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Essential Qatar Apps (Doha and beyond) for tourists

Essential Qatar Apps (Doha and beyond) for tourists

Are you looking for the essential Qatar apps that tourists and residents should download before traveling to Qatar? In this guide we round up all the apps in Qatar that we think are essential for your trip from those that help with getting around to food delivery apps in Doha and much much more. This guide also includes apps that will be needed for visitors to Qatar during the Qatar World Cup. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Qatar Apps for Getting Around

Essential Qatar Apps - Doha apps for getting around

Essential Qatar Apps – Doha apps for getting around

Karwa App

Karwas are the local national Qatari taxi service. You will spot them frequently around Qatar by the unique and eye catching turquoise color they are painted. These cars will be seen and found all over Qatar but especially in high traffic places and tourist attractions such as malls and museums. However it is always a good idea to download the Karwa app in case you need to order one. 


I personally usually use Karwa taxis in Doha for my taxi journeys however there are a couple of other ride sharing apps that operate in Qatar. The first is the more local Careem app.


The final ride sharing app in Doha that you will want to download on your phone is the more worldwide known Uber. Uber does operate in Qatar and it is worth having this app downloaded on your phone. 

Qatar Rail 

If you are planning to get around Doha on public transit this app is an essential for you. This app is your go to for using Doha Metro and the Lusail Tram,. This app will provide you with maps of the network, provide you with information on your nearest station and give you live updates. 

I particularly recommend you downloading this app if you are traveling to Qatar for the World Cup as you will likely use this public transit for getting to the matches.

Google Maps

Useful for when you are on foot and in cars.

Food Deliver Apps in Doha


This is the local food delivery service and has some of the best coverage in the country.

Uber Eats

The rival to Talabat. This may be universally more well known but it is worth having both apps on your phone to get the best selection of restaurants. 

If you are staying somewhere where you have your own kitchen and don’t want to go supermarket shopping in Doha the apps you need are Baqaala and QFresh. 

Other Essential Doha Apps

Ehteraz App

This is the Qatar Covid tracing and monitoring app that you must download on entry.  This app was launches in May 2020 and everyone is required to show a green pass in order to be admitted into venues and malls through out the country. 

Adherence to Covid procedures is absolutely top of your Qatar must do’s list.

Qatari Phrasebook

Whether you are visiting Qatar for the World Cup or just for a long layover or more, it is always nice to be able to say and understand a bit of your host nation’s language. 

Now the Arabic language is notoriously difficult to learn but a team at Georgetown University in Qatar has developed the Qatari Phrasebook app which will give you some basics. You can learn more about the app here

We recommend using this app over others such as Rosetta Stone as it will provide Qatari pronunciation rather than the pronunciation found in other parts of the Gulf and Arabic World which will be slightly different. 


QTickets is an essential app for those wanting to attend events in Qatar such as going to the cinema. QTickets is the place to book these tickets in advance. 

You can find out more about qTickets and the sort of events they apply to here

Qatar Prayer

Even if you are not Muslim I recommend downloading the Qatar Prayer app. The daily prayers really does regulate the flow of life in Qatar even for tourists as it will affect traffic around certain locations and staff at certain venues.

You will hear the call of prayer several times of day when you are in country and on Fridays it is even more important. 

The Entertainer

If you are looking to visit Doha on the cheap or looking for luxury for less then the entertainer is the app for you. tHere are different levels of membership for the app and you will get deals dependent on the level you just to subscribe to. We recommend downloading this if you are looking to get restaurant, spa and other events in Qatar. 

The app has monthly membership subscription so you can just subscribe to Qatar for a month or you could opt for a worldwide option if there is good coverage in your home country. 

Apps for Qatar World Cup

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

Hayya App

If you are traveling to Qatar in November or traveling to Qatar in December of 2022 regardless of whether you are planning to attend a World Cup match or not you will need to download the Hayya App.

The App will enable you to find Accommodation via the official accommodation agency website ad let you register yourself so family and friends can stay in your property in this period (more information on this feature is forthcoming and we will update when we know more).  

Also on the app too you will be able to apply for tickets, learn about the stadiums and other things to do in Qatar.