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What should I wear to Qatar World Cup 2022 

What should I wear to Qatar World Cup 2022 

Are you heading to Doha and wondering What Should I wear to Qatar World Cup 2022? In this guide we round up what you need to know generally about the Qatar Dress code, the Qatar World Cup Dress Code more specifically and things to consider about what to wear for the Doha World Cup.  

Please note: if you are visiting Qatar in November or visiting Qatar in December 2022, even if it is not for the wold cup you will be affected by the high volume of travellers and special measures. For instance all travellers regardless of whether they are visiting for the World Cup or not will be required to get a Hayya Card (it is an essential Qatar app to have downloaded and complete before you travel) and organise accommodation before arrival – you can read more about traveling to Qatar during the World Cup here. But we strongly advise you to check the government websites before travel to ensure that you have done everything required to enter and stay in the country during this period. 

Qatar Dress Code for the Qatar World Cup 2022

How to dress for the Qatar World Cup / Qatar World Cup Dress Code Rules

How to dress for the Qatar World Cup / Qatar World Cup Dress Code Rules

 You need to remember that Qatar is a conservative Islamic country and as such there is definitely a Doha dress code. The dress code applies to locals, residents, expats and tourists alike. Therefore even when visiting the World Cup you will need to know what to wear to Doha, as well as what not to wear. 

Although the Qatar World Cup 2022 is a big international event and is the biggest event ever to have been held in Qatar it doesn’t mean that the Qatar dress code rules will be eased.  

In fact the Qatar Authorities have reiterated on numerous occasions that fans will need to keep their clothing respectful and modest during the Qatar World Cup and maintain all the regular rules regarding what to wear in Qatar. 

For those that have never visited Qatar or the Middle East before there are some general rules that you should abide by in terms of the best clothing for Qatar.

The general rules for the Qatar dress code are: 

  • Keep your shoulders covered 
  • Keep your knees covered 
  • Nothing overly revealing.  

These rules apply to both men and women. Lots of people assume that rules connect to the Qatar dress code are solely aimed at women but this isnt’t true. The rules apply to both men and women so all visitors to Qatar for the World Cup 2022 should keep these in mind.  

I would definitely stick to these rules when considering what I should wear to Qatar World Cup 2022 as it has been stressed by Qatari authorities that modest attire and respect for the home country will be expected of all the fans visiting Qatar for the world cup.  For more traveling to Qatar World Cup tips check out this post. 

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Qatar World Cup Dress Code 

Can I wear my Countries football shirt to Qatar World Cup 2022?

If you are wondering whether you can wear your home countries football tb shirt to the Qatar World Cup 2022 the answer is definitely yes.  

There are no rules in Qatar against wearing other countries football kits in county.  

It is expected that fans will wear their home countries support shirts when in the stadiums especially so be sure to pack your nation’s kit with you for what to wear for Qatar World Cup 2022.  

What to wear to Qatar World Cup 2022 – what to wear in Qatar in December 

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

 The Qatar World Cup 2022 is being held in November and DEcmeber as summer in Qatar would be too hot for a football competition.  

 The weather in Qatar in November and December is much cooler In fact the weather during the Qatar World Cup should be between 24 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees Celsius depending on which month you are visiting.  

 Therefore although cold for Qatar residents it will feel relatively warm to others.  

 However saying this do be aware of the air conditioning in Qatar. The air conditioning in Doha is fierce. I always take a jumper whenever I am visiting  Qatar malls, cinemas and museums because it can be really cold.  

 The Qatar  World Cup 2022 stadiums will be air conditioned. Having experienced some of the trial air conditioning for the stadiums it is safe to say that there is every possibility that you could even feel a bit chilly while watching the Qatar World Cup. Therefore the stadiums we recommend also bringing a light jackets, sweater or my personal favorite thing for what to wear in Doha, a pashmina that can act as an extra layer. 

Can I wear Fancy Dress to the Qatar World Cup 2022?

So far the Qatari authorities have been very quiet over whether or not fancy dress will be allowed. I would presume some fancy dress will be permitted so long as it doesn’t break the Qatar dress code rules or doesn’t cause offensive. 

I would strongly advise not to wear anything that has swear words or graphic imagery on. Alongside this if you do go for anything fancy dress absolutely do not wear any takes on the Qatar National dress such as the those or the abaya as this would be highly offensive and very disrespectful to your host country.

UPDATE: As of 25th November, there have been reports that some fancy dress has caused issues at the stadium. Two England fans dressed as crusader knights were asked to remove foam weaponry (swords) and their costume as it was deemed offensive. 

