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Snow White Disneybound ideas

Snow White Disneybound ideas

Are you looking for Snow White Disneybound ideas? In this guide we round up how to Disneybound as Snow White along with outfit inspirations.

Snow White DisneyBounding Ideas

Snow White DisneyBounding Ideas

What is Disneybounding?

If you are new to Disneybounding here is a quick explanation to what it is and why people do it. 

Disneybounding great up due to the fact that people over 12 years old are not allowed to wear costumes at disneyland. But why should only young kids and toddlers at Disneyland have all the fun!

Disney bounding is a way to pay homage to your favourite characters as a teenager or adult without wearing a costume. 

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How to DisneyBound as Snow White 

Snow White has to be one of my favourite characters to Disneybound as. Th fact that her costume is based on the three primary colours leaves you open to a lot of options and her look is iconic and translates really well to Disneybounding. If you are wondering how to Disneybound as Snow White then I recommend trying to mimic her outfit by 

  • Including the three primary colours 
  • Utilising Bows 

Snow White Disneybound ideas

Although it can be fun to play around and invert colour schemes when Disneybounding for Snow White I recommend sticking to a yellow bottom half. 

Snow White Disneybound Outfit Suggestions – Skirts, Trousers or Shorts.

For the most traditional Snow White Disneybound outfit I would suggest going with a yellow skirt. While the original Snow White wears a long skirt, I personally prefer a midi skirt for versatility and comfort on rides but you could pick the skirt shape that you feel most comfortable in. 

Snow White Disneybounding ideas

Snow White Disneybounding ideas

However it isn’t essential to be literal in your Disney bounding outfit and you don’t necessarily have to stick to a skirt. If it is especially hot then you could chose to add shorts to your Disney bounding outfit. 

I like to wear shorts when I am Disney and my favourite type are the quick dry ones like these bright yellow shorts as they are especially good to wear on rides such as Splash Mountain and Grizzly Gulch. 


And if it is cold weather Snow White Disneybounding outfits you are looking for then you really can’t go wrong with a pair of bright yellow jeans

Snow White Disneybounding ideas

Snow White Disneybounding ideas


The great thing about all of these bottoms is that they could all be used as part of a Disneybounding Capsule wardrobe with Belle. 

Snow White Disneybound Outfit Suggestions – Tops

While the original Snow White outfit on the top is largely blue with red flourishes you could invert this. I however try where possible to stick to the original make up as below.

I love the below blouse as it has a red button detail and is a top that could very easily be worn outside of the parks


My favourite thing about the below top is the puff short sleeves that mirror the original Snow White outfit. It is also a great price point at below 20USd. 

Or if you want something brighter this is a great alternative top


I would then suggest bring in hints of red with a cardigan or a scarf.

An alternative to a top and a bottom is to buy a combined yellow and blue dress like the one below. I would still pair it with the above cardigan to complete the look. 

Snow White Disney Bound Shoes

Shoes are a key part of any Disney bound outfit. I personally always prefer to recommend a yellow converse trainer as the perfect pairing of style and comfort for a long day of walking at the parks. I also love this pair of shoes as they could double up in a Belle Disney bound capsule wardrobe

 An alternative could be a pair of Toms for a less trainer look but still as comfortable could be a pair of Toms. 


Snow White Disney Bound Accessories

When I think about Snow White, the key accessory I think of are bows. We actually had a great interaction with Snow White talking about her love of bows (check out how to get out great Disney princess character interactions with questions here). 

 This is a classic bow hair band like the original that Snow White wears but you could be more daring and go for a much larger bow or add a sequinned bow for a big of added sparkle. 

If straight bows aren’t your thing then the best alternative is a pair of Snow White themed ears which include a bow like the ones below. 


Another thing I never travel to Disney without is a great bag and I love to theme them wherever I can. This poison apple is a great finishing touch for any Snow White outfit. 

Snow White Disney Bounding accessories 

You could also add a necklace to finish the apple accessory motif


To finish the look I would complete my Snow White fairest of them all look with lipstick to match the Princess’ own ‘lips as red as rose’ look. While you can go au naturale with your Disney Princess makeup I think Snow White’s look deserves a bright red lip. While I wouldn’t normally spend a lot of money on make up for a costume, a bright red lipstick is a staple of any make up bag and can be used when not Disney bounding so I recommend buying a nice one if you can like the lipstick below

 Have you ever Disney bounded as Snow White? I would love to see your pics. You can tag us in your photos on instagram here.