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Best Places to Visit in April in Europe

Best Places to Visit in April in Europe

Looking for the best places to visit in April in Europe? In this guide we round up the best winter sun and cold weather destinations, best places to visit for Festivals and Special Events especially for the Easter period in Europe in April and of course the best European cities to visit in April.

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Best European cities to visit in April

Amsterdam in April

April in Amsterdam - Tulip Festival - What to Wear in Amsterdam in April

If you are looking for the best European cities to visit in April look no further than Amsterdam. As an Amsterdam local I love the city in every season but there is something very special about visiting Amsterdam in April.

Amsterdam is synonymous with tulips and the best time of year to see the tulips bloom is April. In April, the Amsterdam Tulip Festival takes place with tulips springing up all over the city – in many places that don’t require admission which makes this one of the best free things to do in Amsterdam in Spring.

And of course no visit to Amsterdam at this time of year is complete without a visit to the famous Keukenhof Gardens – the greatest park dedicated to tulips in the world.

It is only open for the spring season when the tulips bloom and the queues and crowds here can get crazy so be sure to buy your tickets online in advance to save yourself a lot of time. For more information on the best time to visit Keukenhof Gardens check out this post. 

April is also the month that sees Amsterdammers celebrating Kings Day on 27th April. This public holiday sees Amsterdammers filling the canals with boats, while been clad head to toe in orange and free markets popping up all over the city where residents can sell their goods on the streets. It is a really fun party atmosphere and is also a great thing to do in Amsterdam with toddlers or kids if you head to Vondelpark for the children’s market. 

April is also a great month to visit weather wise as although you are pretty much guaranteed to have rain during your trip the showers should be short lived. Even if you do experience rain on your trip don’t worry there are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day

If you are wondering what to wear on a trip to the tulip fields or at this time of year in Amsterdam be sure to check out our guide on what to wear in Amsterdam in April.

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For inspiration on the best city breaks with toddlers in Europe check out this post. 

Copenhagen in April

Copenhagen - Best European cities to visit in April


Copenhagen is a great place to visit any time of year, but the month of April is when the city wakes up from a long dark winter. The atmosphere of Copenhagen spring is electric!

People are everywhere and fill the streets, parks, and waterfronts to enjoy the sun. There are so many things to do in Copenhagen in April but here are a few recommendations from us locals.

Visit Reffen Street food – it opens each year in April and the vibes are tremendous. Reffen is an international street food market with an entertainment venue, skateboarding park and a massive amount of picnic tables. It’s located directly on Copenhagen Harbor and is the perfect place to unwind in April. Stay for a gorgeous sunset, but bring a coat because the temperatures are still a little chilly in April, especially when the sun sets.

Another great way to explore the canals is by a guided boat tour. There are 90-minute Copenhagen canal tours leaving from various spots in the city. Guides are incredibly knowledgeable and offer a perfect overview of Copenhagen monuments, architecture, and history.

April is the perfect time of year for boating in Copenhagen Harbor, even if you need a jacket. The harbor and canals are also full of GoBoats, an electric boat that you can rent to do your own self-guided tour. They’re equipped with a picnic table in the center, so you can follow up on your informational boat ride with a leisurely lunch trip through the canals.

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Strasbourg in April

Strasbourg - Where to Visit in April in Europe

April is a great month to explore Strasbourg – it is one of France’s most beautiful cities and especially in spring it blooms. Figuratively
Whether you visit the parks or public places, like  Place de la Republique, or stroll Walk Along the River III, you’ll find many tress flowering including cherry trees. 
Weather can never be predicted but you might experience some warmish weather (and hopefully little rain) so you can do enjoy a lot of time outdoors and in the beautiful lush green parks with tress flowering.
Taking a canal cruise will allow you to see Strasbourg from a different angle – but walking along the river is is another great way, to enjoy the spring season.
Strasbourg, as the capital of Alsace is really popular in the summer months who come to enjoy the vineyards and wine tasting. 
If you come before that season, crowds are not there yet, and so it is much more pleasant to explore the many sights the city has to offer. So, when paying a visit to La Petite France, Place Kleber, Place Gutenberg, or Strasbourg Cathedral you will appreciate that the big crowds have not come to Strasbourg yet!
And visiting Strasbourg in April also means, you can do a few day trips to beautiful villages and towns, like Colmar or Riquewihr, where the crowds haven’t arrived yet, either.
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Warsaw in April 

Best Places to Go in Europe in April

Warsaw is the perfect European destination in April. Although it never gets as touristy as Krakow, Warsaw still sees a significant increase in tourists during the summer. However in April, it is still relatively uncrowded. This makes it the ideal time to enjoy the city’s many parks while in bloom, such as Royal Łazienki Park.

