dubai Mall Fountain Show Times: Watching the fountains will depend on when you are visiting i.e in the week versus weekend as this will affect the frequency and show starting time. The shows typical run on the hour during the week or every half hour on the half hour at the weekend. Evening shows start at 6pm and run to 11pm and two afternoon performances at around 1pm (friday timings are different due to Friday being the holy day. For the current schedule check the Dubai Mall website

Top Dubai Babymoon Tip: It can get extremely busy at show times especially if you are on the Dubai Mall side. I advise heading over to the Souk al Bahar side to watch the fountains instead to have a bit more space. But my absolutely favourite place to watch the fountains is from the terrace of Abd Al Wahab restaurant which serves some of my favourite middle eastern food near Dubai Mall. 

After Dubai Mall my next favourite mall is Mall of the Emirates which is a bit smaller but no less impressive. 

Head out for a lavish meal and cocktails

One of my least favourite things about eating out when pregnant was all the uninspired drinks choices. You get a bit fed up of water, juice or fizzy pop. In Dubai you won’t have these problems as they have some of the best mocktails on earth. Head out for a pre dinner drink and then head to one of Dubai’s many amazing restaurants. One of my favourites is Hakkasan. 

Get the Best Pregnancy Massage Dubai has on offer

Dubai has some amazing spas most of which offer great pregnancy packages and some great prenatal and pregnancy massages. One of the top pregnancy massage Dubai has on offer is reputed to be at the beautiful Anantara Resort on the Palm. 

Dubai Miracle Garden – one of the best things to do in Dubai when pregnant

 Miracle Garden Dubai - one of the Best things to do in Dubai - travelling to dubai while pregnant

A floral gem in the winter months this is perhaps one of the most instagrammable places in Dubai and a great place to get some pregnancy photos! The Dubai Miracle Garden is only open from November to May during the UAE Winter months when the temperatures are cool enough for people to wander in the day time. One of the highlights of the garden is seeing the Emirates A380 made completely out of flowers and of course the beautiful heart flower tunnel. There are reputed to be over 5million flowers in the garden and it is truly stunning.  This is really one of the best things to do in Dubai when pregnant in winter. 

Spend time on the beach

If you are heading to Dubai you must spend some time relaxing on the beach. The hotels on the Palm or Jumeriah Beach have private beaches so if you are staying at one of these hotels just stay in the hotels and enjoy all the amenities on offer. If you have opted for a downtown Dubai hotel you can either buy a day pass to one of the hotel beaches or alternatively head to a public beach. The best public beach in Dubai is Jumeirah Beach in my opinion. This beach is free to use but there is a small fee for renting beach equipment like loungers and umbrellas which I strongly recommend if you are travelling to Dubai while pregnant. One of the things I love about this beach is the amazing views of the Burj Al Arab. Dubai Miracle Garden

Treat Yourself to a Luxury Stay 

Dubai has some of the most amazing hotels on Earth – The Burj Al Arab is one of the only 6 star hotels in the world. But even if this is out of your budget don’t worry there are plenty of other luxury hotels to try out.

Where to Stay on a babymoon dubai

Where to Stay Babymoon in Dubai. Conrad is perfect for you Dubai babymoon

When looking at where to stay in Dubai babymoon there are three main areas I would consider:

  • The Palm
  • Jumeriah Beach
  • Downtown Dubai 

The Palm and Jumeirah Beach are best for those looking for a beach babymoon. Dubai is not a place that suffers from Zika so this makes it a perfect beach babymon getaway. The hotels to consider in these locations are

However these resorts aren’t ideally looted if you are prioritising a lot of sightseeing on your babymoon. If you want to see the sights of Dubai I recommend staying downtown or splitting time between downton and then a beach resort. For us there is only one choice of where to stay in Downtown Dubai – the Conrad Dubai

To read more reviews of the Conrad Dubai click HERE! 

Tips for Travelling to Dubai While Pregnant

  • Check Your Medications Are Legal Before you Travel
    In 2018 the UAE put in place new regulations about travelling to the country with certain medications. Be sure to check that all your medications are legal in Dubai for travel and be sure to take all prescriptions with you. For more information on travelling to Dubai with medications be sure to check the UAE government websites for up to date information before travelling  
  • If you are travelling to Dubai while pregnancy be sure to travel with your marriage certification and have an electronic copy. As being unmarried and pregnant in Dubai is illegal be sure to carry your marriage certificate with you. I wouldn’t do a baby in Dubai as an unmarried pregnant tourist. 
  • As with any pregnancy travel be sure to carry your medical notes with. 

Have you done a Dubai Babymoon? What are your top tips for travelling to Dubai while pregnant.