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Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol? Your questions answered

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol? Your questions answered

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol? This is a question that we are asked a lot. Everybody knows that drinking in Doha is strictly regulated but as an international airline does Qatar follow its country’s lead or are drinks on Qatar Airways comparable to other International airlines? In this guide we will answer questions such as does Qatar airways serve alcohol in economy class or only in business class, the rules on Qatar Airways serving alcohol during Ramadan and more. 

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol?

The short answer to does Qatar Airways serve alcohol on board its’ flight is yes it does. Qatar Airways is often called the world’s best airlines and as part of this is not a dry airline like other Islamic Countries national carriers i.e. Saudia, Malaysia Airlines on shorter flights and Turkish Airlines on domestic flights.

Hamad International Airport is not dry either. Therefore you should be able to get alcohol both onboard Qatar Airways flights (both short and long-haul flights), in the lounges and in Hamad International Airport. 

However the type of alcohol and frequency of service depends on which class you are flying in and the time of year you are traveling (more on that later). However it should be known that there are rules about drinking on Qatar Airways. 

Alcohol on Qatar Airways Exceptions 

One of the main exceptions to whether or not you can get alcohol on Qatar Airways is whether or not you are travelling on Qatar Airways during Ramadan. 

During the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan the whole of Doha Airport becomes dry – as does the whole country of Qatar. However there is still alcohol service on the flights conducted by Qatar Airways however the service is likely to be far more discreet out of respect for its fasting passengers. 

Rules about drinking on Qatar Airways

You should never drink too much alcohol or be drunk on any flight. It is not fair on either your cabin crew or fellow passengers. However it is even more important on a Qatar Airways flight than others in my opinion. The reason for this is that it is illegal to be drunk in Qatar in public. 

Therefore if you decide to have a drink on a Qatar Airways flight do not drink to excessive, do not drink so it affects your behaviour and certainly do not consume any alcohol if you plan to drive once you land in Qatar. Qatar has a zero tolerance drink driving policy and is therefore a big Qatar don’t!

Does Qatar Airways have bars onboard?

If you are traveling on a Qatar Airways flight that is being operated on a A380 class flight then as well as the regular drinks service on board you are also entitled to use the bar that this plane has. 

You can seat at the bar instead or your seat and the open bar which serves a wide variety of alcoholic beverages from beer, and wine to cocktails. 

Does Qatar airways serve alcohol in economy class

Yes Qatar Airways does serve alcohol in economy class. The service of alcohol is complementary even in economy class and will be served during the regular meal services. 

There is also an extensive soft drink menu available and staff will regularly come around the cabin with water and orange juice and tea and coffee will always be served after the meal service. 

Qatar airways economy class drinks

Now that you know Qatar Airways does serve alcohol in the economy class we will turn out attention to what Qatar Airways are served in economy class. 

As you would expect on most international flights there is wine, both red and white and beer served on Qatar Airways. However there are also spirits available too in economy class. Usually you can request

  • Gin usually beefeater brand
  • Whisky usually Johnnie Walker
  • Smirnoff Vodka

as well cognac and Bailey’s on some flights. 

Does Qatar airways serve alcohol in business class?

Does Qatar airways serve alcohol in business class?

Does Qatar airways serve alcohol in business class?

Yes alcohol does serve Qatar Airways in business class and the list of beverages available, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is very extensive. 

Usually you will be served a welcome glass of champagne upon embarkation. However I must say that their traditional lemon mint is actually my favourite embarkation drink on Qatar Airways. 

Alcoholic beverages are available with your meal service but as the meal service and drinks service is an on demand service you can request a drink of your choice at any time. 

What drinks do they serve on Qatar Airways in business class?

The range of drinks that Qatar Airways serve in their business class cabins and their first class cabin are extensive. But usually the following alcoholic beverages are available:

  • Wines (several options for both red, white and rose wine)
  • Beer
  • Champagne
  • Gin
  • Whisky
  • Port
  • Cognac
  • BAiley’s 
  • Vodka

Cocktails are also available during Qatar Airways business class flights. Cocktails available onboard usually include:

  • Gin and Tonics
  • Bloody Mary
  • Screwdriver
  • Mimosa

to name but a few. 

FAQS About alcohol on Qatar Airways?

Can you take alcohol into Qatar?

No you can not take alcohol into Qatar. If you are traveling to Qatar then you should not partake in duty-free shops when you are traveling. No alcohol is allowed to be brought into Qatar and bags are checked on entry to Qatar for alcohol.

However if you are transit passengers going through Doha Airport and your final destination allows alcohol to be brought into the country then you are permitted to travel on Qatar Airways with Duty free. 

Can I drink in Doha Airport?

Does Qatar airways serve alcohol in economy class or in Doha airport

Does Qatar airways serve alcohol in economy class or in Doha airport

Yes you can drink in Doha Airport. For economy class passengers there are very few places where alcohol is served however Qatar loyalty customers and business class passengers are served alcohol in the al Mourjan business class lounge and first class lounges.

However during the Holy Month of Ramadan Hamad International Airport does becomes dry and no alcohol consumption is permitted anywhere in the airport. 

Is Alcohol free on Qatar Airways?

Yes alcohol is free on Qatar Airways and is included in your air ticket cost.

Will Qatar Airways serve alcohol during the World Cup?

Qatar has said that there will be strict rules about when and where alcohol will be allowed to be consumed during the Qatar World Cup.  Having said this, there has been no update on whether or not the policy regarding alcohol in the World Cup will affect alcohol service on Qatar Airways and in the airport. 

If an update is given we will update this post if possible. 

Do you have any questions about the Qatar Airways beverage service? Please leave us a comment below and we will do our best to answer. 

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