Or you can enjoy the city’s other outdoor spaces like the grounds of the Wilanów Palace, the beautiful, forested Jewish Cemetery, or the street art in the Praga district. And definitely don’t miss a walk around the old town, or getting serenaded by a Chopin bench (yes, it’s a thing)!

The weather in April tends to be quite pleasant, with little rainfall. But there are tons of amazing museums in Warsaw that highlight the city’s fascinating – and tragic – history, just in case you do get stuck in the rain!

A few of my personal favorites are the Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom and the Dollhouse Museum (the latter of which is wonderful for families).

Additionally, while Warsaw never gets particularly hot in the summers, April is much cooler – but not freezing, as in the winter. So for any fellow travelers who just can’t stand the heat, Warsaw in April is a great option to avoid weather extremes. Plus, since it isn’t too hot yet, you can enjoy scrumptious hot chocolate at E. Wedel!

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Bucharest in April

Where to Go in Europe in April - Bucharest

One of the best cities to visit in Europe in April is Bucharest, Romania’s capital, and there are a few reasons I’m saying this.

First of all, the spring is here which means warmer weather (in March you may still see snow in some years.) This means that you can enjoy long walks and exploring the city on sunny days.

Secondly, you can see so many flowers in bloom that you won’t get enough of the city. You’ll want to explore all parks and you’ll have beautifully arranged flower rows even on the sidewalks.

One of the beautiful places to visit in Bucharest this time of the year is the Botanical Garden – the spring flowers will enchant you and you won’t know when time passes by.

Thirdly, as it’s not the tourist season yet, you will be able to explore the capital without the summer crowds. This means fewer people in the museums and all the other amazing places to visit, including the Spring Palace, the official residence of the Ceausescu family.

And, if the above-mentioned reasons are not enough to convince you to visit Bucharest in April, here are two more. April is usually the month when we celebrate Easter.

As we are an Orthodox country, but with many Catholics as well, you’ll be able to participate in the Easter Mass you want, or, perhaps, to go to both and discover different traditions and services. Usually, there‘s a week difference between the two Easters (but, obviously, there are exceptions as the two churches use two different calendars to set the Easter Day.)

Finally, another great reason to be in Bucharest in April is that this is a great base for amazing day trips. You can easily go to the mountains – Valea Prahovei mostly. You can Discover Sinaia with the famous Peles Castle, you can visit Bran Castle, head to Busteni or any other mountain resort or even go to Brasov.

You can also see the Black Sea – it’s a 3-hour drive from Bucharest (you can also get there by train or buses) – and April is the perfect month to go here if you want to avoid the crowds!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider Bucharest as your April vacation destination!

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Best Places to Visit in Europe in April for Winter Sun

Madeira in April

Madeira is a Portuguese island, which is often called a place of eternal spring. Because of its subtropical climate, you can expect pleasant temperatures all year around.
April is a great time to visit, as it is still considered low season, so you can enjoy all that the island has to offer without the crowds. Some visitors compare Madeira to Hawaii, as there are some similarities. Both places have dramatic cliffs, interesting volcanic formations, beautiful coastlines, scenic viewpoints and impressive waterfalls. The temperature in spring will be perfect to explore Madeira’s levada walks.
Hiking is one of the most popular activities on the island. The levadas are the irrigation system, but nowadays they are also used for recreational purposes. 25 Fontes is a must-do levada walk. The 9 km hike has several scenic parts. The narrow path along the levada provides a nice atmosphere, but the highlight of the hike is arriving to 25 fontes, where you can count several waterfalls.
On this walk, you can see the rich flora and fauna life of the island. In the spring all the flowers will be blooming. Funchal’s Botanical Garden has many interesting plants as well and it also offers impressive views to the city, so it is definitely worth a visit. 
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Best Places to Visit in Europe in April

Hallstatt in April

Best places to go in Europe in April - Hallstatt

Europe has a lot of fairytale towns. You know the ones. Pretty little churches. Divine aspects on lakes. Almost surreal. And Hallstatt, Austria has to be close to being the perfect fairytale European town.

Hallstatt is home to a stunning lake, steep snow capped mountains and it’s skyline is about as perfectly medieval as you’ll find, even if you created it from scratch. Hallstatt is no secret, and is popular year round. April however is arguably one of the best times to visit.

In recent times there have been calls from the few hundred that call Hallstatt home to limit tourism. During summer, this picturesque town is much less busy with selfie-stick toting tourists clogging the streets.

Travelling pre-peak season enables you to enjoy the town with far fewer travellers. You will also delight the locals by not adding to the overwhelming number of tourists during the high summer period.

April also represents a month where you may well see Hallstatt at its finest. Glassy water over Lake Hallstatt, snow still dotted in a lot of the mountain side, and a morning mist that adds to the romanticism of this town.

Give the locals a break and increase your chances of enjoying a visit to Hallstatt by visiting in April.

