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Best Malls in Qatar

Best Malls in Qatar

Qatar is a shopping lovers paradise but what are the best malls in Qatar? In this guide we will round up the best Qatar Malls for luxury, dining and entertainment as well as telling you how to get to them.

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

Things to know about Qatar Malls

Before you head out to Qatar Malls there are a few things that you should know about the dos and don’ts in Qatar malls. 

  • There is a strict dress code in Doha and this is adhered to in the malls. During the Holy month of Ramadan in Qatar you may also see signs reminding you to wear appropriate attire at the entrances to all the malls. 
  • Always take an extra layer such as a cardigan with you to Doha Malls as the air conditioning is fierce in the Qatar malls. 
  • While the supermarkets in the mall may be open on Friday mornings, you will find that the other retail outlets will eb closed for Friday prayers. Most of the outlets in the malls in Qatar do not open until afternoon on a Friday. 
  • Malls, the indoor ones, have some of the strongest air conditioning in Qatar so are some of the best things to do in Doha in summer months. 

Best Malls in Qatar 

Mall of Qatar

Mall of Qatar - of the Best Malls in Qatar 

Mall of Qatar – of the Best Malls in Qatar

If want to visit the biggest mall in Qatar then the Mall of Qatar is the mall you want to head to. The Mall of Qatar is over 124 acres and contains over 500 retail outlets. But when the Mall of Qatar opened in 2016 it was and still is more than just a retail outlet. 

Some of the attractions at the Mall of Qatar include:

  • a huge Novo Cinema
  • bowling
  • Kidzmondo – a play centre for children where they can try their hand at one of many professions including doctors, firefighters and pilots. 
  • Xtremeland

The centre of the mall also has a giant revolving stage which has many shows so be sure to check what’s on before you travel. 

There is also plenty of  great dining options at the Mall of Qatar some of the most popular include The Cheesecake Factory, the first in the country, and PF Changs.

How to Get Here: The Mall of Qatar is on the Doha Metro green line. Passengers for Mall of Qatar need to alight at Al Riffa Station. (Be sure to download the metro app as it really is an essential Qatar app). 

There is also a taxi rank outside the mall and most Karwa drivers know how to get here and for those with vehicles there is ample parking including valet parking at the Mall of Qatar. 

For more information on the best ways of getting around Doha click here.

Villaggio Mall

Villaggio Mall - one of the best Qatar malls

Villaggio Mall – one of the best Qatar malls

Villaggio Mall is one of my favorite malls in Doha. Although Villaggio is one of the older malls in Doha it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t considering adding this to your Qatar itinerary. And although the mall isn’t the largest in Qatar it does have over 200 outlets. 

Villaggio Mall is modelled after the Venetian canals and you can even take a gondola ride around the mall and there is a theme park called Gondolania where there are roller coasters and plenty of things to for kids in Doha. 

Other attractions in Villaggio Mall include:

  • a cinema
  • an ice rink
  • lots of luxurious brands 

Villaggio also has a very large food court which is great for the  best cheap restaurants in Doha

However one of my absolute favourite things about this mall is that it is located adjacent to one of the best parks in Doha – aspire park. I like to combine a visit to Villaggio Mall with a visit to Aspire Park and make a day of it. 

How to get to villaggio Mall: Villaggio Mall is on the Doha Metro Gold line and passengers should alight at Al Aziziyah Station for the mall. 

There are also always taxis outside the mall and there is ample car parking. 

Please note: Villaggio is next to one of the Qatar World Cup stadiums therefore you can expect this mall to be very busy in November and December of 2022. 

Doha Festival City

Although not quite as big as the Mall of Qatar, Doha Festival City is around 600,000 square foot and has hundreds of outlets and some unique ones. For instance, Doha Festival City has the only Harvey Nichols in the country. It also has the country’s only branch of the Swedish institution that is IKEA. 

But perhaps the biggest attraction of this mall is that it has Qatar’s only theme park – Angry Birds World which will entertain your kids for hours. 

The only downside to Doha Festival City mall however is that it is one of the harder malls to reach in Qatar as it is not well connected by public transit. 

