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Visiting Qatar in November (Doha and Further afield)

Visiting Qatar in November (Doha and Further afield)

Are you visiting Qatar in November and looking for the best Qatar travel tips? In this guide we round up what to expect from the Doha November weather to the best seasonal things to do in Qatar to ensure you have a fantastic trip.

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Please note: if you are visiting Qatar in November or traveling to Qatar in December 2022, even if it is not for the wold cup you will be affected by the high volume of travellers and special measures. For instance all travellers regardless of whether they are visiting for the World Cup or not will be required to get a Hayya Card (it is one of the essential Qatar Apps to have in 2022) and organise accommodation before arrival – you can read more about traveling to Qatar during the World Cup here. But we strongly advise you to check the government websites before travel to ensure that you have done everything required to enter and stay in the country during this period. 

What Season is it in Qatar in November

Visiting Qatar in November / Doha November Weather - city skyline

Visiting Qatar in November / Doha November Weather – city skyline

In my opinion Qatar has two seasons as opposed to four. It has summer which I would categorise as late April / early May – end of October. 

Therefore I would categorise Qatar in November as the start of the Winter season. 

Weather in Qatar in November

Is it hot in Qatar in November?

One of the first thing I am asked about when someone is going to Doha is what will the weather be like? Being in the Middle East, the temperature in Qatar never gets truly cold but there is hot and there is hotter weather in Qatar. 

As I said above Qatar in November is the start of the winter season however early November can still be pretty hot. In fact the weather in November has a stark contrast. The temperatures at the start of the month are still  relatively high but gradually decreases as the month goes on. 

Therefore if you are traveling to Qatar in November I would say to pay particular attention to which part of the month you are traveling in as it will make a different. 

The average temperature for the month of November tends to be around 26C / 70f but is likely to be lower towards the end of the month. 

It is also worth noting that the temperatures in Qatar can drop in Doha at night, and you will want some extra layers for the evening. You will find this especially true if you plan on going out into the desert in the evening or are staying in one of the desert camps for the World Cup. 

Will it rain in Doha in November?

No it is unlikely to rain in Doha in November 

What to Wear in Doha in November 

What to wear in Doha - Qatar Traditional Dress

What to wear in Doha – Qatar Traditional Dress

Now you know what to expect from the Qatar weather in November it is time to look at what to wear in Doha in November. 

There is a strict Qatar dress code no matter what time of year you are visiting and it is really important that this is adhered to at all times. As a conservative Islamic country you do not want to get in trouble or offend your host nation by not wearing appropriate attire. 

The main dress code rules for Qatar are that:

  • your knees are kept covered
  • your shoulders are covered
  • you should not wear anything tight or revealing

And this applies to both men and women. 

I personally recommend adding the below clothes to your Qatar packing list

  • Maxi Dresses with no slits or spaghetti straps that would not meet Qatar dress code requirements. 
  • Breathable Fabrics such as linen and cotton so you don’t get too sweaty. 
  • Trousers, skirts and shorts providing they cover your knees.
  • T Shirts and Blouses that don’t show off your stomach or shoulders. 

This dress code will also apply if you are traveling to Qatar for the World Cup. But for a dedicated post on the Qatar World Cup Dress code check out this post. 

How to get around Doha in November 

How to dress for the Qatar World Cup

How to dress for the Qatar World Cup

Doha in November is a really easy place to get around as there is a plethora of transport options. 

Some of our favourite ways to get around Doha are:

  • the Doha Metro
  • Karwa Taxis (though there are Uber and Careem taxi apps available in Qatar)

There is also a bus network however as a tourist I would not recommend this as the most efficient way of getting around the city. 

But perhaps my favourite thing about visiting Qatar in November is that you can easily walk around the city. The weather in Qatar is now cool enough to walk and one of my favourite walkways in Qatar is around the Corniche (all seafront) from the National Museum of Qatar all the way to West Bay past by the Souq Waqif

Note: If you are traveling in 2022 for the Qatar World Cup please allow extra time to get around as you will likely encounter delays due to the unprecedented volumes of tourist that will visit Doha in November 2022.

Things to do in Qatar in November 

If you are looking for things to do in Qatar in November other than the World Cup if you are visiting in 2022 there is plenty to do. 

Visit a Museum

The Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar - one of the best things to do in Doha at night and The Best Doha Tours and Day trips in Doha

The Museum of Islamic Art Doha Qatar – one of the best things to do in Doha at night and The Best Doha Tours and Day trips in Doha

One of the surprising things about Doha is the proliferation of museums in country and the amazing architecture that comes with them. 

Some of our favourite museums in Qatar are:

  • National Museum of Qatar – the flagship museum that tells the story of Qatar from its nomadic routes and natural history through to its pearling history and the effects of the discovery of oil on this small nation state. 
  • Museum of Islamic Arts – home to decorative and beautiful arts items from all across the Islamic world.
  • 3-21 Sports Museum – if you are visiting Qatar for the World Cup or have an interest in sports then this is the museum for you. 

Go dune Bashing in the Desert

To me no visit to Doha is complete without a trip into the desert to go dune bashing. There are lots of companies that offer these excursions and you can even camp out at a desert camp and spend the night under the stars. 

The great thing about visiting Doha in November is that it is perfect weather for going out and spending time in the desert. Just be sure to take some layers with you if you go overnight as they temperatures in the desert really do drop in the evening. 

Have a beach day 

I would not recommend anyone using one of the Qatar public beaches because they have strict rules on what you can wear. However the beautiful November weather means it is perfect for a beach day at one of the many 5* hotels in Qatar. 

Shop till you drop

Qatar is one of the best places in the world if you love to go shopping. There is a huge selection for malls for you to visit (click here to find out more about the best malls in QataR)as well  as the amazing Souq Waqif where you can shop for some amazing Qatar souvenirs

Spend times outdoors in a park

Again with the great weather in November it is the perfect time to head to a park. Qatar has spent a lot of time and money of making some beautiful parks both in Doha and outside of the city. Click here to find out our favourite parks in Qatar.

See Flamingoes

Between November and April Qatar is on the route of the flamingo migration. Head up to the Thakira Mangroves just outside of Al Khor (just outside of Doha) to see these beautiful creatures. 

Some of our favourite ways to see the flamingoes and to visit the mangroves are to go on a paddle boarding or kayaking excursion. 

Qatar World Cup 2022 (November 20th – 18th December)

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

What to wear to the Qatar World Cup

If you are visiting Qatar during 2022 you are most likely traveling to or will at least by effected by Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup. 

The main thing to know is that for the months of the World Cup Qatar is bringing in a sort of entry visa called the Hayya Card which you must apply for whether you are visiting the World Cup or not. It means that you will also have to verify your accommodation even if you are staying with family or friends during that period. 

For more tips on visiting Qatar during the World Cup click here.