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Tipping in Doha

Tipping in Doha

I called Doha home for four years and am constantly traveling back to Qatar and one of the questions visitors ask me most frequently is what are the rules around tipping in Doha. The truth is there is no hard and fast rule about tipping in Qatar however in this guide we will give you a general overview on how to tip in Doha.

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Tipping Etiquette in Doha

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The truth is there isn’t a particular tipping etiquette in Doha as there is in the USA for example. I think part of the reason for this is that Qatar has such a big expat community  and the expats from different countries tend to still have a tipping etiquette as they do back home. 

As such it is hard to quantify how much you should tip everywhere. This guide has been put together based on my personal experiences and averages I have experienced while in Doha. As with anywhere if you get exceptional service I will always tip more while I leave less if we have had particularly bad service. 

Tipping in Doha in Restaurants 

The truth is there isn’t a hard and fast rule in Qatar about tipping however most people I know tend to stick to the rule of tipping about 10% when dining out at a restaurant in Doha. As always good service usually warrants a higher tip at your own discretion. 

When you receive your bill in Doha you might notice that there is a service charge already added on to the bill however this doesn’t mean that your server will necessarily receive the tip. Therefore I will always leave behind some cash even if the service charge has been added to make sure my server receives at least something. 

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Coffee Shops and Tipping in Qatar

In Cafes and Coffee shops I always try to leave tip too. There is usually jar on the barista bar and I will usually add a riyal or two into the jar whenever I am collecting my coffee. 

Tipping In Bars in Qatar

Drinking in Doha - Tipping in Doha Bars

Tipping in Bars in Qatar is probably an area that I have found the greatest discrepancies. We tended to tip 10 QAR for bar staff however others I know have tipped up to 10%. 

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How much to tip a driver in Qatar

Drivers are another role in Qatar that I almost always tip! I tend to tip around 5 to 10QAR depending on the length of the journey. The only reason that I personally say I almost always tip a driver is because some of the taxi drivers in Qatar can be a erratic and sometimes the drivers will get lost and you end up paying extra for the time it takes for the drivers to locate where you are actually going. This is definitely a personal choice but this is just what I have always done. 

Do you Tip Housekeepers in Doha Hotels?

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Housekeepers are often the unseen on holidays but are also deserving of a tip. On my most recent trip to Doha the hotel I was staying at had an envelop where you could leave a tip for the housekeeping staff but this is the first time I have seen it. Even if your hotel doesn’t have an envelope in the room then I would still recommend leaving a tip for your housekeeping staff. 10 riyals per day should be sufficient. 

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Tipping other Hotel staff in Qatar 

There aren’t many other hotel staff that I tend to tip in Doha but if I have a lot of luggage – which is rare for me these days as I try to travel with hand luggage when I am heading to Doha – I would definitely give the bus boy a tip if they have taken my luggage to the room. 10 riyals should be sufficient.

Tipping Tour Guides

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If you want to go on an organised tour – and there are a few in Doha – then I would recommend tipping your guide or driver depending on the type of tour you are doing around 20 riyals. 

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Tipping at Petrol Stations 

It is very rare in Qatar that you will ever fill your car yourself as there are attendants at every petrol station. In my opinion this is one of the worst jobs in Qatar as you are outside around the petrol fumes all day no matter what time of year. Even in the scorching Middle East summer heat and Ramadan when you can’t drink water in public. Therefore I always tip the petrol attendants whenever I refill. I usually just round up to the nearest 5 or 10 riyal or give this as extra if I have filled up to a round number. 

Are there any other scenarios you would like to know the etiquette for tipping in Doha?