Best Things to Do in Doha, Qatar with kids (Winter Edition)

Best Things to Do in Doha, Qatar with kids (Winter Edition)

One of the things I loved when living in Qatar was how family friendly it was and how much there is to do. But many people don’t think it is. Perhaps it’s because of the terribly hot weather that prevents outdoor activities in the summer that means many people have this misconception about  Qatar. So to make sure all families have a great time in Qatar no matter what time of year they visit, here is the ultimate list of amazing things to do in Qatar with kids from the best beaches, best parks to much much more …

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Updated: September 2019

Best things to do in Qatar with kids  / Best Things to do in Doha with kids 

In my opinion, winter is the best time to visit qatar. The weather is perfect for those wishing to escape winter back home and you don’t have to worry about the kids so much in the heat. Most residents make use of the cooler months to spend as much time outside as possible. So here are the best things to do do in winter

The Best Parks in Doha with Kids

Mia park (or Museum of Islamic Arts Park)

This is one of the locals favourite parks because of its central location and unrivalled views of the West Bay skyline. The park contains a fab play area for children and plenty of grassy areas to play on. The park also has a fab cafe right on the seafront which is very popular. If you want to visit the forts of Northern Qatar and don’t have a vehicle we recommend taking this tour – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 


MIA Park Cafe

There is also a Bazaar held on a Saturday throughout Winter which offers unique gift stalls.  

In my opinion no family vacations to Qatar itinerary is complete without spending at least a couple of hours in Mia Park. 

Oxygen park – one of the best things to do in Doha for families

One of the newer parks in Doha. Located on Education City, this park doesn’t get super busy. It has a quiet play area which has ornings that provide welcome shade from the Middle East sun. There is also a route to help the fitness conscious do their 10000 steps a day and has an air conditioned walk way that even means you can use it in the summer. 

But my favourite features of the park is that it overlooks some great architecture such as the Qatar Islamic Studies Building.

Oxygen park - one of the best things to do in Doha for families

Oxygen park – one of the best things to do in Doha for families

Being located on Education City, means there are plenty of facilities at the adjacent Student Center.

Sheraton hotel park one of the best park in Doha for kids 

The Sheraton Park is a newbie on the park scene but its is a goodie and in my opinion is one of the best parks in Doha for kids. It has fantastic views over West Bay but perhaps the favourite feature for families has to be the fountains which children of any age will love running through, especially in the heat of the Summer!

Sheraton hotel park one of the best park in Doha for kids 

Sheraton hotel park one of the best park in Doha for kids


Sheraton Park

Photo credits: Diary of a PMP Mom 

The Best Beaches to Visit in Qatar with Kids

Qatar has many public beaches that are perfect for days out with kids. Unfortunately many people from out of town don’t get to see them because they require a car. The best in our opinion:

Fuwarit Beach –  one of the best beach things to do in Doha for kids

Fuwarit is one of the sandier beaches in Qatar and has a relatively calm sea which makes it the perfect place to take children. It is a fairly easy drive but please note there are no facilities at Fuwarit so it is definite picnic territory.

The Best Beaches to Visit in Qatar with Kids

The Best Beaches to Visit in Qatar with Kids

Top Tips for Visiting Fuwarit: Take provisions with you and try and get there early to avoid busy periods and noise.

Please respect that the Ministry of Environment closes the beach around April – July to help the turtles that come here to nest!

Zekreet and Film City -one of the best things to do in Qatar with kids

Zekreet is a drive away from Doha (around an hour) and near to Dukkan and the Cuban Hospital but is one of my favourite things to do in Qatar with kids.  This beach is definitely only accessible by four by fours but offers tranquility compared to other beaches. It also has other sites nearby to explore such as Doha Film City. I am always amazed at this place and there are many rumours about what it was made for but I don’t know the real reason.

Zekreet and Film City -one of the best things to do in Q atar with kids

Zekreet and Film City -one of the best things to do in Q atar with kids

You can also view the imposing Richard Serra artwork East Meets West West Meet Easts in the desert.


Richard Serra

But my favourite thing is the wildlife you can see. I have heard of people seeing dolphins, oryx and even this at Zekreet!

Nb you will require a 4×4 to visit! If you don’t have a 4×4 or access to your own vehicle you can take this tour out to see the sculptures and Zekreet!

