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Visiting Disneyland Paris In October Tips

Visiting Disneyland Paris In October Tips

In this visiting Disneyland Paris in October Tips guide we will round up everything that will help make your vacation magical at the Happiest place on Earth even during one its busiest months of the year. We cover everything from where to stay, best things to do and how to visit Disneyland Paris for Halloween.

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Is October a good time to visit Disneyland Paris?

Are you still planning on when to go and wondering is October a good time to visit to Disneyland Paris? The answer to this I yes and no. And that is because it depends on why you are wanting to visit Disneyland Paris in October. 

If you are looking for unique things to do and special events that October is a great time to visit however with these special events come crowds. 

If you want to have less crowds in the park then I advise you to go earlier in the month and avoid October half term. Also if you want to know what the best day to visit Disneyland Paris is in October I would say avoid weekends when the crowds are higher. 

But good news is there are no public holidays in France in October that you have to worry about. 

Is Disneyland Paris busy in October half term?

There is no denying Disneyland Paris is busy in October Half term. In fact I would say October half term is one of the busiest times of year to visit the parks after Easter and visiting Disneyland Paris in December for Christmas in my opinion. 

If you have an option to travel outside of British October half term I would advise you do this if you have the option as this will reduce the business of the park and will also help if you are trying to visit Disneyland Paris on a budget. 

If you are traveling with school aged children however making this impossible, I would not let this put you off visiting in October half term as I personally think the atmosphere, events, decorations and special character meet and greets more than make up for this.

For me Disneyland Paris is worth it in October even if you have to travel during peak periods. 

If you are visiting in another month or if your visit straddles two months be sure to check out our other monthly posts

For more information on the best time to visit Disneyland Paris check out this post. 

Does Disneyland Paris have Halloween?

Disneyland Paris does indeed have Halloween. At Disneyland Paris it is known as the Disney Halloween Festival and this year (2022) it is running from 1st October – 6th November 2022. 

What is Disneyland Paris like at Halloween?

Disneyland Paris at Halloween is very special as there are many unique things to do in the parks during this period. There are unique meet and greets with the Disney villains out in force and special snacks, shopping experiences and a special Halloween Parade.

There is also the special ticketed Halloween party on 29th and 31st October which gives you access to the park until 2am.

Is Disneyland Paris busy at Halloween?

There is no mistaking that Disneyland Paris is busy at Halloween. Halloween is one of the most popular times to visit Disneyland Paris because of the amazing theming and unique characters that you will find out and available for meet and greets. 

However I think the theme makes up for the crowds

Disneyland Paris Weather in October 

Visiting Disneyland Paris October Tips

Visiting Disneyland Paris October Tips

Now we have discussed when to visit Disneyland Paris in October in relation to crowds we will now turn our attention to the weather. 

Is Disneyland Paris cold in October?

I actually really love visiting Disneyland Paris weather wise. You don’t get the extreme heat that you get when you are visiting  Disneyland Paris in August for example but it isn’t the rainiest month either. 

On average the daytime temperatures at Disneyland Paris in October is around 12C. However the temperatures can reach up to 16C to 9C.

Does it rain at Disneyland Paris in October?

It actually isn’t that rainy in Disneyland Paris in October. On average the month of October gets around 8 days of rain and this rain usually comes in showers rather than huge downpours but you never know. 

Therefore it is work packing somethings for rain and colder evening if you are visiting Disneyland Paris in October. For more information on visiting Disneyland Paris in the rain tips check out this post. 

What to Wear in Disneyland Paris in October

If you are wondering what to wear in Disneyland Paris in October then my top piece of advice is to pack lots of layers. Although the average temperature in the day is around 12C, the temperatures have been known to go as low as 9C during the day and when you are standing around waiting for parades, shows and meet and greets especially at night it can feel very chilly. 

If you are visiting Disneyland Paris with toddlers or young children then I also advise packing costumes from home. Although you can purchase costumes in the park or as part of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Bo Packages, you will be paying a premium for these. It is definitely more cost effective to bring these from home. 

Now as an adult you may be wondering if you can wear costumes to Disneyland Paris. The answer to this is no you can not wear a costume to Disneyland Paris on a normal day. Therefore we recommend looking into Disneybounding if you want to pay homage to your favorite characters on a regular day at Disney.

However if you are visiting Disneyland Paris for Halloween and have tickets to one of the special ticketed events then there are exceptions to the usual Disneyland Paris Dress code. If you have tickets for the Disney Halloween parties which gives you access to the parks until 2am then you can wear Halloween or Disney themed costumes . 

There are tules however about costumes not dragging on the floor, containing weapons, and you are not allowed to pose as characters for photographs or sign autographs to name but a few. 

But above all for your Disneyland Paris packing list whether you are attending a Halloween party or just a regular day you will definitely be wanting good shoes for Disneyland Paris. I usually opt for trainers or sneakers as the best shoes for Disneyland Paris. These are best for lots of walking. 

For more information on what to wear to Disneyland Paris check out our dedicated guide. 

Best things to do at Disneyland Paris in October  

Best things to do at Disneyland Paris in October

Best things to do at Disneyland Paris in October

On top of all the regular best things to do at Disneyland Paris, October offers some unique experiences. Our favourites that should be added you your Disneyland Paris October itinerary are:

Meet the Villains

Meet and greets are always a highlight for me at Disneyland Paris. The Classic 5 are normally all meet and greets in the parks and there is always an opportunity to meet the princesses. But what about rarer meet and greets?

My favourite thing about visiting Disneyland Paris in October is that you get some more unusual characters out and about for meet and greets. These usually come in the form of Villains. 

Cruella, Jafar, the ugly stepsisters and Maleficient are all characters that tend to be out and about at Halloween in Disneyland Paris. 

And outside of the villains you can usually spot Jack Skellington in Disneyland Paris in October. 

Meet classic characters in Halloween clothes

But it isn’t just unusual meet and greets I like. I also love seeing regular meet and greets in different costumes, whether that is Christmas or Halloween. 

Enjoy the Halloween parades

Parades are one of my favourite things at Disneyland Paris and the great thing abut visiting Disneyland Paris in October is that you get Halloween themed parades. 

Enjoy Halloween themed food and shopping

I love dining experiences and Disney snacks. At Halloween Disneyland Paris has some great Halloween themed snacks that you can only at this time of year. However these foods are not necessarily vegan friendly so if you are traveling to Disneyland Paris vegan check out this post. 

Attend a Halloween Party

Halloween parties are one of the special ticketed events at Disneyland. It gives you late night access to 2am and has special meet and greets, shows and treats. If you can afford the tickets and aren’t traveling with children who won’t be able to stay up to 2am then this should definitely be on your Disneyland Paris bucket list. 

This year, 2022 the Halloween Parties are on at Disneyland Park on the 29th and 31st October. 


Have you visited Disneyland Paris in October? We’d love to hear about your Disneyland Paris at Halloween experiences in the comments.