To get to Doha Festival City via metro you have to take the red line to its terminus at Lusail – QNB Station and then transfer to a free shuttle bus to get to the mall. Therefore although I personally really enjoy visiting this mall I don’t think it is the best one for visitors to Qatar especially if they only have 24 hours in Doha or are only doing a long layover

If you have you own vehicle or are happy to get a taxi then Doha Festival City is a very easy mall to get to. 

City Centre Mall

Essential Qatar Apps - Doha apps for getting around

Essential Qatar Apps – Doha apps for getting around

Of all the malls in Doha City Centre Mall, as the name implies is the most central and easiest to get to especially if you are staying in West Bay – for more information on where to stay in Doha check out this post. 

Some of the amenities in this mall includes:

  • a large ice rink
  • cinema

And although this may not be the largest mall in Qatar I don’t really think it can be beaten in terms of convenience of location. 

Landmark Mall

One of the older malls in Doha, this mall is very popular amongst the expat community because it has a Marks and Spencers Cafe where the British expats go to get their fix of home. 

There are lots of entertainment options as well as retail and dining as there is a cinema and an amusement park called Circusland. 

Unfortunately like Doha Festival City Mall, Landmark mall is not easily reachable by Metro but is very easy by taxi or if you have your own car.

Ezdan Mall

Ezdan MAll îs one of the more compact malls in Qatar however it is one that I always liked shopping at especially if I was shorted on time. 

This mall doesn’t have any big entertainment amenities like a cinema or ice rink however there is a good soft play area for those visiting Doha with toddlers. 

Unfortunately like Doha Festival City Mall, Ezdan mall is not easily reachable by Metro but is very easy by taxi or if you have your own car.

Lagoona Mall

Lagoona Mall is located close to the Pearl and is the most convenient mall to visit if you are staying on the Pearl or at the Ritz or Grand Hyatt. 

I always associate Lagoona Mall with some of the more luxurious and also some of the more regional brands as it has a very large outlet of 51 East. It is the best mall for visit for anyone who loves music or instruments. 

Again, this mall does not have a dedicated or local Metro station however its closest is actually Legtaifiya and is very close. It can also be reached easily by taxi or car. 

Tawar Mall

Tawar Mall for me is known for its large Spar supermarket but there are plenty fo retail and dining options inside. However the biggest draw to TAwar mall in my opinion is the old souq layout within the mall and the dancing musical fountain.

Tawar Metro is not easily reached by public transit but it easy to reach via car or taxi. 

Al Hazm Mall

Al Hazm, best malls in Doha

Al Hazm, best malls in Doha

Al Hazm is actually one of the most beautiful places in Doha in my opinion. This large indoor / outdoor shopping complex is designed after grand European shopping arcades and is home to some of the more luxurious brands in Qatar. Even if you do not want to shop here it is worth a trip to seen the stunning architecture. 

And although this mall is beautiful whatever time of day you visit we recommend this as the best mall to visit in Doha at night if you like al fresco dining and to wander the mall when it is lit up at night. 

Al Hazm Mall is not easily reached by public transport or Metro therefore you should take a car or a taxi to get here. 

Where else should I go shopping in Doha?

Although the malls in Qatar are fantastic for me there is one shopping place that should be on everyone’s Doha itinerary. That is of course the fantastic Souq Waqif. Meaning standing market the Souq is the traditional way to shop in the Middle East and is used by locals, expats and tourists alike. 

It is also the best place to go Doha souvenir shopping in my opinion and it has some of my favorite restaurants in Doha. For a full guide on the best restaurants in Souq Waqif check out this post. 

FAQs about malls in Qatar?

What is the biggest mall in Qatar?

The biggest mall in Qatar is the Mall of Qatar in Al Rayyan. It has hundreds of shops and restaurants as well as plentiful entertainment opportunities for the whole family. 

Is Doha good for shopping?

Although the Dubai Mall is the name people most think of regarding shopping in the Middle East, I think Qatar gets unfairly overlooked. Doha is an amazing shopping destination in my opinion. 

So there you have it – a breakdown of our favorite malls in Qatar (although definitely not a list of all the malls in Qatar). What is your favourite mall in Qatar? Let us know in the comments and tell us why you love it over the others.