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Using a Stroller in Italy

Using a Stroller in Italy

One of our biggest questions when we were looking to travel to Italy with a toddler or baby was “Can I use a stroller in Italy?”.  In this guide we will tell you where is and isn’t stroller friendly in Italy, along with out recommendations for the best stroller for travel in Italy.

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Do people use strollers in Italy?

Woman in Italy using a stroller

Is Italy stroller friendly

Yes people do use strollers in Italy. We saw locals, expats and of course all using strollers in Italy from in those wandering around with Rome with a baby, in the white cities of Puglia or even along the Amalfi coast. 

We would recommend using a stroller with both a toddler and a baby in Italy. This is because it gets very busy and a stroller is a great way of protecting your little one from the crowds, help them when suffering from jet lag and will save their legs on some of the longer walk days. 

However we did find that some places where more stroller friendly than others. Keep reading to find out where! 

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Why you should take a stroller to Italy? 

Rome with a baby / Rome with a toddler

Rome with a baby / Rome with a toddler

So now you know if the locals use strollers and how stroller friendly Italy is I thought it would be worthwhile to say why we think you should take a stroller to Italy with toddlers or babies. 

Firstly if you are traveling internationally to get to Italy then there is a chance that you will be experiencing a  a large time difference and you will find your baby or toddler will suffer with jet lag. Strollers are definitely handy for kids suffering from jet lag. 

And even once they are over the jet lag you can use the strollers for your toddler or baby’s day time naps. And if you little one will sleep in it at night it means that you may also get chance to have a nice dinner.  And remember, Italians do tend to eat a little later than those in the US or the UK so your little one will be up later than they are at home. 

They are also handy for when you are in some of the busier places with a toddler. It can get a bit overwhelming for toddlers and babies but having them in a stroller can reduce yours and their stress. 

Best Stroller to Use in Italy?

Using a stroller in Italy

Using a stroller in Italy

There are 5main things that I look at when consider the best stroller to use in Italy. They are: 

  • Compactness
  • Robustness
  • foldability
  • how lightweight it is 
  • reclinability 
  • sun protection

You may have heard that hotel rooms are smaller in Italy than they are in the USA and this is entirely true. When travelling with a baby there are a lot of baby travel essentials that you have to take with you. To make sure you maximise the space in your hotel room  you want to make sure that your stroller can be packed away and not take up too much room. 

Therefore having a compact stroller is an absolute must.

However having said that I would strongly recommend that you bring a stroller to Italy that is robust. That is because of the types of terrain you will find in Italy. 

Many of the streets in Italy are cobbled and uneven and therefor your stroller needs to have wheels that can cope with this uneven terrain. We have been to Italy with a light weight travel stroller and the wheels really were not good enough. 

And while I normally always advocate for using travel strollers, you may also want to consider an all terrain stroller for places Luke Cinque Terre for instance. This is because these strollers are more robust for more challenging Italian cities and attractions and the wheels will absorb the shock on the stroller and be less likely to break. 

Also not everywhere in Italy is accessible i.e. not all Italian travel stations have elevators and you may find that in some of the more historic building there are limited accessibility entrances and routes around the attraction. Therefore having a stroller that is compact and that folds down easily as this will save you a lot of hassle. 

Reclinability is also important if your little one is suffering from jet lag as you will want them and they will need to have plenty of naps during the day in your stroller. 

It is also worth noting that high chairs are not all that commonplace in restaurants in Italy even though children are always welcomed with open arms in Italian restaurants.

Therefore you may have to use your stroller as a high chair in some locations so it is worth considering when packing your stroller. 

Also if you are traveling to Italy during the summer you want to ensure that there is a good sun shade on the stroller. The sun is very strong in Italy in summer and you will need to protect your little one from while in the stroller. Or alternatively add an extra shade or umbrella to your stroller for added protection. 

BabyZen Yoyo

When you talk about travel strollers no discussion is complete without mentioning the Babyzen Yoyo. The Babyzen Yoyo is a light weight but is also reinforced so it is one of the sturdier travel strollers on the market.

It weighs in at just 6.6kg which isn’t the lightest option on the list but does make it durable. It also has great storage which makes it perfect for long days exploring the beautiful Italy. 

The only downside of the babyzen yoyo is that it is one of the more expensive travel strollers on the market so you really need to be sure that you will get good use out of this if this is the stroller you decide on purchasing. 

Click here for prices 

Mountain Buggy Nano

Another of the big boys in the travel stroller market is the Mountain Nano. The great thing about this is that it is another super compact stroller that will fit easily into even the smallest Italian hotel room.

