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The best baby carriers for hot weather

The best baby carriers for hot weather

Are you looking for the best baby carriers for hot weather? Maybe you live somewhere hot, or maybe you are going on vacation to a hot weather destination. Either way you will find having a baby carrier that is good for hot humid weather is a good idea. In this guide we round up the best baby carriers for summer and sunshine. 

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Why Choose a Hot Weather Baby Carrier

The best baby carriers for hot weather

The best baby carriers for hot weather

As someone who travels a lot and who has lived in hte Middle East in places such as Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai with a baby I found having a carrier that is designed specifically for hot weather was a  baby travel essential for us. 

It keeps not only your baby cooler, but you cooler as well. Along with the added bonus of reducing sweat patches where your carriers sits.

And while they perform brilliantly in hot weather you can also use them in Winter too. So they aren’t just something for vacations. 

So now you know why you should chose what things do you need to consider when buying a baby carrier for hot weather? 

Considerations for what makes a good baby carrier for hot weather

Woman Babywearing on beach - The best baby carriers for hot weather

The best baby carriers for hot weather

UV Protection

Whenever I am traveling to a hot weather place with my children, my biggest concern is always sun safety and sun protection. 

And while most people think about this in terms of sunscreen and clothing, carriers should also be considered. 

Some carriers, not all by any means, will be made of a fabric that has some UV protection. We think this is important where-ever you are in the world but in particular for places like Australia or French Polynesia with kids. 


For similar reasons to the above you may want to check how much of your little ones body the carrier will cover as this will affect clothing and other sun protection methods. 

Fabric Selection

After the UV protection, for me the most important thing to look for in a baby carrier for hot weather destinations is the fabric. 

The fabric choice of your carrier affects the ability for the carrier to be used in the heat dramatically.

The best fabrics for a baby carrier for hot weather are cotton, linen and a personal favorite for us breathable mesh. Whenever we use a carrier in hot weather we always select one that has a lot of mesh that will allow for better air flow and will reduce sweat for both wearer and baby. 


I know this one seems obvious but I thought it would be worth saying anyway. Consider the color of your carrier when you are thinking of traveling to places where the sun is strong and the weather hot. 

EVeryone knows that black as a color will absord the heat. Therefore we recommend trying to avoid black carriers and carriers of other dark colors for this reason. 

Insteadtry and pick a carrier that is lighter in color that can reflect the sun rather than a heat absorbing black.


I touched on this briefly above but it is so important it deserves its own point. CArriers that are better for the heat are ones that have some in built ventilation.

Usually this will be provided through the use of mesh fabric and will make both wearer and baby more comfortable in the hot weather. 


If you are using your carrier in hot weather, chances are you may be round a pool or near the sea to try and cool off.

If you are planning to hit places such as beaches a carrier that is waterproof can be a great idea.

This way if it gets soaked on day one of your vacation you won’t have it out of use.

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Other Ways to keep cool while babywearing

Baby Carrier or Stroller for travel?

Baby Carrier or Stroller for travel?

On top of the carrier you select for babywearing in hot weather there are a few other tips we have picked up from our years of living in the middle east. The below tips will really help you keep cool while babywearing. 

Consider what you both are wearing 

As we mentioned above the choice of fabric of you baby carrier will greatly affect how cool you keep. And while I recommend getting a baby carrier for hot weather, I would also advise you to wear clothes that are good for hot weather too. 

For instance I recommend you wearing natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. These are more breathable than manmade fabrics and will reduce sweat. 

These should be worn for both wearer and baby.

For more information on what to wear in hot weather places check out this post.

Don’t forget hats

And even if your carrier has UV Protection Fabric and an in built hood for your little one, I would also advise adding a hat to their outfit for added sun protection. 

Make sure to take time in the shade

Although the carriers in this article are perfect for hot weather, it is important that you don’t have too much sun exposure. Make sure you have plenty of time in the shade during the day and get your little one out of the carrier when you can to allow them to cool down in the heat. 

Stay hydrated

Now depending on how old your little one is will depend on whether or not you can give them water or if you have to stick to feeding them milk. 

Whichever option, it is important to make sure you take regular breaks and offer them drinks. 

For more information on traveling and formula feeding and traveling with frozen breast milk check out these posts.

Best baby carriers for hot weather

So now we have told you what to look for in hot weather carriers for babies and other ways to keep cool while baby wearing, we will round up the best baby carriers for hot weather. 

