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Best Ways of Getting Around Doha, Qatar

Best Ways of Getting Around Doha, Qatar

Wondering the best way to get around Doha? In our guide to Getting around Doha we will tell you all the best methods of transport both public and private to help you decide the best way for you to travel around the city!

What are your options for Getting Around in Doha

Best Way of Getting Around Doha

Up until very recently there were actually limited ways of getting around in Doha. Only in 2019 did Doha open its first Metro stations. Up until then the only real options for tourists for getting around in Doha was to use taxis. In this guide I will break down you options of public transport  and taxis. 

Public Transport in Doha 

Doha Metro

Only opened in 2019, the Doha metro is quick, efficient and great for those travelling to Doha on a budget. Currently three of the seven lines are open but all should be open by the time of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. A standard day pass on the Metro costs around 6QAR (which equates to about 1GBP depending on time of exchange) which makes it one of the cheapest ways to get around the city. Most of the major tourist attractions have Metro Stations nearby 

Depending on where you are staying in Doha  it is now also possible to get directly from the airport to your hotel on the Metro (areas currently covered include Souq Waqif area – my favourite area for buying Doha Souvenirs, West Bay and West Bay Lagoon). 

Doha Buses

Buses in Doha have been available for a long time however these are not really utilised by a tourist in Doha. In fact in my four years of living in Doha I never once used the bus and wouldn’t advise this as the best method of transport for a Doha tourist. 

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Hop on Hop Off Bus

I always love a hop on hop off bus as a great way to see the city. 

Taxis in Doha 

Karwa Taxi

Karwa taxis are the official taxis of Doha. It is easy to spot a Karwa taxi as they are painted tourquoise blue. Meters usually start at QAR4 however there is a 25QAR starting fare for airport pickups. And the tariff usually runs at around 1.2QAR per km but increases at night.  

There are usually taxi ranks for Karwas at all major tourist attractions and malls however you can also flag these taxis down. 

Private Hire Taxi

My advice is to only use a trusted and recommended private hire firm. Whenever you are at the airport and other tourist attractions in Qatar or the mall you will find drivers offering to take you however I only get in pre booked private hire vehicles that have been recommend by my hotel. 

App Based Taxis in Doha 

If you prefer an app based taxi service then you have a couple of options in Qatar:

  • Uber – your regular Uber app does work in Qatar. I am personally not an Uber fan but many of my friends and colleagues use Uber in Qatar. 
  • Careem – this is the local Doha taxi app. 

Hiring a Car in Doha

Car hire in Qatar is possible with locations for car rental at Hamad International Airport, at some hotels and malls. You usually are required to present your credit card, passport, valid driving license or international driving license to hire a car. Please check with your car hire provider what documentation is required before arrival and booking. 

Walking In Doha

Best Ways of Getting Around Doha / Getting Around Qatar

Depending on which part of the city you are in will depending on how walkable it is. It also depends largely on what time of year you are visiting Qatar as to whether walking is a viable option. In the summer and Ramadan in Qatar I would not advise walking around the city as the temperatures can exceed 40 degrees and in Ramadan you can’t consume water in public places. 

If you are visiting Doha in Winter then walking is actually very pleasant. My favourite walk in the city is along the corniche from West Bay around to the museums (Museum of Islamic Art and National Museum of Qatar). If you are traveling in Summer and still like walking this is a nice thing to do in Doha at night? 

Do you have any questions about getting around in Doha? If so leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer