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The Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in England

The Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in England

If there is a flower that England is famed for it is the beautiful English Rose. I love travelling to see flowers, where it is a regional wild flower in bloom, a botanic garden or a flower show – I will travel to see it all.  Recently I have been on a mission to see the most beautiful rose garden in England! Here are the best:

The Most Beautiful Rose Gardens In England

Rose Gardens are a must for any UK Bucket List. In this guide we round up the best ones in London, near London and beyond!

The Most Beautiful Rose Garden in London

Kew Gardens

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If you are looking for a rose garden in central London then there is only one place you will want to be heading too – Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens has the most stunning rose garden just behind the palm house and is definitely something for your London bucket list! If you want to see the rose flowers at Kew Gardens in full bloom then you need to be heading there in May!

The Most Beautiful Rose Gardens Near London

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is a great day trip from London, and May is a great time to visit as you can see the lovely rose garden! The Rose garden is arranged in a modern geometric pattern however has some ancient blooms to add to the historic setting!

RHS Wisley

RHS Wisley has the beautiful Bowes-Lyons Rose Garden. This beautiful summer bloomers are a must for a horticultural fan wanting a day trip from London!

Other Great Rose Gardens in England

Alnwick Gardens

Outside of Kew Gardens my favourite gardens in England at in Alnwick! While the most memorable display they have at the garden for me is the Poison Garden, the rose garden is a close runner up!

Castle Howard

Castle Howard in North Yorkshire has a beautiful walled garden, but the star of the gardens is the rose garden!

My Favourite Rose Garden in England

All of the rose gardens I have mentioned are lovely, but if any one were to take the crown for England’s best rose garden for me the winner will always be Cliveden House Rose Garden. A short drive from London, this historic home, recently famed for having Meghan Markle staying there before her wedding to Prince Harry, is well worth the drive to see the rose garden in bloom from mid June to late September! There has been a rose garden at Cliveden since the 1950s and the history and heritage of the blooms is outstanding! It is also the best smelling of all the rose gardens I have listed above!

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