Ergo Baby Cool Mesh

Ergo Baby is one of the biggest players in the baby carrier market. And we are often asked what is the best ergobaby carrier for hot weather? 

We have checked out all of the ergobaby carriers currently on the market and think we have found the best one for hot weather in the ErgoBaby cool mesh carrier. 

This carrier is perfect for hot weather as it has inbuilt cool mesh which allows for better airflow to reduce sweat for you and baby.

There is also a UV50 protection hood that can be used to protect baby from the sun overhead. 

And as with every carrier in the ergo baby range, the carrier is ergonomically designed so it reduces stress on your babys’ hips and will be comfortable for both adult and little one. 

This carrier is also really versatile. It can be used with infants with the infant insert (this is not included as standard so is an additional charge) and can be used in a variety of positions such as front, at the hip or on the back. 

We also love the padded waistbelt and adjustable straps for kids but in particular love the pockets for cash and other valuables. 


You can buy your Ergo Cool Baby Carrier online HERE 

Tula Coast

Tula is the other big name in the ergonomic carrier market so it should come as no surprise that there is also a Tula Carrier designed for hot weather in the Tula Coast Free to Coast. 

The Tula Coast Free to Grow carrier is great for families that want the carrier to grow with them as the carrier is designed for infants from 7lbs up to 45 lbs. As it comes with such a range of weights, the carrier also allows for multi wearing ways such as front facing out, front facing in and back carrying. 

On top of that the Tula Coast has some great features such as the adjustable neck support pillow which is especailly great for newborns and small babies who are likely to nap in the carrier.

This carrier also has some padding around the leg openings which prevents rubbing and chaffing in the heat with sweat which is a feature that I really like about this carrier in particular. 

We also love the mesh hood for extra cooling and sun protection.


You can buy the Tula Coast Free to Grow Carrier online HERE 

LilleBaby Complete Air Flow All Season Carrier

This carrier is awesome for those that maybe aren’t always going to be in a hot destination and only want for hot weather vacationss.

The LilleBaby All Season Carrier has a zip pocket to reveal the cool mesh so you don’t have to use it in Winter which makes it a very adaptable carrier. 

You can buy this carrier ONLINE HERE! 

Beco Gemini Cool

The Beco GEmini Cool Carrier is another very popular choice with moms who live in hot weather places such as Florida or Dubai. 

It’s weight range isn’t quite so large as the Tula Coast but is still pretty good with a weight range of 7 – 35 lbs. And unlike the Ergobaby which needs an infant insert at an additional fee, this carrier can be used as is with a baby from 7lbs. 

Again given the large weight range, the carrier can be worn in a variety of positions from front facing in and out, hip carry and back carry.

Another reason we love this carrier is because it has lots of buckles and fastenings which are easy to adjust making it easy to use amongst a variety of adults and for breastfeeding mamas. 

There is also a convenient pocket for valuables. 

You can buy this carrier online here!

5. Boba 4G Carrier

The cheapest carrier that makes this list is the Boba 4G carrier. 

This carrier is not actually marketed as a carrier designed for hot weather. However we have added it to this list for parents on a budget. 

The reason this carrier made the list is because it is 100% cotton which make it cool. 

You can buy this carrier online here! 

Best Baby Sling for Hot Weather

It is also worth noting that as well as carriers, you could consider wearing a sling in hot weather. Our favorite baby sling for hot weather is 

Moby Ring Sling

We love this sling as it is made from cotton which is a light and breathable fabric. It can be used with little ones from 8lb to  33 lbs however we personally prefer with newborns to toddlers. 

However I personally find carriers more comfortable and easier to do quick changes in. However this is a personal choice and I know a lot of parents prefer slings to carriers for travel especially for smaller children.

so there you have it our ultimate guide to the best hot weather baby carrier. Have you done babywearing in a hot place? We would love to hear your carrier of choice in the comments below. 

And while you are here why not check out some of our favorite places to travel with babies and toddlers below:


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Saturday 23rd of February 2019

What an important list. Our carrier was quite heavyweight fabric and fairly rigid so it was not great in the summer months. It's something we didn't think about at the time but would now definitely recommend people think about the material and temperature as well as comfort.

Wandermust Mummy

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

Thanks lovely - our first carrier was completely unsuitable - really put me off until we made come changed