Most Beautiful Places in Qatar aka Most Instagrammable Places in Doha

Most Beautiful Places in Qatar aka Most Instagrammable Places in Doha

Qatar is a great place to go for a stopover or even for a long layover! And one of the things that makes this should a great option is that you can easily see many of the most beautiful places in Qatar even when you have limited time in the city! In this guide I will round up the most instagrammable places in Doha from sweeping sand dunes to amazing urban architecture Qatar that you have to visit on your stay and include some of my favourite Qatar tourist attraction pictures to help get you started with inspiration! So without further ado here is my instaqatar guide to the Ten Most Beautiful Places in Qatar and the best Qatar hashtags to use to get your best photographs of Qatar noticed. 


Most Beautiful Places in Doha #1 SOUQ WAQIF 

This has to be Qatar’s most popular tourist destination. I know whenever I have visitors this is the one place that everyone wants to go to and it is easy to see why! There are so many places to take amazing photographs in the Souq, day or night! From the social street life to detailed pictures I don’t think there is anywhere in the country that feels more Arabian. It is great to photograph by day and by night. A great way to see the Souq is via this walking tour!

One of the things I love about taking photographs in the Souq is taking in the details and the social history. One of my favourite photos from the Souq c of Arabic coffee (Gahwa) pots.

 most beautiful places in Qatar - Qatar tourist attraction pictures

Gahwa pots at Souq waqif – one of the most beautiful places in Qatar

I also love this picture of the wheelbarrows. The souq is full of men who will carry your goods to the car in wheelbarrows for tips. I think it really captures the social side of the souq. The souq is a must even if you only have 24 hours in the city! 

 most beautiful places in Qatar

Wheelbarrows at Souq Waqif – most beautiful places in Qatar

I also love taking pictures of all of the animals at the Souq from the Emiri horses, camels and visits to the falcon souq. All can create really interesting images.

It is also one of the most Popular places in Qatar to do a family photoshoot!

Best Photography place in Qatar #2 Museum of Islamic Art –

This is truly one of my favourite places to shoot in the whole of Qatar.

MIA - most beautiful places in Qatar - Qatar tourist attraction pictures

MIA – one of the most beautiful places in Qatar

Close to the Souq, a trip to MIA can be combined for a day of photography shooting. I love the fact that  the park offers great vistas of West Bay and has possibly the best café location in all of the city.

one of the most beautiful places in Qatar - MIA - a Qatar Tourist Attraction Pictures

MIA at night – one of the most beautiful places in Qatar

And you can take photographs inside the museum too for a change of pace. We recently visited the Treasures of China exhibition but the permanent galleries also offer great photos opps!

MIA - Qatar Beautiful Places - Best Photography place in Qatar

The view from inside

There are also some beautiful architectural features which make photographic gems and definitely makes this one of the most instagrammable places in Doha!

Most instagrammable places in Doha

Architectural inspiration

One of my favourite photographs I’ve taken at MIA is of the palm trees leading up to the museum at sunset! If you are looking for the Best place to see sunset in Doha then for me MIA park has to be one o the main contenders. 

The Best place to see sunset in Doha

Palm trees at sunset

I also love taking pictures of the dhows nearby but in my opinion you can’t beat the view of West Bay from the museum.

MIA - most instagrammable places in Qatar

dhows at MIA


West Bay skyline - Qatar most beautiful places

West bay skyline from the museum

We recently did a family photo shoot at MIA and these were some of my most highly liked photos on Instagrams. The colors are amazing and there are some lovely angles to play with. The Baby loved playing for the photographs.

Qatar beautiful places - MIA Park

Qatar beautiful places – MIA Park

MIA park - one of the most beautiful places in Doha

MIA park – one of the most beautiful places in Doha

A visit to the Museum of Islamic Arts could be coupled with a tour of other Qatar museums! 

Most Beautiful Places in Qatar #3 INLAND SEA

When you think of desert you can’t help but think of vast swathes of sand dunes. I have come to learn that not all deserts look like this but the Inland Sea is the most traditional looking desert in Qatar. If you take a desert safari in Qatar this is where you go. The desert safari makes for amazing desert action shots! Sure to be an insta-success! Driving the sand dunes is notoriously difficult so we recommend


Inland Sea - Qatar Beautiful Places Picdtues

Dune bashing action shot

You can also take the obligatory shot amongst the sand dunes. I’ll be honest there are a lot of people out there who do this more artfully than me. 

