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Is the Disneyland Paris Photopass Worth it?

Is the Disneyland Paris Photopass Worth it?

Whenever we go to Disneyland Paris we take a LOT of photos but is the Disneyland Paris photopass worth it? In this guide, we will tell you the cost of the photopass at Disneyland Paris as well as where you can expect to have your photos taken. 

How much does the PhotoPass+ at Disneyland Paris Cost? 

The PhotoPass+ currently, as of time of writing, costs 85 Euros which will give you access to all of your photographs taken by the Disneyland Paris photographers during your trip. 

If you don’t want all of the photos, you can buy individual photos with frames which costs:

  • 20 Euros for one, 
  • 25 Euros for 2 or 
  • 35 Euros for 3  with the digitals

Whereas single photo prints costs 15 Euros.  So therefore you need to ask how many photos you are likely to be buy as to whether it is financially worth it for you. 

Is the Disneyland Paris Photo Pass worth it?

Woman and toddler in stroller with pluto at Disneyland Paris

Is the Disneyland Paris photopass worth it?

As I mentioned above, it really depends on how many photos you are likely to want to buy as to whether it is worth it for you. 

Firstly when you compare the photopass at Disneyland Paris to Disney World or Disneyland for instance, it is worth pointing out that there are no where near as many photographers out and about with characters and magic photo Shots. 

Note: Magic Photo Shots are photospots where characters and details are added into the photos digitally. 

Also you will find there are far fewer in ride photographs too, therefore you really have to enjoy character meet and greets and posing with characters to even start to make this worthwhile. 

Where can you find Photopass photographers? 

You can usually find photopass photographers with characters at specific scheduled meet and greets. For instance there is almost always photopass photographers at: 

  • Mickey Mouse’s House meet and Greet, 
  • Hero Training at the Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios, 
  • scheduled meet and greets such as Pluto, Cowgirl Minnie and Stitch. 

Also whenever we have done meet and greets in the on-site Disneyland hotels we have always seen a photopass photograph present with the character and CM. 

Are photopass photographers at character dining restaurants? 

There are now 4 main character dining restaurants at Disneyland Paris, they are: 

When we dined at Auberge to meet the princesses we were disappointed to find that there was no photopass photographers at this experience which seems to be a typical experience at these restaurants. So if your primary purpose of buying the photopass is for restaurant photos then you may be disappointed. 

Note: want to know if the Disneyland Paris meal plan is worth it for you? Check out this post.

Should I buy the Photopass? 

Couple and toddler girl posing with mickey mouse with a red curtain behind them

Is the Disneyland Paris photopass worth it?

Personally I would never buy the photopass upfront at Disneyland Paris as you won’t know how many photographers you will meet and whether it would be worthwhile for you. 

Instead I recommend collecting the temporary photopasses with QR codes. You can theen view all the photographs in the shop on Main Street on your last day in the park. Then you can decide how many of them you actually want and whether you should buy a couple of photos or the pass

FAQS about the Photopass

Can you get photographs at Meet and greets without the photopass+?

Yes you can absolutely have photos taken at meet and greets even if you aren’t getting the photopass+. Now the official photographers may not take photos for you with your own camera or phone. However there are always Cast Members (CMs) with characters who are always happy to take photos with your phone. 

Do I have to buy the photopass in advance?

No you absolutely do not need to make this decision in advance. In fact we recommend not doing this as you will not know how many photographs you want to to purchase. Instead we recommend using a temporary photopass card and checking the photographs on Main Street on your last day.

Further reading: 

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We hope this has helped you decide if the photopass is worthwhile for you but if you have any other questions drop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer. Also we would love you to let us know whether or not you have used the photopass and if you thought it was worth it. 


Saturday 2nd of March 2024

Hi, Where do I get a temporary photopass?

Wandermust Daddy

Monday 4th of March 2024

The photographer will pass it to you ar the meet and greet :)