If you want to dress in fancy dress at the Qatar World Cup it is worth checking with the organising body and being sensible with your selection so it doesn’t include anything that could be deemed offensive or contain any weaponry. 

Can I go shirtless to the Qatar World Cup?

Whenever I see football on TV where the game is played in a hot weather country I notice a lot of men going shirtless but can you go shirtless to the Qatar World Cup?

The answer is absolutely not. As I have mentioned the Doha dress code of knee and  shoulders being covered applies to men and women that therefore it is forbidden to go shirtless at the Qatar World Cup

What can Women wear to the Qatar World Cup

I know that women tend to have a lot of questions on what to wear in Qatar and worry about what women can wear to the Qatar World Cup. However as long as your knees and shoulders are covered you are fine. 

Longer skirts and shorts that cover the knee, t shirts that cover the shoulder and trousers in light breathable fabrics are perfect for women to wear to the Qatar World Cup

Will I have to wear a Veil to the Qatar World Cup

The number one question I am asked about female outfits for Qatar is do I have to wear a veil or a head scarf. The answer to this is absolutely not. The Qatar Dress Code has never forced anyone to wear a head scarf if they do not want to and this will not change for the Qatar World Cup. 

Are there any exceptions to the Qatar World Cup Dress Code

Where to Stay In Doha Qatar - Best Area to Stay in DOha

Where to Stay In Doha Qatar – Best Area to Stay in Doha

If you are wondering if there are any exceptions to the Qatar World Cup Dress Code then my answer is yes. There have always been exceptions to the Doha Dress code and these are

At the five star hotels and their related beaches and facilities the dress code rules have always been more relaxed. You can wear any swimwear you want at the beaches and pool at these hotels and inside the restaurants and bars.

Now to be respectful of any locals visiting these places to I always try and dress more conservatively however the rules are more lax in these places. 

Now you may be thinking that the dress code at Doha Airport is more relaxed and in some ways this is true but only for transiting passengers. If you are transiting through customs and immigration the normal rules will apply. I therefore recommend on any flight passing through Qatar and at the airport where you will see a lot go local Gulf residents and for passing into the country keeping your attire comfortable but conservative. 

Can I wear Rainbow Flag clothing to the Qatar World Cup Dress Code?

One of the most contentious issues around the Qatar World Cup has been in relation to the LGBTQ+ community and in relation to One Love and the rainbow flag which is synonymous with Pride on clothing. 

The England Football Team had originally planned to wear OneLove armbands at the tournament but had to make a last minute U Turn. 

But many fans were still planning on showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community by wearing rainbow flag clothing. 

However since the start of the tournaments there have been reports of people having to remove their rainbow flag clothing at stadium gates before admittance has been allowed. 

For instance it was reported that Welsh fans have been asked to remove or have their rainbow flag flag bucket hats confiscated. 

It has also been reported that a US Journalist was denied entry to a stadium because he was wearing a Rainbow Pride t shirt. 

Therefore if you were planning on wearing rainbow flag and pride clothing to a Qatar World Cup match, be aware that you could be denied entry to the stadiums while wearing it. 

We will try our best to keep the Qatar policy on rainbow clothing in the stadiums up to date when information comes to light.

UPDATED: 25th November, the World Cup organising body has said that the Welsh rainbow bucket hats will be allowed in the stadiums. However you can’t always guarantee that the grounds staff at stadium will adhere to the guidance. 

Do you have a question about what to wear to Qatar for the World Cup? Leave a question in the comments and I will be sure to answer. 

Note: As wthe Qatar World Cup is now on, I am sure there will be updated guidance regarding the what to wear to the Qatar World Cup especially in relation to rainbow flag clothing at the Qatar World Cup. I will do my best to update this post when new information comes out but if you have any pressing questions I advise dressing on the more conservative side or contacting the organising body.

Other information for those traveling to the Qatar World Cup

As we are ex-residents of Qatar we know the country pretty well and have loads of other Qatar resources that you might find useful when planning your trip to the World Cup. Click on the links below for more information:


Friday 2nd of December 2022

Does the dress code apply to children as well? Not sure what to pack for my 9yo daughter.


Friday 11th of November 2022

In terms of footwear, what is allowed? Are open toe shoes allowed? Sandals that show Toes, Sandals slide- in without straps? Can ankles be shown? Can high heels be worn? Thank you


Monday 24th of October 2022

I would like to go kayaking while in Qatar for the world cup. Do you think I could wear long sleeve rashguard and leggings while in the water and bring a coverup for traveling to the location? Any other suggestions? Thank you!

Wandermust Daddy

Monday 24th of October 2022

That sounds like it would be absolutely perfect! We'd love to hear how you enjoyed your kayak experience after your visit!