Here is my attempt –  I know I should be a billowy dress walking into the sunset but I’ll be honest – I was cold!

Dune shot

There are also fun things like camels and ATVs if you want to get more action shots!

Camels at the inland sea


Most Beautiful Places in Doha Qatar #4 Doha Corniche

Another central Doha spot that offers great views. I love walking the corniche while the weather is good and there is so much to photograph. Other than MIA and the Souq, the Corniche offers many great photo opps.

From the Dhow port and watching the boats cruise round the inlet,to the Emiri Diwan and finally to the glories of the West Bay skyline.

Watching Dhows from the Corniche

It is worth walking by day

The Corniche

And by night!


There are also some great restaurants along the corniche – our favourite is La Veranda at the Sheraton which offers an amazing Friday brunch and one you’ll definitely need a walk after.

West Bay Skyline at La Veranda

Qatar Beautiful Places #5 ZUBARAH

Further out of the city, just over an hour, is Qatar’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site Zubarah fort. This is the perfect place for adding an Arabian flair to your instagram account. The fort itself is a beauty to photograph and sometimes there are festivals and shows which provide unique photo opportunities.


Last time we went there was a vintage nissan car rally there which meant I could play with mixing the old and the new.

Zubarah old and new

Most Beautiful Places in Doha Qatar #6 OXYGEN PARK

A newbie on the Qatar scene, Oxygen Park only opened last year but is a photographers dream and in my opinion one of Qatar most beautiful places. The park itself is filled with waterfalls, green spaces and views of the beautiful Al Shaqab Equestrian Centre. But my favourite thing to photograph in Oxygen Park has to be the new Islamic Studies Centre. The building was nominated by the Royal Institute of British Architects for an architectural award and you can totally see why!

The detailing on the building and the modern style really make this a photography gem.

Most Beautiful Places in Qatar #7 ZEKREET  

About a 45 minute drive from Doha, you will be award with a great array of photo oppurnitnities. From classic beach shots, to interesting mushroom rock formations, there is plenty for the natural history photographer.


For art lovers out there you can take advantage of photographing the Richard Serra sculptural artwork East/West West/East. The size on the pieces in the flat and barren landscape is something to behold.

Richard Serra

There is also a film village in Zekreet which is also a great place to have fun taking snaps and film sets like this one. I have heard so many rumours what this was used for if anyone has a definitive answer I would love to hear it.

Most Beautiful Places in Qatar #8 MALL OF QATAR

Now I am personally not one to take lots of mall photographs but obviously a lot of people are given that Dubai Mall is one of the most instagrammed sites in the world! Mall of Qatar, in my opinion is probably the most photogenic. I love the huge green pillars reminiscent of Singapore in my opinion.

It even has its own fountain artwork like Dubai but instead of diving men we have cranes!

Most Beautiful Places in Qatar #9 THE PEARL 

I personally love going to the Pearl. It is a great place to go for a walk and it has an amazing array on restaurants. On top of that it provides lots of great photo opps.

Boats at the Pearl

Each area of the Pearl is modelled after a different part of the World – the main Porto Arabia area is modelled on Cannes, while Medina Central has a definite Spanish vibe. However my favourite place to photograph on the Pearl is the Qanat Quarter which is modelled after Venice. I love all the vibrant colours and even the replica Rialto Bridge. Its a great place to have fun with photography

Most Beautiful Places in Qatar #10 KATARA

Qatar’s cultural village. Impressive architecture, great sea views and Coll public art make Katar a great place for photographers.

Qatar is also great for those who don’t have time to leave the airport

Most Instagrammable Places in Qatar BONUS – HAMAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT 

The last one may come as a surprise but whether you are entering Qatar or just passing through there is a an opportunity for Insta-glory! Hamad International Airport is actually beautiful but on top of that has some amazing public art, including public art playgrounds.

