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Best city breaks with toddlers in Europe

Best city breaks with toddlers in Europe

Are you looking for the best city breaks with toddlers in Europe? We have been lucky enough to both live in and travel around Europe with our toddlers extensively. In this guide we will round up our favourite European cities to visit toddlers in tow, how to get around them and the best things to do for your little one.

Best City Breaks with toddlers in Europe

Amsterdam with toddlers

Renting a Bike in Amsterdam with toddlers
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Renting a Bike in Amsterdam with toddlers

We were very lucky to live in Amsterdam with our toddlers. On first glance you may not think Amsterdam to be a great city to visit with toddlers due to its canals and reputation as a party city with its many brown cafes but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Amsterdam is a fantastic place to visit with toddlers.

Amsterdam is an easier place to get around with toddlers even if you have a stroller as the city is one of the flatest you will find in Europe. It also has a plethora of public transport options such as trams and Metros that are easy to navigate with strollers and little ones.

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And for those feeling braver, it is one of the easiest cities to cycle around with toddlers. From either bike seats or bakfiets (cargo bikes), Amsterdam is easily cycled with toddlers. 

This makes Amsterdam easy to get to the main point of interests and toddler friendly activities with toddlers.

Some of our favourite things to do in Amsterdam with toddlers is to visit one of the many parks and farms in the city. Although Vondel park may be the most famous there are actually many parks with great toddler amenities.  

The city is also full of great museums including some great museums for toddlers such as the NEMO science centre and the maritime museum which are some of my little ones favourites. 

And trust me when I say that you won’t be stuck for toddler friendly food when traveling to Amsterdam with toddlers. Pancake houses are all over the city and the Dutch’s love of cheese make traditional Dutch food very toddler friendly. 

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Barcelona with toddlers

BARCELONA CITY BREAK WITH BABY  - best European cities to visit with babies Barcelona with toddlers


Barcelona was one of the first city breaks with went on with our toddler. Again, although a busy city known for it’s night life, Barcelona with toddlers is a great city break

The year round warm climate makes Barcelona a great destination temperature wise with toddlers though some may find it too hot in summer. If you do visiting in summer with toddlers then you will need to as the locals do and take a siesta in the afternoon. 

There are so many Barcelona attractions that are toddler friendly but some of my toddler’s favourite were the amazing Sealife Aquarium down near Barcelona cruise port, the Montjuic cable car which offers great views of the city and running around the beautiful Parc Guell.

But note: this park is up a VERY steep hill. Definitely pack your stroller with you. 

Barcelona with a baby is also a great option.  For more on the best European city breaks with baby to take check out this post. 

Copenhagen with toddlers

Copenhagen with toddlers - one of the best European city breaks with toddlers

Copenhagen with toddlers – one of the best European city breaks with toddlers

Copenhagen is one of my favourite city breaks with toddler in Europe. Like Amsterdam, Copenhagen is a relatively flat city that is easy to get around either on public transport or via bike making it perfect for families looking for a city break. 

On top of that, Copenhagen has loads of toddler friendly activities. No visit to Copenhagen, especially one with kids or toddlers is complete with a visit to Tivoli Gardens, one of Europe’s oldest theme parks. Even if you aren’t a rides fan there is more than enough to keep the whole family entertained with changing displays, big green spaces and places to run around. 

The city is also home to the largest aquarium in Northern Europe and also one of Europe’s best zoos for toddlers as well as the interactive Children’s Museum. Toddlers will definitely not be short on things to do in Copenhagen. 

For those feeling a bit more adventurous it is also worth hopping on a train to visit some of Copenhagen’s suburbs impressive castles. We always make time to visit Copenhagen castles when we visit the city. 

London with toddlers

Best Free Things to Do in London with Kids / London with toddlers

Best Free Things to Do in London with Kids / London with toddlers

I know I might be biased being an ex Londoner but in my opinion London with toddlers is actually one of the best European City Breaks with toddlers to take. 

The city is very easy to get around with on public transport from the Underground, Overground, mainline trains and buses all being easy to use with toddlers. 

On top of that there are loads of toddler friendly activities in London. From the London’s best toddler friendly museums like the Natural History Museum, London Transport Museum and London Postal Museum to enjoying one of the city’s great parks or attractions like the aquarium or the Shrek Experience – your toddler will literally be spoiled for choice. 

Another great thing about visiting London with toddlers is there are lots of free activities for those visiting London on a budget. Many of the city’s museum are free, as are the parks which again are another of my kids favourite things to do in the city. 

It is also very easy to get out of the city on a day trip from London with kids to see some of England’s other great city’s or visit other toddler friendly attractions like Legoland Windsor for example. 

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Paris with toddlers

Guide for Visiting Disneyland Paris for Toddlers including best disneyland paris rides for toddlers

When you think of a European city bucket list Paris is often at the top of that list. And with good reason. There are loads of things to do in Paris with toddlers but one of our favourites is to have a picnic in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Even toddlers are impressed going up this iconic structure. 

Another great thing to do with little ones in the city is to jump on a boat and see the sights from the Seine. 

But of all the things we have done in Paris my toddler’s favourite thing is of course a visit to Disneyland Paris which is a very easy day trip from the city.

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Reykjavik with toddlers

Best Things to do in Reykjavik Iceland in March

Best Things to do in Reykjavik Iceland in March

Iceland with toddlers is one of my favourite trips that we have ever done. We loved exploring all of the amazing Icelandic waterfalls and black sand beaches. However if you are short on time and have little access to your own transportation Reykjavik with toddlers is still worthwhile doing.

Reykjavik is an amazing toddler friendly city. Some of the top toddler friendly attractions in Reykjavik include a visit to Laugardalslaug geothermal pools, Reykjavik Zoo and a walk around the harbour. You will not be disappointed visiting Reykjavik with a toddler. 

Rome with toddlers

Rome with a baby on a rainy day

Rome with a baby

Rome for me is one of my favourite places in Europe. But what about visiting Rome with a toddler or baby? Well we have done it with both and I can safely say we all had a blast. It may be a cliche but Italians love babies and children so a visit to the city immediately puts parents at ease. And the added bonus of pizza and pasta takes any question of where to eat with fussy toddlers off the table. 

When we visit Rome with a toddler we love to wander the city to see the main sites and piazzas. But my little ones favourite sites to see were the Colosseum and the Pantheon. She was fascinated watching the rain come through the roof. 

But if you are looking for a Rome hidden gem to take a toddler to be sure to head to the Villa Borghese Gardens. A huge green space in the city that your toddler is sure to love. 

Stockholm with toddlers

Ok if you are visiting Stockholm in Winter make sure you and your toddler are prepared for the cold. But other than that Stockholm with toddlers is a great city break to take – even if it is Winter you are heading there. 

Our favourite place to visit with toddlers in the city is Skansen – the living history museum. It is a great place to stroll around and find out about how people lived in Sweden long ago. But toddlers will especially love the Nordic zoo on site too. 

Other Stockholm toddler friendly attractions include a lovely children’s museum which has great interactive activities for kids and a section on the Swedish heroine Pippi Longstocking and the Vasa Shipwreck museum where you can get up close to the historic ship that was sunk but preserved in the mud.

York with toddlers

York in Winter - the perfect Winter day trip from London / Best day trip from London with toddlers

York in Winter – the perfect Winter day trip from London / Best day trip from London with toddlers

After London, my favourite place to visit in England with toddlers is York. There are loads of things to do in York with toddlers but my little ones favourite things include the National Railway Museum where you can get up close to trains from all around the world, York’s Chocolate story – mainly for the free samples but also is a great exhibition too and the boat trips down the river. 

As an added bonus York is completely walkable with toddlers even with a stroller and there are lots of toddler friendly day trips from York that include beaches that your toddler will adore.

Have you been on a European city break with toddlers? What was your favourite one?