Cruise Sea Days – How to have a fun day at sea with kids

Cruise Sea Days –  How to have a fun day at sea with kids

Cruise sea days tend to be a love or loathe thing on a cruise itinerary and the perfect number of sea days is a hotly debated topic! As an adult, sea days offer the perfect time for rest and relaxation,book reading and cocktails on the deck. But what about when cruising with babies or kids? What can you do with kids on a cruise Sea day and what is the best way to keep them occupied aka how can you have a fun day at sea? What is a cruise Sea Day?

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Basically it does exactly what it says on a tin. Cruise sea days are days spent entirely at sea while you transit to your next port or call!

Cruises often schedule more activities on these days to keep passengers entertained but what about when you are travelling with kids?

how to have a fun day at sea with kids

Well having a fun day at sea depends on a number of factors when cruising with young children. The main factors that will effect how you can have a fun day at sea are what cruise line you are on, how long you are on it for and the ages of the children you care cruising with.

Cruise Kids Club on Sea Days

Obviously depending on the age of your child you can always take advantage of the kids club!Kara from are we nearly there yet, recommends the Carnival kids club:

“In my experience, cruise ships have a plethora of activities to entertain the kids. Mine loved nothing more than playing in the splash park, swimming in the pools and making use of all the other sporting activities on the ship (crazy golf, bowling, high ropes etc). We sailed with Carnival and there were kids clubs available for kids age 0 years to 18 years, a hangout room with games consoles, pool tables and music for teens, an Imax cinema and a 4d cinema. There was also screens on deck where they had movie night under the stars, with free popcorn, party nights etc. In fact, it was the best holiday ever!! (Their words)”

But depending on your children’s age, usually kids club have a minimum age of 3, and depending on the line you sail with, carnival having some of the more family friendly amenities, means you may have to get a bit more creative with how to entertain kids on sea days.

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Yorkshire wonders recomends “The Lido deck! My kids love swimming – even when it isn’t that warm. We cruised out of Southampton in May and it was choppy to say the least. My kids were straight in the pool, oblivious to the horrified looks of the other passengers scurrying past in their coats!”

But this isn’t always an option!

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What to do on cruises if your kids can’t use the swimming pool!

As Claire from tin box travellers says

Our girls were three and 13 months old when we last cruised. Swimming pools and water slides are always a winner with our girls but during our last cruise Tin Box Baby was in nappies so wasn’t even allowed to paddle. We found there was always something going on that we could sit back and watch or get involved in. Witnessing ice carving on the lido deck was fascinating and kept the girls entertained for quite a while. We also popped into a few shows and were able to pop back out again if they didn’t capture the kids’ attention. Our ship also had a sports deck with crazy golf, Twister and other games – perfect for fresh air fun when you’re sailing through the big blue Mediterranean!”

But whether weather or age prevents your little swimming in the pool or attending kids club there is still plenty to do with kids on sea days

Tips for entertaining children on sea days when they are too young to use the pool or kids club

One of our top tips for cruising with babies and toddlers is to take an inflatable baby bath! This is great as most staterooms don’t have baths, just showers, but can double up as a paddling pool to use on your balcony if you have one! We also use our balcony as a play space for our little using magnet toys to make scenes on the metal balcony sides.

If you don’t have a balcony or want to spend time in public spaces Global mouse recommends getting in the spirit of Old Fashioned Cruising and embracing the likes of Shuffleboard

“Our children (10, 8, 5) spent ages playing this on the decks and it really did hark back to boat travel of yesteryear and was really good fun! There should be more shuffleboard in the world!”

While the O’Brien’s get creative with the rooms that are empty during the day by playing hide and seek in the theatre room when there are no activities on, play counting games on the stairs or go to an empty unused room have their own private dance party!

Christine from Tapped Our Traveller likes people watching on deck, stuffing their faces at the buffet and visiting areas onboard like the bridge or shopping deck. They also embrace traditional entertainments like card games and colouring which can can last for hours. And obviously the iPad!”

Probably out of all the ages cruising with a toddler is the hardest especially on sea days but we still think they are great holidays and everyone can have a fun day at sea with a bit of planning!

What are your tips for having a fun day at sea with kids?


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