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ULTIMATE London itinerary with toddler

ULTIMATE London itinerary with toddler

Are you looking for the perfect London itinerary with toddlers to do?  As a London mum with a toddler we have tried and tested the best ways to get around London with a toddler and the best things to do and have compiled this into the ULTIMATE toddler friendly London itinerary. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

How to get around London with toddlers

Using the London Underground with a toddler 

Getting Around London with a baby or toddler

Getting Around London with a baby or toddler

The London Underground is perhaps the most used method of public transport for tourists. However if you are traveling with a toddler you may be worried about using the Tube. 

One of the main challenges about using the Underground with a toddler is the fact that not all stations are accessible with a stroller. 

If you plan to use  the London Underground with a toddler then our top tip is to pick up a London Underground map and download the TFL app with its digital map. 

Any station that has a wheelchair symbol next to the station name should be accessible with a stroller. We recommend trying to use this if you plan to use a stroller instead of a carrier in London and choosing your London accommodation near to one of these stations. 

 For full information on how to use the London Underground with a toddler check out this post.  

Buses in London with a toddler

Getting Around London with a baby

Getting Around London with a baby

London buses are another iconic London form of transport that are great to use with toddlers. 

 Although the Underground can be quicker depending on the time of day that you are traveling, the bus is another convenient option. Also depending on the route you choose, buses can be a great way to see many of the London attractions without a huge price tag. 

And if your toddler is anything like mine they will absolutely adore the bus. 

As an added bonus, the bus is also easier to navigate with a stroller as there are no turnstiles and on the new buses there is dedicated stroller parking which is great for if your toddler has napped.

 THere are also plenty of hop on hop off buses in London that I have done with my little one. However the commentary does go a bit over their head. So unless you would like to get the commentary you would be better hopping aboard some of the iconic bus routes that go past some of the major London tourist attractions instead. 

If you want a bus tour with toddlers we would instead recommend the Peppa Pig toddler afternoon tea bus. 

And for advice on getting from the airport to London check out this post or check out our other London travel tips here.  And if you are visiting London with kids who are slightly older check out our London itinerary for kids

Walking around London with toddler

Toddler at phone box in front of big ben

London itinerary with toddlers

London is one of the most walkable cities in Europe and is very easy to push a stroller around most of London (or a pram, buggy or pushchair as we say in the UK). And lots of the London itinerary for toddlers below recommends walking as the easiest way to get around. 

Where to stay in on this London toddler itinerary

Best Premier Inn to Stay in London

Best Premier Inn to Stay in London

There are lots of great places to stay in London with family but we always recommend staying at Premier Inns in London. These are a great price and they are very consistent for families. 

However one of the most important things to consider when looking for the best place to stay in London with toddlers is proximity to an underground station as this will make your life much easier. 

For this reason we usually choose to stay in the Premier Inn on the Southbank as it has great transport links and is at a great price point for families traveling to London on a budget

London Itinerary for Toddlers

Day 1

best place to watch changing of the guard

best place to watch changing of the guard

Note: while we have this as day one of your London Itinerary for toddlers it is important to note that the Changing of the Guard does not happen everyday. Therefore you need to check the Household of the Guards website for your dates of travel and do this itinerary day on a day you know the changing of the guard is happening.

After breakfast we recommend heading to St James park. In the park there is a great playground near Wellington Barracks. So we recommend heading their first thing grabbing a coffee and letting your toddler blow off steam before you start watching the changing of the guard. 

For those that don’t know the Changing of the Guard is a ceremonial parade that is a must do for any London visitor.

You can read more about the changing of the guard with kids here – and this will give you all the best information about best places to watch the parade, arrival times and all other essential information.

Once this has finished we recommend heading to the nearby Victoria Station where you can pick up the Peppa Pig Afternoon Tea Bus.

