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SkyBaby Travel Mattress For Air Travel Review

SkyBaby Travel Mattress For Air Travel Review

Since running this blog, the one thing I have discovered is that many parents worry about flying with children, especially babies. As such, I am always on the look out for products that can make flying with babies more stress free for parents. So when we were contacted by SkyBaby, a mattress for use by babies and toddlers on planes, we were keen to give it a test drive.

What is the SkyBaby Travel Mattress for Air Travel?

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This is a travel mattress designed for use by babies and toddlers between 0- 2 years, depending of the weight and size of the baby. It can be used with and without a seatbelt and comes in its own bag which can be easily attached to a nappy bag. I love how compact the whole product is as when traveling with a baby or toddler packing space is always at a premium!

Why we Love the SkyBaby Travel Mattress for Air Travel!

We always favor overnight flights wherever possible when traveling with our little one. But this in itself poses challenges and worries about will your child sleep. Obviously a key is to get yourself booked into the bassinet row, but depending on flight business and luck of the draw this may not always be possible. Or in the case of Wandermust toddler may just simply refuse to sleep in the bassinet. So the sky baby seemed like a perfect solution. The padded mattress provides extra comfort for little ones when they have to sleep on your hand and also provides added protection against the metal seatbelt!

The fact that it is so compact and can be attached to a nappy bag easily means it doesn’t eat too much into your hand luggage allowance. But the thing I loved most is that it is machine washable. We find that we have a higher than usual accident rate on planes so being machine washable is key.

SkyBaby Important Information

Dimensions:  56cm (L) x 29cm (W) with wings closed around baby.  56cm x 74cm (wings open, wings are flexible).

Where to Buy SkyBaby:

Skybaby is available for purchase via Amazon

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Friday 18th of May 2018

Looks like a great travel mattress. It's so convenient to carry too.