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Traveling to Qatar World Cup Tips

Traveling to Qatar World Cup Tips

Are you looking for the best Qatar World Cup Tips? In this guide we will go through everything from where to buy tickets for the Qatar World Cup, how to get around Doha, the Qatar World Cup Dress code and more to ensure you have a safe and fun visit to the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Please note: if you are visiting Qatar in November or visiting Qatar in December 2022, even if it is not for the wold cup you will be affected by the high volume of travellers and special measures. For instance all travellers regardless of whether they are visiting for the World Cup or not will be required to get a Hayya Card and organise accommodation before arrival – you can read more about traveling to Qatar during the World Cup here. But we strongly advise you to check the government websites before travel to ensure that you have done everything required to enter and stay in the country during this period. 

When is the Qatar World Cup?

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

The Qatar World Cup 2022 runs from 21st November 2022 to 18th December 2022. 

The Qatar World Cup kicks off on 21st November 2022 between the host nation, Qatar and Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium which is not in Qatar but in Al Khor which is northeast of Doha.

The Final is then being held on 18th December (coincidentally the Qatar National Day). Again the game isn’t being played in Doha but just to the north of the capital city at the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail. 

Before Traveling to Qatar for World Cup Tips

Traveling to Qatar World Cup Tips

Traveling to Qatar World Cup Tips

Where to get tickets for the Qatar World Cup?

In order to attend the Qatar World Cup you will be required to have tickets. The first round of the first come first serve ticket sales has ended but more information on how to buy or sell tickets can be found here

How do I get to Qatar for the World Cup?

What to wear in Doha Airport

If you are coming to Qatar via air you will need to fly to Doha’s Hamad International Airport (click here for a what to wear in Doha Airport guide). 

The main carrier for Qatar is Qatar Airways and they fly direct from all around the world however the prices for flights to Doha are high. 

A cheaper alternative for those visiting Doha on a budget could be to look for connecting flights with many airlines such as Emirates, Jordanian etc to name but a couple that offer connecting flights to Qatar. 

Can I visit the Qatar World Cup for the day?

Currently the rules re visiting Qatar World Cup for a day are unclear. However many airlines are increasing local Gulf flights or the duration of the tournament i.e. from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait etc.

Given the volume of hotels in neighbouring countries i.e. UAE in both Dubai or Abu Dhabi this is likely to be a very popular option but currently there is no clarity on the rules and requirements to enter Qatar just for a match and stay for less than 24 hours in Doha

Where to stay during the Qatar World Cup

There are lots of different options for where to stay in Qatar but it is expected to be very busy due to the volumes of people traveling particularly for the World Cup. 

It is worth booking through the Official Accommodation Agency website.

If you are planning on staying with family or a friend during the Qatar World Cup please be aware that currently the rules state that households may invite 10 guests for the tournament so be sure to check with your host how many people they are hosting before travel. 

They will also need to register themselves on the Hayya website. 

Accommodation is required to complete your Hayya Card application. 

Get your Hayya Card 

All fans who plan to attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup will need to have a Hayya Card which is a sort of Fan ID. 

The Hayya Card is a smartphone app , in fact it is one of the Qatar apps that you must have downloaded BEFORE you board your flight to Qatar.  You may be wondering what does the Hayya Card do? Well it is your one stop access and transport app.  It is your:

  • entry permit into Qatar
  • your stadium access permit with a valid match ticket.
  • free travel on Doha Metro on match days
  • free travel on Doha buses.  on match days

The Hayya card is available via the Qatar World Cup website here and is currently only available to those with tickets. 

The process for your Hayya Card application can be started before your accommodation is confirmed however will not be completed until your accommodation has been confirmed and will be used as an app on your phone so the app will need downloading. 

The interesting thing about the Hayya card is even if you are not planning to visit the Qatar World Cup and are visiting Qatar for business reasons etc you will still need to have a Hayya card downloaded. 

Entry to Qatar will be denied without the Hayya Card and is applicable to all types of ports of entry i.e. air, road, sea. 

What not to Pack for Qatar World Cup

There are a lot of rules for Qatar regarding what can and can’t be brought into the country in normal times let alone during the Qatar World Cup. 

The general list of things that can no be brought into Qatar include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol – this can be brought in country in certain 5* hotels and bars and at the Qatar Distribution Company for residents. But no alcohol can be brought into the country and bags are routinely scanned to check for liquids which could be alcoholic. 
  • Pork Products – again these can be brought in country at the QDC but are not sold in any public restaurant etc. The ban on pork products is strict so do not bring anything in that even has pork or a pork by product in. 
  • Pornography – pornography is banned in Qatar and can not be imported even for personal use. 
  • The bible and other non-Islamic religious books – There is a church and other religious worship sites in Qatar for religions other than Islam. However these are in a special designated area and religious texts can not be brought in country so do not bring anything religious that isn’t Islamic with you. 
  • Baby Monitors and other survelleince equipment 
  • E Cigarettes – these are banned in Qatar so do not bring in country

But the general advice on when packing for Qatar is if in doubt leave it at home. Qatar is a conservative Islamic country and therefore it’s rules on what can be brought in are strict. Always play it safe. 