I don’t recommend doing the hop on hop off tour buses in London with toddlers as I really don’t think that there is much onboard to keep them entertained. However the Peppa Pig Afternoon Tea bus has a recognisable character, London trivia and a kid friendly afternoon to eat as you tour the sites. What more could you and your toddler need really?

For the evening we recommend grabbing a light bite near your hotel ready for the next day of sightseeing. 

Day 2

Day 2 of your London toddler itinerary takes place in and around the South Kensington area. 

South Kensington is home to Kensington Palace, the old abode of William and Kate, Hyde Park and an array of toddler friendly London museums. 

We recommend starting your day with a visit to to the Diana Princess Memorial Garden which is one of the best playgrounds in London for toddlers. 

View of Princess Diana Memorial Playground - Best London Playgrounds / Best London Parks

Best London Playgrounds / Best London Parks

We always recommend doing this first thing in the morning as this playground gets very busy, especially in the summer months or during the school holidays. 

Just be sure to take a change of clothes with you for your toddler as there are areas of water play in this playground. If you think you have time and are inclined to do so this is your opportunity to head into Kensington Palace, one of the royal palaces in London that is open to the public. 

If however this does not interest you we recommend taking a leisurely stroll towards the museum in South Kensington. Note: for this day we definitely recommend having a stroller with you. The walk usually takes us about 25 minutes but it is a beautiful walk through parkland that the family will enjoy. 

Then you have your pick of free things to do in London in the form of the many toddler friendly museums in South Kensington. 

The free museums in South Kensington are: 

Science Museum kids playing - best museums for toddlers and kids in London

best museums for toddlers and kids in London

  • Victoria and Albert Museum 
  • Natural History Museum 
  • Science Museum

I would recommend the latter two as the most toddler friendly. 

If you have a dinosaur mad toddler then you should head to the Natural History Museum. However if your toddler isn’t interested in dinosaurs then the Science Museum has more interactive elements that appeal to a broader spectrum of children. 

There are lots of restaurants in this area too that are very toddler friendly such as Carluccio’s, Five Guys and Comptoir Libanais which are all in walking distance to the museums. 

Want some suggestions for what to do in London at night with kids? check out this post. 

Day 3

Day 3 is all about the day trip. There are many great day trips to do from London with kids but not all of them are toddler friendly. 

If you are looking for a London day trip with toddlers we recommend either:

Depending on what you think your little one will most enjoy and depending on the time of year you plan on traveling. 

Best Things to do in London with a toddler

Best Things to do in London with a toddler

Hampton Court is great for those that love royal history but also who are traveling with toddlers who enjoy a playground. There is a playground at Hampton Court Palace called the Magic Garden which has lots of great water play, slides and more. If you want to do a cultural day out with toddlers in London then Hampton Court has to be the pick. 

LEGOLAND Windsor Tips and Tricks

LEGOLAND Windsor Tips and Tricks

However if you want something fun but less cultural then a visit to Legoland Windsor with toddlers is an absolute must do.  Depending on how tall your toddler is will depend if they have to pay for admission or not. 

Children under 90 cm are granted free admission to Legoland so it really depends on how tall your toddler is as to whether you will need to pay. Obviously if they are under 90cm there will be limited rides they can go on however we have gone with our toddler when he was under 90cm and over 90cm and had great fun on both occasions. 

For more information on visiting Legoland Windsor with toddlers check out this post. 

While these are our favorite day trips from London with toddlers there are many other great day tripos you can do which we have detailed in this dedicated post. 

Day 4

View of County Hall - Best Premier Inn to Stay in London - Best Premier Inn Locations London

View of County Hall – Best Premier Inn to Stay in London – Best Premier Inn Locations London

Day 4 of this London itinerary is all about the Southbank in London. And if you are staying on the London Southbank at County Hall this is going to be a very easy day to do transportation wise.  

Shrek’s Adventure

We recommend starting the day at the Shrek’s Adventure in London. 

