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Drinking in Doha Qatar 

Drinking in Doha Qatar 

One of the most frequent questions I get when talking about my time in Doha is about drinking in Qatar. As Qatar is a Muslim country people many people are unclear as to whether or not they can drink in Doha. So whether you are a visitor with only a short time in the city or resident here are some helpful rules to remember in relation to drinking in Doha, Doha alcohol rule alongside a breakdown of the best bars in Doha. 

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Can you drink in Doha, Qatar?  

Can you drink alcohol in Qatar? Is alcohol allowed in Qatar?

The short answer is yes to both of these questions. Both residents and visitors can drink in Doha but there are some Doha alcohol rules to remember:

Doha Alcohol Rules

  • The only places that alcohol can be bought in public is in 5* hotels. Please see the below section for more information on hotels in Doha that serve alcohol!
  • The drinking age in Qatar is 21. No one under 21 is legally allowed to drink in Doha.
  • To be admitted into bars and to drink alcohol in Qatar you must have either your passport or Qatari residents permit with you.
  • One of the main Doha Alcohol Rules is that it is an offence to be drunk or drink alcohol in public
  • Alcohol can not be brought into the country. So in answer to the question ‘Is alcohol allowed in Doha’? Yes, but it can not be brought into the country. Is must be bought in country! So now you might be wondering ‘where to buy alcohol in Doha?’ – the answer to this is it depends if you are a tourist or resident.
  • Residents looking to buy alcohol in Qatar can obtain a Liquor License to purchase alcohol at the Qatar Distribution Centre but this can only be consumed at your home.

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For the rules on whether or not they serve alcohol on Qatar Airways or at Hamad International Airport check out of this post.

The best places to drink in Doha aka Hotels Serving Alcohol in Doha 

So now that you are not worried about whether you can drink alcohol in Doha it is time to list the best places so if you are looking for where to drink in Doha this list  of the best places to go for a drink in Doha is sure to make sure you drink well in Qatar!

Place to Drink in Doha with the Best View 

There are so many places in Doha that have amazing views that it is difficult to find a bar without a good view but our two favourite places to drink with a view are:

Strata at The Intercon

This is one of the highest bar in all of Qatar and offers a great view across West Bay. This really is one of the best Doha hotel bars!

La veranda  

La Veranda

My personal favourite spot in Doha. La Veranda has lovely grounds right next to the sea and offers beautiful views of the West Bay skyline. I could sit there for hours watching the dhows go by. They also offer a great apperitivo hour. For a full review of La veranda  check out this post! 

Best pub in Doha

The Irish Harp 

Another choice from the Sheraton. The Irish Harp is offers a great UK style pub experience

Best bars in Doha

If pubs aren’t your thing then there are plenty of bars in Doha

Wahm Bar in Doha 

Has a great terrace overlooking West Bay and has a great choice of cocktails. If you are party animal, the W Hotel is probably the best place for you to stay in the whole of Doha but for a complete guide to where to stay in Doha check out this post! 

Champions sports bar in Doha 

This was a regular haunt of ours and is in my opinion the best sports bar Doha has on offer!

An American sports bar that has an amazing pub quiz on the first Monday of every month. Be warned though it can get very smoky!

Best cocktail in Doha 


For me there is only one place in Doha that wins the crown for best cocktail and that is Hakkasan! More than your regular staples, Hakkasan offers some unique flavor combinations in a cool and trendy setting.

Best brunch in Doha for Booze

St Regis 

The Middle East is famed for its boozy Friday brunches. The brunch which, in my opinion, has the best variety of alcohol beverages has to be the St Regis. Brunch is on every Friday 12:30pm-4pm.

Exceptions to drinking in Doha Alcohol Rules

Drinking during Ramadan – can you buy alcohol in Qatar during Ramadan?

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on visiting Qatar during Ramadan, no alcohol is served even in 5* hotels. The same is true on the Prophet’s Birthday.

Other Frequently Asked Questions re Alcohol in Doha Qatar!

Is alcohol expensive in Qatar? Are there any cheap bars in Doha?

The answer to this is unfortunately yes! Alcohol in Doha is expensive and there are no really cheap bars in Doha! However my advice for those wanting to find a cheap drink in Qatar is to look for the numerous happy hour offers that the five star hotels run!

What is the Doha drinking age?

21 is the legal drinking age in Qatar! Drinking alcohol in Qatar under this age is illegal!

Is Qatar Dry?

No Qatar is not a dry country.

Can I bring alcohol to Qatar?

No, all alcohol must be purchased in country. This can be done either at a hotel bar or restaurant or at the QDC (Qatar Distribution Company shop) for residents with a permit. 

However no alcohol can be brought into the country. This is absolutely a big Qatar don’t! It is worth noting also that your bags will be checked at Hamad International Airport for alcohol so do not try and attempt to bring alcohol into the country as this could cause considerable trouble. 

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

We love Qatar Airways. It is in fact our absolute favorite airline.  However if you are wondering whether or not Qatar Airways serves alcohol the answer is it is dependent on when you are traveling i.e. if you are traveling Qatar during Ramadan then alcohol will not be served.  Be sure to check out our dedicated post to find more information 

Can I drink at the Qatar World Cup?

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

We are getting asked frequently whether or not you can drink at the Qatar World Cup. And the answer to that is both yes and no. 

Alcohol will be made available at the hotels and restaurants as per usual but beer will also be available during FIFA Fan Festival.

It is also worth noting that unless you are in a hospitality box then you will not be able to drink in the stadium bowl. Only soft drinks and non alcoholic beer will be served in the stadium. However alcohol will be available within the stadium perimeter both before and after games. 

However please remember that it is illegal to be drunk in public so be sure not to over indulge. 

Be sure to check our other world cups guide such as what to wear to the Qatar World Cup and our Tips for traveling to the Qatar World Cup.

Where is your favourite place to go drinking in Doha?

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Thursday 19th of October 2017

My mum has been to Doha and she was telling me about this. I think it's fantastic that despite tourism they stick to their culture! Brilliant guide for anyone visiting.

Debbie Nicholas

Thursday 19th of October 2017

I haven’t heard of Doha before but it sounds lovely. I love experiencing new cultures.

London Mumma

Thursday 19th of October 2017

Be it the rules are strict I do think it holds so many great benefits, to control drinking.

Newcastle Family Life

Thursday 19th of October 2017

This is really useful for those planning on visiting Doha, I have never been but my brother has x


Thursday 19th of October 2017

I'm not a big drinker but this is a great guide for those who love a drink every now and then!