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Sicily in April 

Visiting Europe in April - Taormina

Whether you’re looking for early summer sun or a cultural sightseeing trip, Sicily is perfect for an April holiday.

Sicily is one of the most southerly destinations in the Mediterranean and the weather is mild come April. Easter sees the beach clubs at Taormina opening up for business as the tourist season gets under way.

Accommodation is good value and plentiful in April before the scores of visitors arrive later in the year.

Sicily has a wealth of history to explore from Ancient Greek and Roman ruins to medieval villages and Baroque cities. April is perfect for visiting these sights before the intense heat of summer makes sightseeing uncomfortable. Hiring a car and taking a Sicily road trip is the best way to appreciate the island fully. 

Sicily is particularly interesting at Easter time when many of cities hold processions to commemorate this time in the Christian calendar. Enna, in the centre of the island offers a particularly atmospheric experience. April also sees the countryside come alive with a profusion of wildflowers and intense green hues in the wheat fields in the centre of the island.

The best way to explore Sicily is by car, taking a Sicily road trip allows visitors to get off the beaten track and really get to know some of the hidden gems of this Mediterranean isle.

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Best Places Best European Destinations in April for Special Events

Lisbon in April 

Where to go April in Europe - Lisbon

Lisbon is a great destination in Europe to visit in April thanks to the warm weather, blue skies and abundance of things to do in and around the city. The Portuguese capital is a vibrant city and is popular with tourists from across the globe.

During April, the city plays host to festivals such as the Lisbon Film Festival and the Lisbon Fish and Flavours Festival. You will find music days around Belem and of course, the 25th of April, after which one of the Lisbon bridges was named, is Liberty Day, a national holiday celebrating the liberation of Portugal.

As well as the festivals you will find a host of things to do in the city. You can take Tram 28 from one of its starting points, enjoy a tour of the city, stopping off for a wander in the Castelo de Sao Jorge. From the castle you can see the Carmo Convent, a unique place to visit in Lisbon with its missing roof and small museum.

Belem Tower is a must and the Jeronimos Monastery is nearby. If you are visiting Lisbon with kids, make sure to also visit the Oceanario de Lisboa, the aquarium, and take the cable car located just behind it for some birds eye views of the city.

Fancy venturing outside of the city? Then take a day trip to Sintra where you will find the castle of the Moors and the fairy tale Pena Palace. Or enjoy the coastline at Cascais, both of which are accessible by train from Lisbon.

Whatever you like doing or exploring, Lisbon has something for everyone and is a very pleasant place to visit in April when it’s warm, but not too warm.

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Munich in April  for Frühlingsfest

One of the best destinations in Europe in April  is Bavaria’s capital Munich. Not only is Munich normally quite warm in April, but you will also find the little sister of Munich’s biggest attraction; The Munich Frühlingsfest (spring beer festival). It is located at the Theresienwiese, which is the same spot where in September the Oktoberfest takes place.

Though it is obviously quite a bit smaller than Oktoberfest, it is also a lot less busy and still just as much fun to visit. It always starts towards the end of April and is on for 2 weeks until the beginning of May.

Besides drinking great German beer, you should make sure to explore the city too. I love Munich in spring as all the parks are lush green and colourful again. Sometimes it can even get hot enough so that you can enjoy one of Munich’s many lakes and rivers to cool down.

Another highlight of your trip to Munich in April could be a visit to the surfer’s wave (Eisbach Welle) at the English Garden (Englischer Garten), which is one of Europe’s biggest urban parks. The Eisbach Welle is a manmade wave located at the southern edge of the park.

It is a popular spot for pro surfers from all around the globe. You can find surfers here all year round, even if you are visiting Munich in winter. So make sure you check out this unique attraction during your visit to Munich in April.

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Easter in Seville in April 

Seville is one of the prettiest cities in Spain. The capital of Andalucía has so much history and is packed with wonderful buildings. It has the biggest gothic cathedral in the world and the famous tobacco factory known from the opera Carmen.

The best month to visit is definitely April (or May), because it is the time of year when the gardens of the Real Alcazar start blooming. The Real Alcazar is the old royal palace in Seville. It is built in mudejar style, a mix between catholic and Moorish architecture which can be found all over Andalucía. The gardens are looking their best while blooming, with beautiful fountains and orange trees. And maybe you can spot a peacock wandering around?

Another reason to visit Seville in April are the spectacular Easter celebrations. The Holy Week celebrated around Easter is called Semana Santa. Statues are carried around the city in processions, all going to the giant gothic cathedral in the city centre. A true spectacle which many Spanish tourists visit, but it also impressive for anyone else.

Spring is the perfect season for Seville: the summer heat has not yet arrived, but the weather is mostly sunny. You get all the highlights looking their best and even get to experience one of the best festivities in the city. What else do you need?

