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Best Toddler Rides at Magic Kingdom

Best Toddler Rides at Magic Kingdom
Are you looking for the best toddler rides at Magic Kingdom? In this guide we will tell you the best rides at Magic Kingdom for toddlers in each land, any height requirements and scare factors that you should be aware of to decide if these Magic Kingdom rides are toddler friendly for your little one. 

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Best Toddler Rides at Magic Kingdom

In my opinions, toddlers may be the perfect age for Magic Kingdom. They are completely immersed in the magic, love the meet and greets and can really start to enjoy all of the Magic Kingdom rides.

In this section we will let you know the best toddler rides at Magic Kingdom in each of the lands. The rides listed below have no height restriction, unless explicitly stated. However although these rides do not have a height restriction there may be some things that toddlers may find scary i.e. darkness or loud noises. 

For this reason we will outline the premise and expectations of each ride so you can prepare your toddler or decide whether or not it is suitable for your little one. 

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Magic Kingdom Toddler Friendly Rides at Fantasyland

It’s a Small World

Disney World Toddler Packing List / What to Pack for Disney World with toddlers

Disney World Toddler Packing List / What to Pack for Disney World with toddlers

It’s a Small World is perhaps the most classic Disney ride around. It is also a great first ride to go on if you are traveling to the Magic Kingdom with a baby. 
This ride is basically a gentle boat ride with a very catchy song. There is nothing that should scare a little one on this ride. 
It is also worth noting that this ride has a largely indoor and air conditioned queue. This is a perfect ride to get your little one out of the Florida sun.
Also if you are traveling to the Magic Kingdom at Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can enjoy a festive overlay. 
Peter Pan’s Flight
Peter Pan’s Flight is actually one of the most popular rides in all of Magic Kingdom. It is also a great ride to go on with toddlers at Magic Kingdom. 
On this ride you board a boat and fly over London and Neverland with Peter and his friends. This is actually a very gentle ride that is perfect for toddlers. 
However a couple of words of warning. This is a dark ride so some toddlers could find this a little scary. Also this ride, being one of the most popular in the park comes with a huge standby queue – usually over 70 minutes. 
This can  be a little long for a lot of toddlers, therefore we think it is worth it to get Genie+ at Magic Kingdom. We recommend selecting this ride early in the day or even as your first choice as this is one of the rides that can sell out on Genie+.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Dumbo Ride - Toddler Rides at Magic Kingdom

Toddler Rides at Magic Kingdom

This is another classic Disney ride that is completely toddler friendly. This ride essentially goes up and down and is controlled by the rider, so your little one can leave it at the bottom if they are afraid of heights. 
Another reason we love this ride, is that there is a very good toddler friendly playground inside the Dumbo the Flying Elephant queue.

Prince Charming Regal Carousel

Carousel - best things to do in Magic Kingdom with toddlers

Carousel – best things to do in Magic Kingdom with toddlers

Who doesn’t love a carousel. The Prince Charming Regal Carousel is a beautiful ride with great views over Fantasyland. There is nothing scary about the carousel and parents can stand next to nervous toddlers. 
Also as an added bonus this ride usually has one of the smaller queues at Magic Kingdom. 

Mad Tea Party


Teacup Ride

toddlers at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom rides for ToddlersHeight restriction: 35 inches

This is what I like to call the first starter rollercoaster at the Magic Kingdom. The rollercoaster features Goofy causing all kind of mayhem. 

My two year old was 36 inches when we visited Magic Kingdom so could ride this but I know he is very tall. I would say for most toddlers this ride will only be available once they reach 3 or over. 

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

This is another dark ride at Magic Kingdom that toddlers can go on. While the ride is not scary per se, some toddlers could find this scary because of the combination of darkness and loud noises. 

Both of my children were fine as toddlers going on this ride but not all toddlers will enjoy this one. If your toddler is of a nervous disposition you may want to avoid this one. 

Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Best Disney's California Adventure Rides with no height restrictions

Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid was my toddler’s favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom. You board a shell on this ride and descend into the world of the little mermaid as Scuttle narrates the story to you. 

This ride is very gentle but it is a dark ride so some little children could be scared. 

This ride is also one of the best rides for toddlers at Disneyland which also has this ride. 

Mickey’s Philharmagic

This is a great toddler attraction at Magic Kingdom that usually doesn’t have a queue over 25 minutes. This is more of an attraction than a ride as you go into a cinema and put on 3d glasses to watch a film with Donald causing mayhem when he gets hold of Mickey’s sorcerers hat.

Magic Kingdom Toddler Rides in AdventureLand

Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise is one of the classic Disney rides in the Magic Kingdom park. This is a relatively gentle ride where you board a board to see a range of animatronic animals and head some of the best dad jokes around. 
Just as a word of warning however you may want to try and sit near the back of the boat on this ride as towards the end the skipper will fire a couple of gun shots and the noise may scare some children.
The only downside of this attraction with toddlers is that the standby queue is very very long, never really dropping below an hour. For this reason we recommend buying a genie+ pass and using it on this ride. Just be sure to select this ride first, as Jungle Cruise does sell out on Genie+. 

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Another Adventureland ride that is totally suitable for small children. This ride is similar to Dumbo as the ride goes up and down but with the added addition of a forward and backward motion. 
There is nothing scary about this ride, however this ride queue has very little in the way of shade so you may want to ride this early in the day to avoid the worst of the heat. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 

One of the best things about the Pirates of the Caribbean is that there is no height restriction so is suitable for babies as well as toddlers and the queue is completely in the shade with air conditioning. 

However the downside to this ride is that darkness and loud noises in this ride may scare some toddlers. 

Magic Kingdom Liberty Square Rides for Toddlers

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion, like Pirates of the Caribbean, is another ride that is suitable for babies and toddlers at the Magic Kingdom however may not be suitable because of scare factors. 

In this ride you board a clamshell and go through a haunted mansion where you will meet ghosts and spooky animatronic figures and eerie voices. 

I knew that this would scare my toddlers so only the adults usually ride this using the rider swap function. 

Magic KingdomTomorrowland Rides for Toddlers

Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblast

If your toddler loves Toy Story then they are going to love this ride. You board a waltzer and you help Buzz defeat Zurg by shooting at him and his minions with a laser. 

However this ride may be scary to toddlers who don’t like dark rides. Other than that there isn’t a scare factor. 

Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

The People Mover does not have a height restriction but gives you behind the scene views of other Tomorrowland rides. 

However if your toddler doesn’t sit well for long periods this ride might not be for them as it takes c. 10 minutes to complete a circuit of the ride without storage time. 

Astro Orbitor

Astro Orbitor îs very similar to the Dumbo Flying Elephant ride only you will board a rocket instead of an elephant. 

If your little one is ok with Dumbo then they will be fine with this. 

Note: If you are visiting Magic Kingdom plus sized this ride can be a little difficult to get in and out of. 

Tomorrowland Speedway

Tomorrowland Speedway - toddler friendly Magic Kingdom ride

toddler friendly Magic Kingdom rides

Height Restriction: 32 inches

The Tomorrowland Speedway is suitable for any toddler who is above 32 inches in height. On this ride you and your toddler will board a car and drive around the circuit. This ride is great for those toddlers who love cars.

However I will warn you that this ride is pretty stinky. The cars emit and smell strongly of Gasoline and this can become a bit overwhelming especially if there is a wait to disembark. 

So there you have all of our best toddler rides at Magic Kingdom. We would love to hear in the comments which Magic Kingdom toddler ride you find most toddler friendly. 

And if you are visiting other parks with toddlers be sure to check out our other Disney World guides and Magic Kingdom guides