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The best baby carriers for hot weather

The best baby carriers for hot weather

I’m going to be honest my love for baby carriers was not instantaneous, it wasn’t always the baby travel essential I consider it today! Living in the Middle East and having a newborn in the hot summer months meant that I just felt that baby wearing was too hot for both me and my baby! The first baby carrier I bought, I hated however, baby wearing was something I really wanted to do! With a little research we found carriers that we liked and that were more suited to the climate we were living in! In this guide, I use the research I put together when on the hunt for my baby carrier to round up the best baby carrier for hot weather!

Top Things to Consider when buying a Baby carrier for hot weather

  1. UV Protection
    If you are worried about the heat then the other main worry factor is going to be UV and sun protection. Some carriers are made of fabric that offer UV protection which is perfect when traveling to places where the sun is particularly strong!!
  2. How much coverage the carrier has
    In the same vein as above, if you want to get a carrier with UV protection, you will also be concerned about how much skin the carrier covers.
  3. Fabric Selection
    Fabric choice affects the ability for the carrier to be used in the heat dramatically. The best fabrics for a baby carrier for hot weather are cotton, linen and a personal favorite for us breathable mesh!
  4. Colour
    Seems obvious but worth saying, try and pick a carrier that is lighter in color that can reflect the sun rather than a heat absorbing black!
  5. Ventilation
    Some carriers will come with in built ventilation which can be used for hot weather and not cold. This is a great option for those who aren’t always going to be using their carrier in hot weather!
  6. Is it waterproof?
    If you are using your carrier in hot weather, chances are you may be round a pool or near the sea to try and cool off! In case of accidentally drenching, having a good waterproof carrier is great!

If you are wondering whether a baby carrier or stroller for travel is best then check out our post. 

Other tips for keeping you and your baby cool when baby wearing in hot weather

  • Consider what you both are wearing 
    If the fabric of the carrier is important so it is for what you and baby are wearing. I always try to go for loose cottons when I am baby wearing in the Middle East! 
  • Don’t forget hats
    If your carrier doesn’t have an in built hood, then make sure baby is wearing a hat to offer added sun protection
  • Make sure to take time in the shade
    Although the carriers in this article are perfect for hot weather, it is important that you don’t have too much sun exposure. Make sure you have plenty of time in the shade during the day.
  • Stay hydrated

Best baby carriers for hot weather

  1. Ergo Baby Cool Mesh
Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

One of the biggest players in the baby carrier market! Hardly surprising that they have a dedicated hot weather carrier! This carrier is perfect for hot weather as it has inbuilt cool mesh which allows for better airflow! There is also a UV50 protection hood that can be used to protect baby! As with every carrier in the ergo baby range, the carrier is ergonomically designed!

You can buy your Ergo Cool Baby Carrier online HERE 

2. Tula Coast

The other  big boy in the ergonomic carrier market! The Tula Coast Free to Grow carrier is great for families that want the carrier to grow with them! We love this carrier as it is 100% cotton so is a great fabric for hot weather alongside a breathable mesh! This is a great choice for families looking for a warm weather baby carrier!

You can buy the Tula Coast Free to Grow Carrier online HERE 

3. LilleBaby Complete Air Flow All Season Carrier

This carrier is awesome for those that maybe aren’t always going to be in a hot destination. The LilleBaby All Season Carrier has a zip pocket to reveal the cool mesh so you don’t have to use it in Winter. This means this carrier is super adaptable for whatever season you are in!

You can buy this carrier ONLINE HERE! 

4. Becco Gemini Cool

Cool is in the title of this carrier! With plenty of mesh this carrier is great for use on holidays in hot weather!

You can buy this carrier online here!

5. Boba 4G Carrier

This carrier is at the cheaper end of the baby carrier price range. Although not specifically designed for hot weather it is worth mentioning given that is it 100% cotton!

You can buy this carrier online here! 

Did you baby wear in hot weather? What was your favorite baby carrier for hot weather? 


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Thursday 18th of November 2021

Very informative! I Like this article so much. baby carriers are reliable for newborn babies to carry safely and helpful for every mother.


Saturday 23rd of February 2019

What an important list. Our carrier was quite heavyweight fabric and fairly rigid so it was not great in the summer months. It's something we didn't think about at the time but would now definitely recommend people think about the material and temperature as well as comfort.

Wandermust Mummy

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

Thanks lovely - our first carrier was completely unsuitable - really put me off until we made come changed