Traveling to the Qatar World Cup Tips when in country

How to dress for the Qatar World Cup

How to dress for the Qatar World Cup

Leave plenty of time

Although the public transit to and from the stadiums will be free with your Hayya card it is expected that the public transit will be exceptionally busy.

Be sure to leave in plenty of time as there is likely to be delays due to the high passenger load. 

Qatar World Cup Dress Code

There is always a strict what to wear in Doha code and the World Cup is no different. In fact the hosts have reiterated that the dress code will be enforced during the World Cup. 

For more information on the rules do check out our Qatar World Cup Dress Code guide. 

How will I Get around Qatar during the World Cup

The best way to get around Doha during the World Cup is via public transport. In fact with your Hayaa card you get free transportation on match days. 

The Metro system is clean and efficient and quite cheap and runs to all the stadiums even those outside of the city such as Al Bayt and Lusail Iconic Stadium where the opening and final game will be played. 

There is also in typical Gulf style a first class carriage that will cost extra but offers extra comfort.

There is also a family only carriage on the Metro. Family carriages int he Middle East however does not mean that you have to be in Qatar with kids. Family just means that no single men can use the carriage. 

Qatar also has an extensive bus system and Lusail also has a tram service. The bus is usually the most affordable way to travel around Qatar. 

There is also Uber and the local taxi hailing app Kareem as well as local taxis called Karwa available but I would imagine that these will be in very high demand during the Qatar World Cup. 

FAQS about Visiting Qatar for the World Cup

Traveling to Qatar for World Cup Tips

Traveling to Qatar for World Cup Tips

When is the Qatar World Cup?

The Qatar World Cup runs from 21 November to 18 December 2022.

What are the Qatar World cup vaccine requirements?

Currently the Qatar World Cup vaccine requirements say that anyone wanting to attend the tournament must be fully vaccinated. 

Do I need to wear a mask at the Qatar World Cup?

So far I have been unable to find a definitive answer on this and will revert back to this once there is more clarity. However please note that masks are required to be worn on Qatar Airways flights, in Hamad International Airport and on public transport so it is likely that you may have to wear a mask in the Qatar World Cup stadiums.

Traveling to Qatar during the World Cup for business etc?

If you are traveling to Qatar during the World Cup for business or to visit family and friends and are NOT intending to visit the World Cup you still have o do the same formalities such as the Hayya card for this period. 

Can I stay with family and friends in Qatar at tournament time?

Yes you can stay with family and friends in Qatar at tournament time however they must register themselves on the Hayya app (function currently not available so please keep checking back) and can have a maximum of 10 guests during the tournament. 

Can I drink alcohol during the Qatar World Cup?

Alcohol is not illegal in Qatar however there are strict rules to who and where alcohol can be consumed. For regular drinking in Doha rules check out this post.

However it is rumoured that the Qatar World Cup will be alcohol free at the stadiums. If this is the case it will be the first tournament to do this. 

As we get more information on drinking during the Qatar World Cup rules we will update this post. 

What are the best things to do in Qatar besides attending the World Cup

The Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar - one of the best things to do in Doha at night and The Best Doha Tours and Day trips in Doha

The Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar – one of the best things to do in Doha at night and The Best Doha Tours and Day trips in Doha

There are lots of great things to do in Qatar that aren’t football matches. But some of our favourite things are:

  • Museums – there are many in Qatar but some of our favourites are – Museum of Islamic Arts on the Corniche, The National Museum of Qatar again on the Corniche, the 3-2-1 Sports Museum in Lusail which is perfect for sports fans and The Media Majlis on Education City which is hosting a football related exhibition. 
  • Parks – the weather in Doha is perfect for spending time outside. There are lots of parks in Doha which are all worth a visit.
  • Visit the Desert  – Visiting the desert is a must in Qatar though an organised tour is definitely need and will book up quickly so book that well in advance
  • Beaches – there are both private and public beaches in Qatar. We recommend staying in a hotel with a beach or booking a day pass to enjoy the beach rather than using a public one during the World Cup as these have quite strict rules. 

For more information on the best things To do in Qatar see the post linked above or check our what to do in Doha at night. 

Where to eat in Qatar during the World Cup?

Qatar is actually quite the foodie destination. Many of the hotels have very high end restaurants and there are branches of Hakkasan and Nobu in Doha.

The Souq is another great place to eat with many local Middle Eastern restaurants – you can check out our favourite restaurants in Souq Waqif here. 

However it is likely that restaurants such as this will book up quickly. Be sure to add any restaurants to your Qatar itinerary early and make appropriate reservations not to be disappointed. 

However if you can’t get reservations or are traveling to Doha on the cheap then you could visit one of the many chain restaurants or mall food courts instead. 

Do you have a question not covered above? Leave us a comment and we will do our best to answer.