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The Best Stroller Hacks for Disney Tips

The Best Stroller Hacks for Disney Tips

Having been to Disney parks around the world with toddlers and babies we have learnt all of the best stroller hacks for Disney. In this guide we will give our top tips for taking strollers to Disney and how best to look after and pack them while at the parks. 

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But before we discuss out best Disney stroller hacks and tips, it is first worth knowing 

Can you take a stroller to Disney?

Can you take a stroller to Disney - Disney Stroller tips

Can you take a stroller to Disney – Disney Stroller tips

The good news is that Yes you can take a stroller to Disney but there are provisos. 

If you are heading to Disney World with a stroller, or Disneyland for that matter your strollers must meet certain dimensions. 

If you want to take a stroller to Disney then it must be no larger than 31 inches (79 cm) wide and 52 inches (132 cm) long. If your stroller is larger than this it may be refused entry. 

For this reason we have compiled out favourites strollers for Disney and the best double strollers for Disney World that meet the Disney requirements to help you make your stroller selection. 

It is also worth noting at this point that there are other rules regarding strollers such as stroller wagons are prohibited from the Disney parks unless needed for medical reasons. As these are now banned it is important therefore to know how to pack your stroller properly as you will need it for storage now you can’t take a wagon inside the parks. Keep reading for our how to pack your Disney stroller tips. 

Also if you are visiting Disney with a toddler be sure to check out our other Disney toddler and baby guides no matter the park we will have a guide do you:

Selecting a Disney Stroller Tips 

Disney Stroller Hacks for Disney / Hacks for Disney Strollers

Disney Stroller Hacks for Disney / Hacks for Disney Strollers

So now you know that you can bring a stroller into the Disney parks here are our top tips for selecting a Disney stroller. 

Best Stroller Size for Disney

The most important thing when selecting a stroller for Disney is to pick a stroller that is the right size. No matter the type of stroller you pick it must have dimensions less than:

  • 31 inches (79 cm) wide and 52 inches (132 cm) long

This applies whether you have a single or double stroller or whether it is rented or you have brought your own to the parks.

Renting vs Bringing your own

When thinking about taking a stroller to Disney your biggest choice would be should you bring your own or rent a stroller at Disney. 

Both around Disneyland and Disney World there are plenty of companies that offer stroller rentals and Disney also offers stroller rentals itself.m 

Personally I usually bring my own stroller to Disney as I am going to places other than Disney so will need my stroller at multiple locations which is one great reason for bringing your own. 

Another reason is budget. Stroller rental can soon rake up if you are going to Disney for awhile. Strollers cost

  • 15USD per day if you do individual days
  • 13USD per day for those that hire over a longer period of time. 

It is worth noting that even if you go for a multi day rental then you will need to leave the stroller in the park and pick up a new one every day as strollers can not be removed from the parks. Therefore if you want to use a stroller outside of Disney you should either bring your own or use an external company to Disney.  However the fees for rental are likely to be similar. 

However you may decide renting is better if you don’t have a stroller at home but feel your child may need one in the parks. Depending on the length of your stay will depend whether it is more cost efficient to rent or bring one. 

Also if you are worried about theft of a stroller you may want to rent one as opposed to bringing your own. Although the instances of theft of strollers at Disney parks is rare it is not unheard of. 

Make sure you have a rain cover

Whatever you decide in terms of bringing your own versus renting a stroller at Disney you will need to make sure that you have a rain cover with you especially if you are traveling to Disney World with a stroller. 

The rain showers can come in thick and fast at Disney World. You can easily go into a ride attraction queue with sunny weather and come out to find your stroller soaked after a downpour. 

We therefore recommend having a rain cover for your stroller with you at all times at Disney World especially on days when rain is forecast. 

Don’t leave valuables on your stroller

Again although thefts of strollers is not common, it is not unheard of. However it is much easier to steal valuables and souvenirs as opposed to whole strollers. 

However top tip – I have heard that if you have a balloon tied to your stroller and it is taken, be sure you have your receipt as Disney will replace it in this instance. Note: I have not tried this personally as I have never have had a theft at Disney but have seen this reported in many of the Disney Facebook groups. 

Pick a stroller with a large shade

It can be really sunny in any Disney park around the world. To help if you are traveling to Disney with a baby or toddler especially at nap times we recommend choosing a stroller with a large sun shade. 