I don’t think anyone who travels through this airport – expat, local or tourist can resist the obligatory photograph with the Hamad International Yellow Bear! For more information about travelling through Hamad International Airport check this post! 

What do you think of my list? Is there anywhere else that you would add? What do you think is the most instagrammable place in Qatar? 

Most Instagrammable Places in Doha 2019 Update 


One of the newer malls in Doha and certainly an instagrammers dream! The mall is modelled on the shopping arcade in Milan and is covered in marble and mosaics. 


This museum only opened in Doha at the start of 2019. Modelled on a desert rose, the Qatar National Museum, is definitely starcitecture at its finest. I can’t wait to get into the complex and have a proper close up look!

What do you think are the most beautiful places Doha?


If you are looking to get your awesome Qatar photography noticed then here is my roundup of the best Qatar hashtags to use on Instagram.


My number one favourite Doha hashtag. Linked to the SeeMyDoha account which is a “project showcasing the best of Qatar mobile photography”. Images tagged with this hashtag may be featured in their stream. If you are looking for Qatar photography inspiration this hashtag and account is the one for you


Not to be looked at when hungry! This is a really popular hashtag among the vibrant and active food blogger community in Qatar. I like to go here whenever I am looking for restaurant and date night inspiration!

Where to find other great Qatar tourist attractions pictures

There is loads of great photography in Qatar so why not check out some of my other favourite Qatar gram peeps

First up is Cheri Macleod – Cheri does a lot of mobile photography and takes some really interesting angles showing the beauty of modern and tradition Qatari landscapes.

Rachel Ann Morris at life on wedge mixes up some great foodie pics from the Doha foodie scene alongside some other Qatar photos.

For the best roundup of Doha photos then check out the feed of See my Doha

And why not check out my instagram feed for loads of great Qatar content. What in your opinion are the most beautiful places in Qatar? Where do you Instagram the most?

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  2. October 5, 2017 / 9:11 am

    I have been to Dubai and Oman. Qatar is the next one on my list. I thought it was only good for a day or 2, but I see it has much more to offer. Thanks for sharing! #FarawayFiles

    • October 5, 2017 / 9:21 am

      There is lots to see but some of it may require a car rental

  3. October 5, 2017 / 11:01 am

    This post has got me so excited about our visit to Doha in a couple of weeks. Wish we were staying longer than a couple of nights. #FarawayFiles

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      Thank you. I junk many people have perceptions of what the Middle East look like that aren’t entirely accurate

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    There’s definitely a certain kind of light in the Middle East that comes through in photos. I’d love to go snap happy in the desert. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    • October 5, 2017 / 2:21 pm

      The desert is a great place for photography. And despite being so barren is always changing

    • October 5, 2017 / 8:46 pm

      Aww thanks Clare! That means a lot coming from such an Insta-expert such as yourself! 🙂

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    Wow! I wouldn’t have thought of visiting Qatar, but you’ve made it look amazing! Those skyscrapers are so cool!

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    Loving all your photos! I guess all places can exactly be “instagramable” 🙂 Just depends on the angle and the your creativity and looks like you have both 🙂

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    Though this is a place I’ll probably never visit I am in complete awe of it’s wonder and beauty. So many stunning places to visit and photograph 🙂

  9. October 21, 2017 / 9:22 am

    We like the Inland Sea shots with the sand dunes, when my folks visited Oman they got some great shots of the desert x

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    You have some amazing instagrammable places there and some stunning photos. Would love to go dune bashing

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    Oh my word I have always wanted to go to Qatar! The pictures are absolutely beautiful – look at those clear blue SKIES! They make my heart melt.

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    Wow it looks absolutely amazing !! We have never been x

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    I’ve never been before but those are definitely IG moments! x

  14. November 15, 2017 / 9:32 am

    What a fabulous look at Qatar – I had no idea there was quite so much to do or that it was so photogenic. Instagram is perfect for showing more about a destination isn’t it – guaranteed wanderlust inspirer. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

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    Your post reminds me I need to see and learn more about this part of the world. I do not know a lot about Qatar but I am glad I learned more thru your post. There are so many beautiful places! I would like to see some Insta worthy restaurants. #citytripping

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