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How much spending money for Disneyland Paris do you need?

How much spending money for Disneyland Paris do you need?

How much spending money for Disneyland Paris do you need? This is a question we get asked a lot in our Disneyland Paris facebook group and the truth is it really depends on a lot of factors. 

In this guide, we will tell you how much spending money for Disneyland Paris you really need based off

  • how long you are there for,
  • whether you have a food package, 
  • photo passes, 
  • snacks, 
  • souvenirs and more. 

How much money do you need per day at Disneyland Paris? 

view of the disneyland paris castle

how much spending money at disneyland Paris do you need?

I have often seen people say you should allocate 100 Euros per day, per person in your Disneyland Paris budget, but to me, this seems high. And you definitely don’t need this much if you are travelling to Disneyland Paris on a budget. 

So what factors affect how much money you need to take with you? 

What will affect your Disneyland Paris budget? 

There are a couple of budget lines that can really add the £££ onto your Disneyland budget and there are ways of mitigating this before you travel or by deciding what you want before you travel. 

  • whether or not you have a meal plan
  • whether or not you have a photo pass or want one. 

These are great things to decide before you travel. 

How much money do you need for food and drink at Disneyland Paris?  

Food and drink is the one area that you can really make a dent in your Disneyland Paris budget. But it doesn’t need to.

Meal plans are a great way to save money if you plan on having lots of sit-down meals. However, they are an expense of yourself so you have to decide if this is worthwhile for you. This usually depends on the type of restaurants you want to eat at,  how many times you will eat a day and whether you are planning on taking snacks with you. 

Also, meal plans are only available to those staying on site. So if you don’t have a meal plan or are staying off site how much can you expect to spend in a day at Disney?

How much is breakfast at DLP?

Cable Car bake shop sign at disneyland paris

how spending money at disneyland Paris do you need?

If you need to buy breakfast in the park the cost will depend on the type of restaurant you go to. 

If you want a quick eat for breakfast in the park you can expect to spend 

  • 6-7 Euros a head for a pastry and coffee per person. For instance at the Cable Car Bakery. 

Whereas a sit-down breakfast in the village is:

  • 15 Euros for an American breakfast with a drink at Annette’s 

And for a character dining meal at Plaza Gardens with classic characters is 

  • 50 Euros for Adults and 
  • 40 Euros for Children. 

However, you could also grab breakfast and snacks at one of the supermarkets near Disneyland Paris as this will save you a lot of money. 

Therefore the cost of breakfast at Disneyland Paris can cost 

  • 7 Euros per person on a budget 
  • 15 Euros per person on a midrange budget and 
  • 50 Euros per on a luxury budget day. 

How much is lunch at Disneyland Paris?

As with breakfast, we will give you a budget, midrange and luxury option to give you an idea of how much money you will need for lunch in the parks. 

  • 16-18 for adults and 9 for kids for a lower budget at quick service restaurants, 
  • 45-55 Euros for adults and 25 Euros a table service restaurants and buffet in the park, for a midrange budget,
  • 95 Euros per adult or 50 Euros per child for character dining on a more luxury budget.

How much is dinner at Disneyland Paris?

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris

And for dinner in the parks, in the village or in the hotels you can expect to pay 

  • 7 Euros for Mcdonalds and Earl of Sandwich in the village for the most budget option. These are the cheapest places we have been found to eat around the parks 
  • to 16-18 Euros for adults and 9 Euros for kids meal deals at a quick service restaurant
  • 45-55 Euros for adults and 25 Euros a table service restaurants and buffet in the park and hotels for a midrange budget,
  • And anywhere from 95-120 Euros for character dining for adults and 50 Euros for kids. 

It is worth noting that if you are staying on-site and planning to ear at table service restaurants that a meal plan is likely to save you money. 

Therefore you can say you need: 

  • anywhere between 35 Euros to 50 Euros per day for food for adults on a budget, 
  • 105 Euros on a midrange budget to 
  • 250 Euros on a high-end budget. 

However, it can be done even less than this if you plan on taking food with you and stick to eating at Mcdonald’s and Earl of Sandwich. 


Souvenirs from Disneyland Paris

Souvenirs from Disneyland Paris

Souvenirs are definitely an area which can really increase your budget in the park. Now one of the things I love about souvenirs at Disneyland Paris is that there is something for every price point. 

There are lots of cheap souvenirs such as pens, pins, soap and the cheapest of all sweets. These usually cost anywhere between 3 Euros to 10 Euros. 

Midrange souvenirs include small cuddly toys and Christmas ornaments at anywhere between 10 – 25 Euros. 

However, there are a lot of unusual souvenirs and limited edition ones that have a larger price tag such as Loungeflys and Crystal Wands at anywhere from 50 to 100 Euros. 

My suggestion is if you are at Disneyland Paris with toddlers or children who are likely to want everything they see at Disneyland Paris is to set your budget before you arrive. This way you can control expectations and manage your finances. 

Premier Passes

Disneyland Paris Premier Access Sign

Disneyland Paris Premier Access

There are 3 options regarding Premier Passes. The most budget option is that you don’t get any premier access passes and just queue for rides. 

However, if there is a must-do ride for you that has a very large queue you can expect to spend between 5 and 20 Euros per person per ride. 

And if you want the Ultimate Premier Pass this can cost between €90 and €190 for a one-time 15-ride access card. 

Other costs

Other things you may want to factor into your parks budget are: 

Overall how much spending money do you need?

Sign of McDonalds at Disneyland Paris village

How to do Disneyland paris on a budget

So overall how much spending money do you need for Disneyland Paris? The truth is you can make this as expensive or cheap as you like. 

We visited Disneyland Paris on a very tight budget where we spent around 30 Euros per person per day in the parks on McDonald’s and Earl of Sandwich in the village and drinks while eating breakfast and lunch and other snacks from things we bought at the supermarket and only buying a souvenir pen. 

But if you are on a budget but want to buy food in the park it is a good idea to allocate 50 Euros a person. While for those that want to add some more table service options into the mix, it is a good idea to raise your budget to around 100-120 Euros a day per person. 

And really, if money is no object, really the sky is the limit in terms of what you can spend. 

Overall when we usually travel to Disneyland Paris, say for 4 days we will spend between 30-50 euros per person per day and may then do one day with a special dining experience such as the princess dining at Auberge.