For a full guide on what to pack for Disney World with toddlers or what to Pack for Disneyland with toddlers (including sun shades) check out these post. 

Know how to fold it 

Whether it is a rental or your home stroller be sure you know how to fold it. You are not permitted on Disney bus transportation with children in the strollers and you will have to fold it down. 

There is nothing worse than being in a queue and struggling with a stroller so be sure to practice how to do it in a non pressurised environment. 

Our Best Stroller Hacks for Disney 

So now you know our tips for stroller selection here are our best stroller hacks for Disney to make your life easier

Make your Stroller Noticeable

Stroller Parking at Disneyland and California Adventure

Stroller Parking at Disneyland and California Adventure

Stroller parking at Disneyland and Disney World gets very busy. And even if you are using your own stroller as opposed to a rental it can become lost in the crowd. Especially as Cast Members will constantly reorganise stroller parking when it gets busy. 

To make sure you don’t lose sight of your stroller be sure to make it noticeable. Some great ways to make your stroller known at Disney are: 

  • Balloons – many people use balloons to identify strollers. It is a great way of doubling up making your stroller noticeable versus the best souvenir to buy at Disney. However you don’t just have to use a Disney Balloon. This balloons at Disney can cost up to c.20USD which will really eat into your Disney budget. You can buy a Disney balloon at places outside of the parks like Walmart that will be much cheaper. Note: if you do purchase a balloon in park be sure to keep your receipt in case of theft. 
  • Lights – Many people will use battery operated lights across the back of the stroller to help make their stroller unique. Theses are particularly useful if you plan to stay late in the parks as it will make your stroller easier to see at night at Disney. 
  • Signs – many of the external stroller rental companies add signs to their strollers. Even if you bring your own stroller you can make and laminate your own sign for the back of your stroller. If you attach this securely it can be a great way of identifying your stroller and reduce the attractibility for thieves.And if you don’t want to bring your own there are plenty of Disney stroller signs available on Etsy
  • Ribbons, String and other decorative touches – if none of the above take your fancy then you could use anything cheap and bright to identify your stroller. Cost efficient ways to decorating your stroller include using ribbon, string and tape. Our stroller has a unique stroller handle in a bright colour which really helped us find ours in a crowd of strollers. 

Use an Air Tag

If you are worried about theft or losing your stroller in a crowd one way of helping find it is by concealing an air tag on your stroller. 

Click here to shop Air Tags


Attach a fan

Disneyland and Disney World can get very hot therefore we recommend attaching a stroller fan. There are fans available at Disney should you forget yours but this will come at a premium. We therefore recommend buying one in advance. Click here to buy stroller fans.  

Use a shoe organiser


Now hear me out on this one as I know if sounds strange but a shoe organiser can be a life saver at Disney. 

You can use an over door shoe organiser draped over the back of your stroller to help organise and store your Disney World snacks or drinks. This will firstly help your stroller become more recognisable but will also mean you don’t have to carry your drinks with you onto rides and if you label each pocket, will mean you don’t confuse your drink with someone else in your party. 

Click here to shop shoe organisers for strollers

Use Packing Cubes

As I mentioned above wagons are no longer allowed in the parks. Therefore you will be using your stroller to pack much of your things. One way to make life easier when packing a stroller is by using packing cubes. I usually color code them by person or by function i.e. spare clothes or snacks

These are a great way to stay organised at Disney. 

Click here to shop packing cubes. 

Add a Carabiner Clip

Another way to hack your stroller for storage is to add a carabiner clip. This can be used to store extra bags or for souvenirs. 

Any carabiner clip for strollers will do but for added Disney flair you could get one in shape of Mickey ears. 

Click here to shop carabiner clips.

Other Disney Stroller Tips

On top of these stroller hacks for Disney storage we also have the following tips:

Take a Picture at stroller parking

We always take a picture of where we park just to try and help give us an idea of where our stroller started even if moved by a CM. 

Don’t let your little one fall asleep on way to Disney Transportation

At the end of a long day my little one is always keen to fall asleep in the stroller. However if you are taking Disney transportation, in particular the Disney transportation buses you may want to prevent them falling asleep as you leave. That is because children can not be in strollers on the buses and the strollers must be folded up. Therefore to save you screams I would recommend trying to keep your little one away until after you are off Disney transport. 

Do you have any other Disney stroller hacks? We would love to hear them in the comments below.