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Splash About Swimwear and Happy Nappy Review

Splash About Swimwear and Happy Nappy Review

Are you looking for the best toddler swimwear for your travels? In this Splash about swimwear and happy nappy review  we will tell you honestly why we think this is the best swimwear around for your little one on their travels.

Note: we have been supplied with splash about swimwear to review, but have also purchased splash about swimwear with our own money. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

We first found out about Splashabout Swimwear when we were going on our round the world trip with our little one and have become long time fans, now returning to the swimwear now our second child is a toddler. 

We tested them in various locations and this is our honest review on why Splashabout for us is a toddler travel essential having tried and tested the products in a variety of locations from French Polynesia with some of the strongest sun in the world to the Caribbean and even just in our local swimming pool. 

Splash about Swimwear Review

little boy in splash about float vest drinking a bottle of milk

Splash about swimwear and happy nappy review

One thing we love about the Splash About Swim range is the variety in types of swimwear they have on offer including:

  • all in one UV swimwear 
  • splash about float vests
  • rash vests and trunks 
  • swim sun hats  and even 
  • swimwear / wet suits for use in colder water. 

We have used all of these products and will look into each of these in turn.

Splash about swimwear review – Float Vests

First up the Splashabout Float Vest. We loved this product because it gave my little girl real confidence in the swimming pool. She is a toddler that hates arms bands and as a result couldn’t swim on her own.

She loved the float vest and really didn’t mind wearing it. It also gave enough buoyancy so that she felt confident in the water while at the same time helping her start to get in a better position to start swimming.

A confident little swimmer

I think this product singlehandedly made swimming and swimming pools much more fun for our toddler. 

We have also tested this product with out more swim reluctant little boy. Again, the Float vest has given him lots more confidence to separate from us in the swimming pool.

Splashabout UV Swimsuit

Testing Splashabout swimwear at Hawaii waterfalls

Being in the South Pacific and Australia with the hole in the Oz Layer, the sun was exceptionally strong. I am a paranoid mum who is constantly panicking about sun strength and sunburn. For that reason we loved the range of Splashabout UV swimsuits.

I can safely say that these swimsuits stood up to the test of being out in the midday sun in some of the strongest UV sunshine in the world. The swimsuits cover your little ones neck, arms and to the knees offering great sun protection. If you want sun safe swimwear then you really need the Splashabout UV Swimsuit.

I’d love it in future if they added some cute swim UV hats to their range!

These Splashabout UV swimsuits and float vests have the added bonus that they come in a great range of styles and colors that coordinate which means you’ll have the best dressed baby on the beach!

Splashabout Swim Nappy aka the Happy Nappy Review

Little boy and girl in pool wearing a splash about happy nappy

Splash About Happy Nappy Review

This is perhaps the most famous of all the splash about swimwear products. The Splashabout Swim Nappy aka the Happy Nappy offers complete confidence for parents who are worried about in pool accidents. Without going into too much information, I can tell you they work. 

My little boy is definitely more of a reluctant potty trainer, so it has always been a concern of mine when taking him swimming that an accident would happen. 

However the great thing about the happy nappy is that it is tight fitting so there is no seepage if accidents do happen. 

I would say however, that if you are spending a whole day on a beach then your little one may find it a little tight on the legs to wear for a whole day. For this reason I prefer to use the happy nappy in swimming pools and use the UV swimwear along with one of the more traditional swim nappies for long beach days. 

Splashabout Nappy Costume

Splash About - Nappy Costume

If the Happy Nappy Splashabout Swim Nappy wasn’t enough they have now integrated the happy nappy into a Splashabout Nappy Costume! I simply loved this product as it is one of the few products on the market, swimwear or otherwise that not only accounts for baby nappies but integrates them and makes them stylish.

I don’t think there is a better looking baby swimming costume on the market!

What are your favorite toddler and baby swimwear products?


Friday 29th of March 2019

She's the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Zena's Suitcase

Tuesday 8th of May 2018

We have UV suits for the kids too, I think they are essential for spending time in the water and sun. I love the look of the swim vest, we are on the look out for one of these

Emma Raphael

Monday 7th of May 2018

The integrated swim suit is a brilliant idea! Looks like a great quality suit too! :)

Susan (

Sunday 6th of May 2018

These look amazing! We live in Cyprus and we spend 6 months of the year at the beach. I'm always looking for great swimwear to protect my smallies skin. Although I am diligent with spf I much prefer protecting them with clothes. I will definitely be checking out splashabout!

TraveLynn Family - Jenny

Saturday 5th of May 2018

So many parents take their little ones swimming in just a regular swim nappy - it's really not enough - the poo can still escape (I was a swim teacher and had the delightful first hand experience of this! Not me - a student ;-) ) The neoprene nappy over the top ensures no leaks! I agree - Splashabout is fantastic quality!