The best day trips from Doha and Doha tours

The best day trips from Doha and Doha tours

Whether you are heading to Doha for a short layover or a longer trip there is plenty to see and do both in the city and beyond! In this guide I round the best day trips from Doha featuring nature, history and desert and some of the best Doha tours to help you make sure you see the most beautiful and the  best of the city! 

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As we were residents in Doha we managed to do the below on our own however we think all of the destinations recommended below are with a visit even with a tour.

The Best Day Trips From Doha

Qatar is a small country and while most of the things to see and do are in the capital city, there is also lots to explore beyond the city! If you aren’t living in Doha then you will definitely want to organize an excursion to see beyond the city!

The inland sea and dune bashing! 

The inland sea is a great place to go dune bashing. The dunes are high and there are some breathtaking views! This is also great because you can do it during the day or take in sunset of Doha at night! 

It is really important to go with a  good company for desert safaris as you need to have a good and experienced driver to navigate the dunes as it is so easy to get stuck in the sand! I would never recommend driving yourself unless you have lots of sand driving experience and even then my preference would always be a a tour!

Click here for dune bashing experiences

Dune bashing at the inland sea

Purple Island and Al Khor – Seeing the Mangroves of Qatar

One of my favourite places to go outside of the city is Purple Island. Purple Island is located in al Khor and is called Purple Island because of the small snails found there which are said to create the color of the Qatar national flag when crushed.

You can read our post about why Purple Island is the perfect desert experience for kids here! In the winter you can see flamingoes but it is a great spot for bird watchers all year round.

And as an added bonus there are so many ways to see Al Khor! My favorite way is to take a Kayak Tour but for those more adventurous you can take a helicopter tour over the mangroves!

It’s also worth remembering that Al Khor has a great public park for children.

Purple Island  is proof that there are plenty of things to see and do in Qatar outside of Doha City!

Zekreet, Film City and the East Meets West, West Meets East Artwork

East Meets West is the famous Richard Serra sculpture in the desert at Zekreet. It’s size in such a barren landscape is an awe striking scene. When we have been out to zekreet we would travel in convoy with other cars in case of any problems!

If you don’t have a 4×4 or access to your own vehicle you can take this tour out to see the sculptures and Zekreet!

East meets West - one of the best things to see and things to do in Qatar


One of the best things to see and things to do in Qatar


Qatar’s only UNESCO world heritage site. A fort and museum that is worth the drive out of Doha to visiti! You can read all about how to get there and out experience here.

Al zubarah

If you want to visit the forts of Northern Qatar and don’t have a vehicle there are organised tours that can take you – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 

Sheikh Faisal Museum and Camel Racing

If the Middle East is syonomous with anything its camels! This sone day private excursions will take you to see the fascinating camel racing and will also stop at one of Qatar’s most interesting museums, The Sheikh Faisal Museum which has on display exhibits relating to life in Qatar as well as some great transport collections!


The Best Doha Tours

Doha is a compact city but there are a few places that a trip to Doha isn’t complete without!

The must see places when you visit Doha are:

  • Museum of Islamic Arts
  • Souq Waqif
  • Katara

All of these can be visited easily without a tour, but will need a taxi to get you between each venue!

However if you are interested in taking a private tour click here!


Another great way to see the city is a walk and a sunset cruise – CHECK PRICE AND AVAILABILITY HERE 

What is your favourite Doha day trip?

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This post may contain affiliate links which mean if you click a link and make a purchase then we make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

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