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Inverness in April 

Special Events in Europe in April - Culloden

Inverness is the capital of the Scottish Highlands which means it can get very busy during the peak tourist season.  From May until September, accommodation choices become limited in the city and prices are at a premium. By visiting in April you have the opportunity to save money and enjoy the many local attractions without the crowds.

One of the most famous visitor sites in the area is Culloden Moor Battlefield where one of the most harrowing battles in British history took place on 16 April 1746.  Every year the battle is commemorated by a special service on the nearest Saturday to the 16th of April. 

It is attended by hundreds of people from all over the world dressed in tartan who raise their clan flags and banners as bagpipers lead the march to the memorial cairn.  It is a very atmospheric event which is free for the public to attend.

There are many other things to do in the city in April including visiting Inverness Museum, exploring Inverness Cathedral, taking in the view from Castle Viewpoint and finding out the history of the kilt at the Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre.  If the weather is chilly then head in to the glasshouse at the Botanic Gardens to warm up or order a dram in one of the many historic pubs.

April is also the start of Spring in Scotland and the landscape starts to turn green again, with lovely yellow daffodils adding some colour to the city.  As Inverness is also a great base for enjoying the famous Highland landscape, April is the perfect time to join a local tour to Loch Ness or even the Isle of Skye before these popular parts of the country start to get extremely busy over the following months.

Nominated by Adventures Around Scotland

Milan in April

Best European Cities to Visit in April - Milan

Milan is a very walkable city which makes it perfect for the warmer Spring weather and gives you lots of opportunities to explore. 

If you travel there over Easter expect lots of people picnicing in Sempione Park with their families. You can join by buying panini, or Colomba Easter cake from nearby cafes and heading there yourselves. 

If you like to sight see, the beautiful Duomo is one of the most striking churches in Europe and one of the largest. They have events on during Easter, such as an Easter Mass but do buy tickets as it’s very popular. The biggest celebration happens on Easter Sunday. 

The week before Easter is Holy Week and one of the most lovely things to do is visit La Verdi theatre for their yearly concert. Milan’s famous Symphonic Choir and the Choir of Milan, stage the Passions by Bach. It’s quite an incredible experience! 

On usually the second Sunday of April, the Fiori e Sapori Flower Festival takes place. In 2020 this will be on Sunday 19 April. Situated along the Naviglio Grande canal, you’ll find an explosion of colour and fragrance as you walk through this district. Over 200 florists from all over Italy arrive for this one day event so don’t miss it! 

If after all that you would like to take in a bit of retail therapy head for Milan’s famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This is an ancient shopping mall with luxury stores and beautiful cafes. 

Below the enormous dome of the Galleria, on the floor you’ll find four mosaics, one portraying the bull of Turin. Tradition says that if you spin round three times with your heel on the testicles of the bull, you will have good luck! There is obviously rather a hole on the bull now because everyone has tried this!

Nominated by Mamma Prada

Madrid in April 

The beautiful capital of Spain stunned me in many ways from architecture, history, art, to religion. The city preserved the majestic look and feel from the ancient Hispanic empires and it is also filled with modern and striking buildings and skyscrapers.

April is a great month to visit Madrid because of its pleasant weather. The sky is clear and the moderate temperature is perfect to walk through the streets and alleys in the city center. Explore the many cafes and markets and have a taste of various tapas, serrano ham, churros, and homemade sangria.

Soak into the royalty of Spain from the Gate of the Sun to the Royal Palace; you will find some blooming cherry blossoms on the side of the streets.

The Royal Palace of Madrid is the residence of the Spanish Royal Family, and not used for state ceremonies. With 135,000 square meters, the site is also the largest royal palace in Europe by floor area. Drop by the Almudena Cathedral on the opposite side – a landmark started construction since the 16th century and finally completed in 1993.

I recommend taking some time to visit the Golden Triangle of Art. The district consists of three art museums, each of them has its own character and signature.

The Pardo Museum is the top three art museums in Europe, together with Le Louvre and National Gallery in London. Reina Sofía Museum houses a contemporary art collection of 17,000 artworks including the most famous painting Guernica by Picasso.

If you are in town during April, catch the Easter Holy Week Parade at night. “Capirote” is a pointed hat of conical form and a part of the Catholic Brotherhood in capirotes during Easter observances and reenactments.  The Holy Week is the annual tribute of the Passion of the Christ, and it’s now a tourist event that attracts the crowd to attend.

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Best European Cities to Visit In April Best Places to Visit in April in Europe


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This is a great blog. You are so right about Amsterdam, anytime is a good time to go there. 😃 So happy to see that Seville and Lisbon are on the list since I will be there this spring.

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oh wow, so many ideas! Great informative post, I definitely got some new places to visit this Spring with our car.


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Would love to visit so many of these places, especially Copenhagen! Hopefully next year I can make it to Europe in April, bookmarking for then!