Have a hotel beach day


Beach at the Grand Hyatt Doha

If you don’t want to drive out to one of the more remote beaches, then many of the hotels offer pool and beach day passes, or daycation packages as they are locally known at some of Qatar’s best beach hotels! Some of our family favourites are at the Intercon and the Grand Hyatt. It is worth looking in the Qatar Entertainer app as there are often deals for buy one get one free.

Best Desert Experiences in Qatar for Kids

The Desert is on anyone’s Middle East Bucket list but are you wondering what to do in doha with kids that involves the desert but perhaps isn’t the adrenaline fuelled dune bashing? Then fear not as here we round up the best desert experiences in Qatar for kids that don’t just involve dune bashing. 

Purple Island

This is a favourite in our household. Reportedly named Purple Island for the small snails that when crushed release the purple colour of the Qatar flag. It’s not really a beach for  but the desert mangrove combination make it perfect for crabbing and if you go on winter you are likely to see the flamingoes during their migration. For me this is one of the best desert experiences in Qatar for kids.

Purple Island - best desert experiences in Qatar for kids.

Purple Island – best desert experiences in Qatar for kids.

And as an added bonus there are so many ways to see Al Khor! My favorite way is to take a Kayak Tour but for those more adventurous you can take a helicopter tour over the mangroves! This in my opinion one of thebest day tours you can take from Doha

You can read more about why purple island is great for kids here

Dune bashing at the Inland Sea

Dune bashing is a must do activity if you have older children or teenagers. You will go out to the dunes near the inland sea and be taken on the ride of your life! There are stops to take photos at the Inland sea and a visit to a traditional bedouin camp where you can have dinner or drinks at the end of the trip.

TOP TIP: Driving on the dunes is difficult, make sure you go with a reputable company. We recommend using this company! 

Visit Zubarah Fort things to do in Qatar with family

Qatar has one UNESCO World Heritage site — Zubarah Fort. The Fort is in the north of Qatar meaning that you will need a car to get there. The site has a small museum but no other facilities around it so be sure to take a picnic. In my opinion this is one of the best things to do in Qatar with family as it is a great place to do some intergenerational learning and for kids to fully appreciate the site they will need some adult intervention. 

Zubarah - one of the best things to do in Qatar with family

Zubarah – one of the best things to do in Qatar with family

To make more of a day of it you can drive further up the coast and visit some of the less well preserved forts.

What else can you do in the Winter in Doha Qatar with Kids ?

Visit the souq – one of the best things to do in Doha  with family

The Souq is a must visit at any time of year but if you want to visit with kids, this is definitely more of a wintertime activity. It is a great place for kids to learn about the local culture. Wonder around the alleyways, have food and haggle for bargains. This is a must even if you only have 24 hours in the city!  

The Souq - one of the things to do in qatar with family in one day in Doha

The Souq – one of the things to do in qatar with family in one day in Doha

There is also a playground on the Corniche side of the souq for if the kids if they need to blow off steam.

Take a dhow trip – one of the best activities for kids in Doha

taking a dhow trip - one of the best activities for kids in Doha

taking a dhow trip – one of the best activities for kids in Doha


The beautiful weather in the Winter is the perfect time to hire a dhow and in my opinion is one of the best activities for kids in Doha. The dhows often leave from near the Museum of Islamic Arts and take you out to near an offshore island where you can jump into the salty waters of the Arabian gulf. For those who aren’t strong swimmers simply enjoy the views of West Bay and the corniche while enjoying a traditional Arabic BBQ. This is really one of the best things to do in Doha with kids. 

There are some great trips from the dhow port – these are the ones we recommend!

FAQS about visiting Qatar with kids

Where to stay in Doha with kids

If Doha does one thing well it is is luxury hotels. When I am looking at where to stay in Doha with kids I always opt for a hotel beach resort as these tend to have the most family friendly amenities. If you would like a full breakdown of the best places to stay in Qatar check out this post. 

Best time to visit Qatar with kids? 

When considering the best time to visit Qatar with kids I would advise avoiding the Northern Hemisphere summer as the temperatures are often in the 40degrees and it can be difficult to take kids outside during the day in the Doha summer. If you can visit Doha in the Winter or shoulder seasons I would advise it.  For a more detailed guide on the best time to visit Qatar with kids check out this post 

What is Winter in Doha like?

Winter in Doha is my personal favourite time of year. The temperatures are in the low 20s and you will find it perfect weather for the beach. Winter in Doha is always when I aim to visit. 


What are your favourite things to do in Doha Qatar with kids? 

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There may be affiliate links in this post which means if you click the link and make a purchase we make a small commission at no extra cost to you!


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