Flying and Morning Sickness: A Survival Guide

I never had that lovely pregnancy glow – just the morning sick sweats! There wasn’t a toilet within a ten mile radius that I hadn’t stuck my head down. You see I was one of those unfortunate people that suffered morning sickness until my third trimester (where it subsequently had a brief encore). On top of that, my morning sickness was more a morning, noon and night sickness having more oral expulsions than Krakatoa! For me, not travelling during pregnancy was a no no. I have to travel regularly for work and if I was doing that I was sure going to travel for pleasure while we were still only the Wandermust Couple! I’m not saying you should travel while suffering from morning sickness and a doctor should always be consulted – but if like me you have no choice but to fly while morning sick here are my top tips for surviving a flight with morning sickness (I do mean surviving because when flying with morning sickness, this is the best outcome you can hope for):

1. If at all possible fly business or first. I did both of these while pregnant and these journeys were far more pleasurable than when I was back in economy. But let’s face it – this is an option many of us can’t afford when travelling on our own dime

2. Check out the seat configuration of the plane and choose your seat wisely. There is an art form to picking the perfect seat while suffering from morning sickness. An aisle seat is a must! It’s better anyway to help prevent deep vein thrombosis and will help for all those joyous trips to the bathroom that pregnancy gives you. If for some reason you can’t get one, it’s always worth asking fellow passengers. In my experience, no one wants to be vomited on!

You definitely want to be close to the toilets in case your body gives you a five second warning about impending vom! But if bad toilet smells – yep we’ve all been on that flight – or toilet chemicals are your trigger then maybe give yourself a couple of rows leeway. Fortunately for me, neither of these were my triggers so I always opted for an aisle row seat just in front of the bathroom next to the galley. It is always worth checking these seats, as on many planes these are in a two person configuration, which means if you have a midair-seatbelt-sign-on incident, only your partner is going to have to suffer watching you hurl in a little paper bag

3. Hoard the barf bags!. Thankfully present on all flights, these little bags will become your best friend. It is always worth having more than one with you, just in case. Now the biggest tip I have, which was given to me by an ex-stewardess friend is always carry a good supply of ziploc bags. These are great for times when you have no sick bag but also, again for those midair-seatbelt-sign-on incidents – you can put away your lovely bag of vomit discretely and trap in all those lovely aromas at the same time. Your fellow passengers are definitely going to thank you for that one!

Don’t forget to grab a couple of unused barf bags on your way off, I always kept a healthy supply of these in my handbag!

3. Bring on your own food. For me, food smells were my biggest trigger so I always carried on food for me and my hubby to limit the amount of airplane food odours around me and make sure I had something with me I knew I could stomach. For me, this meant a healthy supply of salt and vinegar crisps in the early days and some mints for breath freshener.

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! I always informed the stewardess at the beginning of the flight about my pregnancy and asked for them to bring me a bottle of water. They never said no and I was always given a large bottle as it would save them time during a flight

5. Sleep, sleep and more sleep – easier said than done I know but if at all all possible try to rest. Travel can be exhausting anyway, let alone travelling while pregnant but I found the better rested I was, the more I was able to deal with the sickness.

6. Extra clothes and tie that hair up  – I doubt this one needs extra explanation

7.. Remember your meds or any remedies doctor has prescribed

Flying and Morning Sickness: A Survival GuideSo they are my top tips for flying while morning sick. During my pregnancy I travelled to 10 countries and did a few long haul flights all with success. Flying with morning sickness is never going to be a pleasurable experience but I hope, that if you have decided to or need to travel while morning sick, these tips will help.

Do you have any tips for surviving a flight while morning sick?





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13 thoughts on “Flying and Morning Sickness: A Survival Guide”

  1. This is a brilliant list – I wasn’t brave enough to fly when I was pregnant. I had really bad all day sickness that thankfully went away at 20 weeks but the thought of being somewhere enclosed that could be hot, made me think twice about it…these are fab tips and I wish I had read it then, as it might have enticed me to take a baby moon ūüėČ Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam

    1. Thanks. I have to fly for work so thought might aswell fly for pleasure too. I learnt these after a fair few flights so if I ever have morning sickness again i feel like I will be ready! Whoever called it morning sickness was a big liar tho!

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