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Are cruises safe for toddlers?

Are cruises safe for toddlers?

Whenever we talk about cruising with toddlers then number one question we get is “Are cruises safe for toddlers?”. In this guide we will look at why people worry about cruising with toddlers, steps you can take to minimise risk and out thoughts on the safety of cruising with kids. 

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Are cruises safe for toddlers?

Cruising with toddlers / toddler cruise packing list

Cruising with toddlers /toddler cruise packing list

One of the reasons that people questions whether or not cruises are safe for toddlers, or in fact safe for kids in general is because of some highly publicised and very sad incidents that have involved kids and cruise ships. 

The truth is that generally speaking cruises have very high safety standards and there are a lot of measures to keep little ones safe on board cruise shops however it is an unfortunate truth that accidents can happen. Therefore we will look at steps you can take to minimise risk on a cruise ship so you can decide if a cruise is safe for your toddler. 

Tips for Keeping Toddlers safe on Cruise Ships 

So now you know why there are questions about safety on cruise ships we will look at some things you may want to consider when booking your cruise.

Choose your Stateroom Carefully

Cruising with infant tips - what stateroom should I book?

Cruising with infant tips – what stateroom should I book?

Now when we were cruising as a couple we would always opt to have a balcony cabin. That is because it can be lovely to get room service breakfast and sit on your balcony or have a drink at sailaway or watching the sunset from your balcony, however it is not the safest type of stateroom for families. 

While the bannisters on cruise ship balcony staterooms are high, if you have a toddler who is a climber or who could move furniture and stand on it it could be a danger. 

For this reason we tend to book cruise staterooms that have portholes instead of balconies. 

However when we do a Norway cruise with kids or even an Alaska Cruise with kids we go inside as the daylight at nighttime can be hard to get your little ones to go to sleep with (unless your toddler cruise packing list includes travel black out blinds). 

And once you have made a decision on the room type you will then need to make a decision on your family cruise sleeping arrangements. 

If you are sharing a room as a family you will find that either the sofa bed converts into a bed or that beds will pull out from the ceiling. 

If your toddler is no longer using a cot you will need to select your sleep option carefully to make sure there are no risks of them falling out of best. 

For more information on choosing the right cruise cabin on an Alaska cruise with toddlers check out this post. 

Always Supervise your Children 

Probably the best thing you can do to keep your children safe on cruises is to make sure they are well supervised at all times.

Whether this is by you or by using the cruise organised kids clubs or using cruise ship babysitting.  

Bring Water Safety items 

Can Babies Swim on Cruise Ships?

Can Babies Swim on Cruise Ships?

Cruise ship pools are a great place to spend time especially on hot weather itineraries and on cruise ship sea days. One of the places that it is most important to supervise your children is around the pool. For information on whether toddlers and babies can swim on cruise ships check out this post. 

If your toddler is potty trained and you are planning to use the pool or if there is a splash pad on your ship then we recommend packing items that assist in water safety such as flotation devices and swim wings. 

However there is no substitution for proper supervision. 

For more information on cruise ships with heated pools check out this post. 

Practice good hygiene 

Personal Hygiene is really important on any cruise no matter the age or destination. That is because cruises offer close quarters and therefore if there are outbreaks such as Norovirus and as we saw in 2020 Coronavirus the disease will spread like wildfire. 

Therefore it is important that you and of course your children practice good hygiene. Toddlers are more susceptible to norovirus than older children. And as all parents of toddlers will tell you, they can be pretty gross. Make sure your little one is well practised and good at practising hand hygiene before you head off on your cruise. 

Conclusion – are cruises safe for toddlers?

Disney Cruise Disney Magic in port - Are Cruises Safe for toddlers -

Disney Cruise Disney Magic in port – Are Cruises Safe for toddlers –

Overall I think that cruises are safe for toddlers providing you are careful and supervise your children at all times. Any family travel can involve risks and it is important that wherever you are traveling to that you take steps to mitigate the risks. 

However with the tips above and the proper supervision you should be able to cruise safely with toddlers. 

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