One of the great things about this stroller is that is has a good recline option which is perfect for those that want to use the stroller for napping toddlers or babies. It can also be used from birth without additional purchases to convert the stroller. 

For more information and prices click here! 

ErgoBaby Metro

Another of the lightweight strollers on the market which can be used with from birth with a newborn attachment.

This stroller is fantastic as it has a one hand fold which is very helpful if you ever find yourself traveling solo with your baby. But t is not the cheapest on the market so again you want to make sure you can use it in your everyday life not just for travel. 

Click here for more prices and information. 

GB Pokit

The GB Pokit can only be used from aged 6 months so if you are going with a younger baby this isn’t the stroller for you.  If your baby is older however this good be the perfect fit.

Is Italy stroller friendly (pram friendly)?

Whether or not you can consider Italy a stroller friendly place is entirely dependent on which part of Italy you are in and what attractions you are trying to attend. 

Where to Use a Stroller in Italy

Now how stroller friendly Italy is really depends on the part of Italy you are traveling in. For this reason we will break down our response by city or region to help you decide if and which stroller you want to take with you. 

Rome with a stroller

Using a Stroller in Italy / Using a stroller in Rome

Using a Stroller in Italy / Using a stroller in Rome

We were actually really surprised at how stroller friendly Rome was, as this was our first European city break with a baby. 

Before we went visited Rome we had been told repeatedly that Rome was not stroller friendly and that we would be better using a carrier rather than the stroller.  However this was not our experience. 

Yes the cobble stone streets of Rome were a little challenging and if I were to return with a stroller I would definitely take a more robust pram with better wheels as our cheap umbrella stroller was not the best choice but I have no regret in taking it. 

And what surprised me in Rome was that you could use your stroller even in some of the most iconic and bucket list attractions in Rome. 

When we were in Rome we managed to use a stroller around 

  • the Colosseum – surprisingly accessible with ramps and lifts around the site. The only time we had to remove out baby from the stroller was to get to the top tier
  • The Forum in Rome – though there are lots of uneven surfaces and walkways there is actually an accessible route. If you stick to this then you are fine taking your stroller in. 
  • The Vatican – I was surprised that in both the Vatican and Vatican Museum we were able to take our stroller in. There are plenty of lifts and accessible routes throughout the museum. 

However if you wish to visit Villa Borghese Gallery you are not permitted to take in strollers or prams. For this reason we always recommend traveling to Rome with both a stroller and carrier. 

For a more detailed look at using a stroller in Rome check out this post. 

Florence and Tuscany with a stroller

Florence is actually ok with a stroller which surprised me. However there are some locations in Florence that will require you not to use a Stroller. 

However outside of the cities such as Florence and Tuscany stroller usage becomes a bit trickier depending exactly where you are. 

If you are staying in the Tuscan hills you may find that the top is flat and stroller friendly, however getting up and down the hills can be really hard work with a stroller. For this reason we prefer a carrier. 

Naples with a stroller

Although many of the streets in Naples are cobbled it is possible to use a stroller in the city. Also one of the best things about visiting Naples is obviously a day trip to Pompeii, the city that got covered in ash in a volcanic eruption that has kept the city frozen in time.

I assumed with the cobbles and ancient streets that Pompeii would be completely stroller unfriendly. However this is not the case. 

So long as you have an all terrain stroller with decent wheels you should have no problem using a stroller here. 

Places in Italy that are not stroller friendly 

Amalfi Coast with a stroller

While the Amalfi Coast is beautiful it is not renowned for its stroller friendliness. Most of the towns along the Amalfi are very steep and have stairs to get down to the beach. 

For this reason we recommend using a carrier as opposed to a stroller in most locations along the Amalfi Coast. 

Venice with a stroller

Venice, the city of canals is definitely not the easiest place in Italy to use a stroller. That is because many of the ancient bridges are inaccessible with a stroller. For this reason you may find yourself carrying the stroller a lot or getting your child out and folding the stroller up. 

For this reason we think a carrier can be easier than stroller in Venice. 

FAQS about using a stroller in Italy? 

Can I use a stroller on Italian trains?

If you plan to travel by Italian trains it is worth pointing out that you may be asked to fold your stroller while on board and leave it in the luggage rack. For this reason we recommend having a stroller that is compact and easy to collapse where possible.

Can I use a stroller on public transport in Italy?

In most cases if you try to use a stroller on public transport in Italy you will be asked to remove your child and collapse the stroller for storage. 

If you have a day when you plan on using transport a lot a carrier may be an easier option. 

What are the best Italian stroller brands?

If you decide to buy a stroller on arrival rather than bringing one with you some of the best Italian stroller brands are:

  • Chicco
  • Cam and 
  • Momon