Visiting Iceland in March – Everything you need to know!

Visiting Iceland in March – Everything you need to know!

What is the best time to go to Iceland? This is a really hard question to answer as I think Iceland has something to offer what every time of year you visit! We decided on visiting Iceland in March as we felt it was the best compromise on everything we want to see and do as it offers some of the best things about visiting Iceland in both summer and winter!

Weather in Iceland in March

March is almost a shoulder season in Iceland and therefore you have some of the best weather conditions! There are still some chances that you will see snow in Iceland especially in the highlands but at the same time it won’t be too heavy which is especially good for those nervous about driving in Iceland in the snow! The days are also getting longer in March which means you will have more daylight hours to see the main sites and easier driving conditions! Of course there is a chance of high winds and rain but you can dress and prepare for this appropriately! We were lucky and had cold but clear days but in case you don’t …

What to Wear in Iceland in March

Dressing warmly is important in Iceland whatever time of year you visit! A good jacket that is waterproof is an essential as there are plenty of places you will get wet even when it’s not raining! Also having good waterproof hiking boots with a good sole is another essential for Iceland at any time of year!

If travelling with a baby then the most difficult thing will be getting the layers on and off as you get in and out of the car however we were lucky and the weather wasn’t too bad!

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Driving in Iceland in March

Driving in Iceland in March is like driving in Iceland in the summer! March is better as it means you have more daylight and less chance of having to drive in really heavy snow and ice which can cause road closures. You may still experience some road closures in March but the main roads to the main attractions should be open in March!

Always be careful to look out for ice though and be prepared for windy and icy conditions and also look out for rough roads where there are lots of loose stones! Be sure to get full insurance cover when you rent a car in Iceland be always keep your car lights on!

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Where to Stay in Iceland in March

Iceland is such a hot destination now that accommodations aren’t quite up with demand and therefore need to be booked well in advance especially in the busiest months! March isn’t peak season so you have more choice of accommodation and better prices. For a full guide on where to stay in Iceland check out this post!

Northern Lights in Iceland in March

The great thing about March is you have plenty of sunlight hours for driving and seeing the sites but also dark nights which still mean you have a chance (though slightly reduced compared to winter) of seeing the Northern lights! We recommend staying in a hotel with a northern lights alarm as this means you don’t have to be standing in a cold field every night and not see them! There are three things needed to see the aurora darkness, clear sky, and at least some aurora activity.March gives you a chance at having all three of these conditions! Unfortunately when we were there we had cloudy skies so didn’t see but will definitely return to Iceland in March to try again!

If you don’t stay at a hotel with an aurora alarm at least the weather is at its mildest for aurora time of year so you can stand outside slightly more comfortably than say in December or January!

What to See in Iceland in March

There are so many things to see and do in Iceland in March whether you are travelling just the golden circle, further afield, as a solo traveller or with kids! You shouldn’t have trouble getting to the main sites though some of the more remote may be unaccessible still.

Our 10  favorite things to do in March include:

  • The Golden Circle
  • Watch Strokkur erupt on the Golden Circle
  • Vik Black Sand Beach –
  • Exploring Reykjavik
  • Finding unique waterfalls including our favourite Skogafoss – for a full list of Iceland’s best waterfalls check out this post! 
  • Seeing and riding Icelandic horses
  • Spotting the Northern Lights
  • Take a dip in a hot spring such as the Blue Lagoon or Secret Lagoon!
  • Explore the plane wreck
  • See the Turf Houses

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Overall option on Visiting Iceland in March

Visiting Iceland is great as you have less tourists, the best of both summer and winter weather and still have a chance to see the aurora and the weather is more clement for those who opt to do a northern lights tour! Really if you are budget conscious but want a chance to see everything Iceland has to offer then the should let seasons like March and October are the best times to visit!

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Why you should visit Iceland in March! Driving in Iceland in March,

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  1. February 22, 2019 / 4:17 am

    Beautiful photos! I’m heading out to Iceland in June. No northern lights for me (unfortunately!) but I’m looking forward to visiting many of the places you shared.

  2. February 22, 2019 / 5:49 pm

    Oh my! Those rainbows! Honestly, those are enough to convince me to visit. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and great tips on #farawayfiles

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