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What to pack for Amsterdam in July

What to pack for Amsterdam in July

Looking for what to pack for Amsterdam in July? In this guide we round up our perfect Amsterdam packing list with a guide on what to wear to Amsterdam in July, non clothing items essentials that shouldn’t be left out of your case, and a guide to Amsterdam special event attire. 

Amsterdam Weather in July

Whenever I am looking at creating my packing lists the first thing I check is the historic weather information so here is an overview of what you can expect of Amsterdam weather in July. 

What to Pack for Amsterdam in July

What to Pack for Amsterdam in July

How Hot Is Amsterdam in July?

July tends to be one, if not the hottest month in Amsterdam. Temperatures tend to range from 13 degrees at night to 22C during the daytime. However July can also be pretty rainy. 

Does it rain in Amsterdam in July?

It absolutely does rain in Amsterdam in July. So although July tends to be one of the hottest months it can also be pretty wet. Be sure to pack for the weather with our handy guide and also check out our favourite things to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day.
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What to wear in Amsterdam in July

What to pack for Amsterdam in July - what to wear in Amsterdam in July

What to pack for Amsterdam in July – what to wear in Amsterdam in July

Amsterdam is one of the easiest places in Europe to dress for in my opinion. The Dutch are relatively laid back and while they are stylish it isn’t in such a formal or designer way say as the Italians.

Practicality and comfort for me are things that define a Dutch wardrobe whatever month you are traveling in. However in you are looking for what to pack for Amsterdam in July some of the key pieces on your Amsterdam Packing List for July should be; 

Lightweight Pjs / Nightdress


As July is one of the hottest months in Amsterdam don’t pack heavy nightwear. Make sure you pack lightweight  pyjamas or nightdresses as you hotel is likely to be HOT HOT HOT in the evening. Very few hotels in Amsterdam will have air conditioning so be sure to pack appropriate clothing. 

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What to wear in Amsterdam in July - Swimwear

What to wear in Amsterdam in July – Swimwear


Whenever I go on holiday in July I always want to be packing my swimwear with me. But the truth is there are very few hotels in central Amsterdam that have their own pool so you probably won’t need it. However there are lots of lovely beaches near Amsterdam (read about them in our post), so be sure to make time in your Amsterdam itinerary to hit the beach.

You may see some locals wild swimming in Amsterdam canals or the Amstel river but I don’t recommend this. There can be bikes in the canals and of course many many boats. Don’t jump in if you aren’t use to wild swimming in such busy locales. 

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Sneakers / Trainers

What to pack for Amsterdam in July - shoes

What to pack for Amsterdam in July – shoes


Amsterdam is a casual city. You won’t feel out of place anywhere in sneakers or trainers and these are perfect for cycling and walking on the cobbled streets of the city.

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T Shirts


As I said Amsterdam isn’t a formal city. T shirts are a staple of everyday wear in the city and will be comfortable for cycling. You can also wear these in the evening no problem.

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Long Sleeve Blouse


While T shirts are fine for Amsterdam in July, you may want to pack some long sleeve blouses too for the evening. While hot in the day the evenings can become a little chilly. 

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Summer Dresses


Long flow summer dresses are perfect for evenings out in Amsterdam. However if you are considering cycling to any destination be sure that your summer dress isn’t too long so that it can get stuck in the chain. Take it from me who two weeks into living Amsterdam made this very mistake, it is an embarrassing and rookie mistake to make. 

I tend to wear nothing longer than a midi length dress / skirt when in Amsterdam and cycling to make sure I am safe. If you want to wear a maxi dress which is usually a staple in my summer wardrobe, then make sure you are using public transport or walking to your destination.  

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As Amsterdam isn’t a formal place and people are so active cycling on a day to day basis it is not uncommon to see people wearing nice tailored shorts around the city. These were some of my favourite things to wear in Amsterdam in July even if I was off to do something like visiting one of the best Amsterdam museums



Pashminas and scarves are very popular in Amsterdam and are great for creating a day to night look. 

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For smarter shoes for evenings out I recommend packing Wedges. Wedges are the safest shoes for the city as you can walk on cobbles in them.

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Lightweight Waterproof

What to Pack for Amsterdam in July

Getting Soaked in Amsterdam in July – What to Pack for Amsterdam in July

Although hot, Amsterdam in July can get rainy so be sure to a lightweight waterproof with you just in case you get caught out in a rain shower. 

I would also recommend this not to be too fitted. The best way of getting around Amsterdam whether you are a tourist or local is via bike (Though please do see our post about safely using bikes in Amsterdam). If you get caught cycling in the rain you will want a looser jacket for comfort while cycling.


If you don’t have anything like this in your wardrobe and you don’t want to buy anything expensive have some basic water proof gear like a poncho.

If you forget these while you are in Amsterdam and need to shop for them the place we have found with the best year round selection and good prices is HEMA. There are many branches around the city and they ALWAYS have waterproofs in stock.

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What to pack for Amsterdam in July – shoes

Hiking Boots

Everywhere in Amsterdam is flat – you won’t need them. Even if you venture out of the city and into the countryside – which is what we recommend you do on one of these great day trips from Amsterdam – you will not need your hiking boots.

Thin Heeled Shoes 

This are just dangerous when cycling and will get caught in cobbles and tram lines so are a really impractical item to have when exploring the city of Amsterdam. 

Formal Wear

Amsterdam is a pretty casual city and even in nice restaurants the dress code doesn’t tend to be overly formal. I have eaten in some of the cities best restaurants and attended the theatre numerous times in the city and on no occasion have I been underdressed. Smart and stylish but not formal is the vibe you want to be going for. 

What to wear in Amsterdam in July for special events

One of the big events in the Amsterdam calendar is of course Amsterdam pride. This usually falls over end of July / early August. If you are visiting at this time be sure to pack some rainbow attire so you can join in the festivities.

Shop clothes for pride here 

What to pack for Amsterdam in July (non clothing)

An Umbrella

What to pack for Amsterdam in July - don't forget your umbrella

What to pack for Amsterdam in July – don’t forget your umbrella


As I mentioned, Amsterdam in July can be a pretty rainy place. Don’t forget a handbag sized umbrella.

Plenty of Cash 

Amsterdam is a pretty strange city monetarily. I consider it to be largely cashless and use my chip and pin card everywhere however if you venture out of tourist shops or even into the big supermarkets like Albert Heijn you may find they do not accept your international debit and credit card.

 I found this out the hard way doing my first grocery shop in the city when all of my UK cards weren’t accepted and I had to run to find a cash machine so I could pick up my groceries.  Be sure to always have some Euros handy so you don’t get caught out in an embarrassing situation like me. 

Power Pack

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with amazing photo spots around every corner – I promise you your phone will be constantly out so be sure to have  a power pack with you to recharge those batteries. 

Plug Adapaters 

Amsterdam uses the traditional European plugs. So if you are coming from the UK etc you will need an adapter to make your electronics work. Click here to purchase! 

Theft Proof Bag 


I think Amsterdam is the place I have felt safest out of any European country or city that I have travelled to and it often tops the safest city in Europe lists. However as with any tourist place there can be incidents of petty theft and pick pocketing. I would recommend a shoulder bag with plenty of zips for women or for men a theft proof back pack. 


If you want to rent a bike in Amsterdam and would like to wear a helmet I would recommend bringing your own helmet with you (especially if you are travelling to Amsterdam with toddlers or babies. Helmets here are not a legal requirement and can be hard to rent so if you want one I would pack one. 

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Have you been to Amsterdam in July? What did you pack for Amsterdam in July?