Note: children under the age of 3 go free to Shrek’s Adventure but the recommended age for maximum enjoyment is 6 years old however younger children will enjoy meeting the characters if they are fans of the film like mine are. 

The experience lasts around an hour but there is time on top of this where you can Dreamworks characters such as those from Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon.

Alternatively if you think your little one will not enjoy the experience or is unfamiliar with the Shrek film, we recommend substituting this with a trip to the Sealife centre next door.

Click here to purchase your ticket for Shrek’s adventure in advance


Once you have finished at Shreks Adventure, we recommend heading to the nearby London Eye playground which is a great for letting your little ones blow off steam. 

London Eye

And for your afternoon we recommend heading to the London Eye. We definitely advise getting your tickets in advance as the queues for the London eye get pretty long. 

There is nothing specifically designed for toddlers on the London Eye however little ones enjoy the ferris wheel type experience of it. 

Also if you plan on doing both of the attractions recommended on this day as well as Legoland it is worth exploring the Merlin Annual Pass and other combined tickets as this may be a cost saving. 

Dinner on the Southbank

Once you have finished we recommend heading to one of the kid friendly restaurants on the Southbank. My kids particularly love Wahaca and Giraffe but there are lots of toddler friendly restaurants here. 

Day 5

Day five of your toddler itinerary for London is all about the Covent Garden area. One of the best toddler friendly museums in London has to be the London Transport Museum. 

London Transport Museum 

London Transport Museum with kids, toddlers and babies

London Transport Museum with kids, toddlers and babies

The London Transport Museum focuses on the history of buses, tube and train in the city and tehre are lots fo vehicles for your toddler to explore. 

I know it can seem like a hard sell recommend a paid for museum in a city full of free to visit museums but the London transport museum will not disappoint!

As you enter the museum you take an elevator ride back in time to the beginnings of public transport in London! From there you can learn about the hackney carriages, the makings of the tube and bus systems! Kids will love all the buses and trains you can sit on but toddlers in particular will love the great hands on area for little explorers to get hands on learning experience!

Lunch in the area

We then recommend having lunch in one of the local kid friendly Covent Garden restaurants. Our little ones enjoy Balthazar’s, Maxwells and Joe Allens to name but a couple that have great kids menus. 

From there we recommend spending your afternoon shopping and picking up some London souvenirs. One place you can not miss with toddlers is of course the world famous Hamleys.


Best Things to do in London with toddlers

Best Things to do in London with toddlers

It always surprises me how long we spend across the four floors of toys. There are lots of games and booths with samples and demonstrations that my little one love,

Day 6 – Greenwich

Cutty Sark

London itinerary for toddlers

For Day 6 of this itinerary we recommend heading out to the Greenwich area. 

To make this day extra special we recommend taking the boat down to Greenwich from central London. My toddler adores London boats so this is always a highlight of the trip. 

From there we recommend starting your morning at the Cutty Sark. This is a restored historic tea clipper that you can actually go inside. Toddlers love wandering around this old ship pretending to be pirates while grown ups will love finding out about the tea clipper’s amazing history.

Alternatively you could head to the Maritime Museum however there is less for toddlers here than for older kids.

For lunch we recommend heading to the historic Greenwich market where there are lots of street food stalls as well as great places to shop for souvenirs. 

We then recommend heading to Greenwich Park to let your toddler blow off some steam. The park is actually 183 acres so there is plenty to explore with lots of playgrounds too. 

We also recommend heading to the Greenwich Meridian line to get some fun photographs.  

Day 7 

We have allocated this final day as a rest day in your itinerary. Anyone who has ever travelled any where with toddlers will tell you that you occasionally need to out a rest day in your itinerary for them. Hence why we have added this to our toddler itienrary for London.

However if you are lucky and find that your toddler does not need a rest day we recommend hitting one of the things above that you didn’t get chance for. 

Have you been to London with a toddler? What was your favorite thing to do? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. 

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