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What to Wear in Amsterdam in April (Spring Packing List)

What to Wear in Amsterdam in April (Spring Packing List)

April is my favourite month in my home city of Amsterdam. If you are visiting Amsterdam in April and wondering about the weather and what to wear in Amsterdam in April we have you covered with our complete Amsterdam Packing List for Spring which also covers what to pack for Amsterdam in April for visiting the tulip fields and celebrating Kings Day in the City – my two favourite Amsterdam April events.

What to Wear in Amsterdam In April

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What to Wear in Amsterdam in April (Kings Day)

Having travelled around Europe I would say that Amsterdam is one of the less formal places for clothes. Now don’t get me wrong the Dutch are still very stylish but they are more likely to be seen in smart casual and comfort wear rather than high heels and designer dresses. A well fitted pair of jeans and a designer raincoat practical for cycling are some of the key pieces in any Amsterdam wardrobe. But what about if you are visiting Amsterdam in April

Amsterdam Weather in April

Visiting Amsterdam in April and Celebrating Kings Day in Amsterdam

Now one of the thing that surprised me about the Amsterdam weather in April is that it is one of the relatively drier months. In fact I would go as far as to say that in 2019 we had the best weather of the year in April. Relatively dry, warm temperatures but not the searing temperatures that we got in the summer – it was in fact weather perfection for Europe. However not every year is the same and although April is one of the drier months you are also still almost guaranteed to see rain when travelling to Amsterdam in April.  For some inspiration on what to do on a rainy day in Amsterdam click here!

What to Wear In Amsterdam In April

Some key pieces that should on your Amsterdam Packing List for April are:

A Rain coat  and Waterproof Outfit


Amsterdam can get rainy whatever time of year you visit but you will notice that this doesn’t deter the Dutch from being outside even on their bicycles. Despite having lived here for well over six months I can count on one hand the number of times I have used the public transport system in Amsterdam preferring to take my bike everywhere. If you want to do as the Dutch do make sure you just have your rain gear with you. 

We recommend having a stylish rain coat as the Dutch love their rain coats such as this one. 

And if not have some basic water proof gear with you especially if you are going to cycle like a poncho and waterproof trousers

If you forget these while you are in Amsterdam and need to shop for them the place we have found with the best year round selection and good prices is HEMA. There are many branches around the city. 

Leather Jacket 


For drier days you will find most Dutch people will have a leather jacket in their closest. If you have a stylish rain jacket ou can probably leave this at home but if you are using ponchos and waterproof tourers you will probably want an additional jacket with you. 

Comfy Boots 

Now I am usually a trainers and converse type of gal but in Amsterdam the shoes I wear most often are boots because I find having a small thick heel the easiest thing to cycle in as you have more grip on the pedal especially in the rain if you have a small heel. 


As the Amsterdam weather is beginning to warm up I would advise going for an ankle boot over a knee high boot with a relatively thick but small heel. 

Top Local Tip: Do NOT bring think heels or stilettos with you to Amsterdam. They are impossible to cycle in and the cobbled streets and tramlines are easy to get thin heels stuck in. 


Although boots are my go to when cycling in Amsterdam and going out in the evening I would recommend also having trainers for those days when you will be doing a lot of walking! If you have a pair of waterproof ones then all the better! 

Plenty of Layers

April in Amsterdam can have four seasons in day so make sure you bring plenty of layers that you can put on r remove as the changeable Amsterdam weather dictates. 

Scarf / Pashmina


Another staple of any Dutch Wardrobe. Great as an additional layer as required and a great way to dress up day wear for the evening. 

T Shirts 

Amsterdam is a pretty casual city so don’t think you need to bring all your best blouses along with you. T shirts are absolutely fine. 

One Casual Dress

If you do want to bring a dress with you I would advise going on the more casual side and perhaps have a dress that can easily transition from day to night. 

For more suggestions on what to do in Amsterdam at night click here! 

Things NOT To Pack for Amsterdam 

Hiking Boots

Everywhere in Amsterdam is flat – you won’t need them 

Thin Heeled Shoes 

This are just dangerous when cycling and will get caught in cobbles and tram lines 

Formal Wear

Amsterdam is a pretty casual city and even in nice restaurants the dress code doesn’t tend to be overly formal! 

Swimming Gear 

Unless your hotel has a pool or you are planning to swim in the canals in April – I don’t recommend then you definitely will not require any swim stuff! 

What to Pack for Amsterdam In April (non clothing)

An Umbrella 

An Umbrella is a must for whatever time of year you are visiting Amsterdam 

Plenty of Cash 

Amsterdam is a pretty strange city monetarily. I consider it to be largely cashless and use my chip and pin card everywhere however if you venture out of tourist shops or even into the big supermarkets like Albert Heijn you may find they do not accept your international debit and credit card.  I found this out the hard way doing my first grocery shop in the city when all of my UK cards weren’t accepted and I had to run to find a cash machine so I could pick up my groceries. 

So while be sure to have your cards on you, always have some cash on you when travelling around Amsterdam. 

Plug Adapaters 

Amsterdam uses the traditional European plugs. So if you are coming from the UK etc you will need an adapter to make your electronics work. Click here to purchase! 

Power Pack

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with amazing photo spots around every corner – I promise you your phone will be constantly out so be sure yo have apower pack with you to recharge those batteries. 

Theft Proof Bag 


I think Amsterdam is the place I have felt safest out of any European country or city that I have travelled to and it often tops the safest city in Europe lists. However as with any tourist place there can be incidents of petty theft and pick pocketing. I would recommend a shoulder bag with plenty of zips for women or for men a theft proof back pack. 


If you want to rent a bike in Amsterdam and would like to wear a helmet I would recommend bringing your own helmet with you (especially if you are travelling with kids). Helmets here are not a legal requirement and can be hard to rent so if you want one I would pack one. 

What to Wear in Amsterdam in April for Kings Day 

If you are travelling to Amsterdam in late April then you may be in Amsterdam for Kings Day. Kings Day is my favourite day in Amsterdam and the whole city becomes one giant party. Canal boats will be out in full force with music blaring (the only time of year it is allowed) and overfilled with people having a good time. While in squares and parks markets will pop up with all the citizens selling their unwanted goods and setting up street game stalls. It really is a fabulous time to be in the city.

If you want to fit in in Amsterdam on Kings Day then there is one thing you need to pack: 



Everyone wears orange the national colour o the Netherlands on Kings Day. The more orange the better. Last year I had an orange t shirt and bright orange converse on but next year I will be wearing even more! Hopefully it will be better weather too as Kings Day in 2019 was perhaps the wettiest day in the whole of April. 


Don’t worry if you forget something orange your best plan if you forget to pack orange then the best place to head is HEMA! HEMA usually has a range of orange and kings themed t shirts for sale which will help you fit in with the locals. 

What to Pack for Amsterdam in April for visiting the Tulip Fields 

April in Amsterdam - Tulip Festival - What to Wear in Amsterdam in April

Perhaps one of the main reasons for visiting Amsterdam in April is to visit the Tulip Fields and Keukenhof. Comfy shoes are essential whether you are walking around Keukenhof or biking around the tulip fields. If you want amazing pictures then I would recommend bright colours to complement the colours of the tulip fields. 

For more information on the best time to visit Keukenhof Gardens check out this post. 

Have you been to Amsterdam in April – what did you pack? 


Friday 4th of March 2022

I have several white jeans and jackets. Is white worn in April.

Wandermust Daddy

Saturday 16th of April 2022

There is no reason why you couldn't wear White in April. Though it is not the most common colour worn in NL. Kings Day definitely go for orange though