Carrier or Stroller? The great baby travel debate! 

The biggest question many parents have when going on vacation with their baby is whether to take a carrier or a stroller! Lots of people have very strong opinions when ti comes to carrier or stroller but here is our break down of what we think is best and why! 

In truth, I think the answer is you always need both!

For me it totally depends on where you are and what you are doing on what is the most appropriate. So what are the key questions you should ask yourself before making the decision on whether today is a stroller day or a carrier day?

What will you use in the airport? 

We always check the stroller. I like being able to pack it myself to make sure it doesn’t get damaged and make sure (all being well – please dont let me have just jinxed myself) it gets on the flight. For that reason I think the carrier is the best option for the airport. It also is easier when travelling solo to go through security in my opinion with a carrier rather than a stroller.

Also many airports have strollers available so you can always use one of them if you need to!

What is your preferred method at the airport?

How long are you going to be out? 

If you are going to be out for a long day you may not want to carry your baby all day. You can always take the carrier with the pram should you want to mix it up!

What are the streets like? 

Nothing is a travel pram killer like cobbles as we found out in Oxford! The carrier may be easier if you are in a cobbled place!

Oxford cobbles – a travel pram killer

What transport do you use? 

Will you be mostly walking or using public transport if so – what is access like? For instance in London only limited stations have pram and wheelchair friendly accessibility. Carriers might be easier for getting around!

What is the weather going to be like? 

When we were in Rome everyone said that a stroller wasn’t possible. The weather gave us no option and actually if we ever went back we would definitely use the pram again. In truth heavy rain forced our hand and if I returned to Rome I would use the pram again. We covered a lot of ground, kept the baby warm and dry  and had a really lovely day out!

Rain in Rome


We had a similar experience in Stockholm! There we found that the pram was more comfortable for thick layers and offered more protection from the biting Winter wind. We used the rain cover for an added layer of protection.

Cold in Sweden

Conversely, in hot weather like in Qatar and the UAE we find it is way to hot to use the carrier. You both end up sweaty and sticky. The pram is definitely a better option for hot weather!

What  will you be doing for nap times? 

If you are going out for a long day how will you accommodate the baby’s naps? We find it easier to have Baby E in the pram for napping during the day. There is nothing she loves more than napping in her pram so for long days out we can’t really be doing without it!

Napping in Valencia

What activities are you doing? 

Some places don’t allow prams. For instance some museums will make you check your pram. Check any locations ahead of time so you know if you will be allowed to take the baby in the pram or the carrier and pack accordingly!

Same planning is needed for outdoor activities. If you are going on a hike or even just a city walk – think about what the terrain will be like. If it’s not flat the carrier may be a better option!

The carrier was perfect for hiking Montjuic

What is your preference on a normal day?

What is it that you prefer to use in your day to day life? Whatever you are most comfortable with everyday is likely what you will prefer to use while travelling. Personally, I am a pram person all the way so this tends to be our default but I usually have the carrier packed underneath the pram so I can make use of both.

I hope these questions will be of help when you are travelling to think about baby transportation methods but I would love to hear how you make your decisions in the comments below!

How do you decide what to use when travelling? Do you prefer a carrier or stroller? I would love to hear your preference with a straw poll in the comments! 


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17 thoughts on “Carrier or Stroller? The great baby travel debate! ”

  1. This is a great post and just goes to show that a pram and carrier are both great for different reasons! I used to use a carrier more when Alfie was younger, but now we have a stroller which is lighter, and I can’t carry him for as long in the carrier because he’s heavy, then having both is a great option. I must say he has always slept better in the carrier than the pushchair though! #MarvMondays

  2. Love a carrier as it means not having to worry about whether a stroller will fit or will be practical. Our two boys both slept well when worn on our fronts. Not very comfortable for hot humid weather though.

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